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Chapter 32

Sasuke's POV

Sasuke was hitting the training post with all the built up rage inside of him. He had just finished listening to Kakashi's lecture on how he should control his emotions. He reached a hand to the curse mark. He knew it had changed him. He felt the darkness closing in on him and it frightened him but at the same time it excited him. He shook his head and hit the training post again this time cracking it. He couldn't deny that the mark gave him more power. When he slipped and let his negative emotions out he could feel the power surge through him.

He needed that power. How was he going to get Hinata to fall in love with him! Naruto the dead last had beaten him! He hit the training post breaking it in half this time. He closed his eyes and fought back the dark swirling power inside of him. He thought of Hinata's soft eyes and smiling face and felt himself calming.

He had often used her image to help control the darkness. It was a two-edged sword while she calmed him, she also upset him. She had that maddening crush on the dobe! How could she love him. He felt the darkness rise and controlled his thoughts.

He felt like he was drowning. His brother had defeated him easily. He hadn't even been able to touch him. Naruto now had a technique that could be more powerful than his own and was being trained by a sanin. How much stronger would the dobe become? How could he even begin to keep up? A small voice in the back of his mind whispered to him, maybe he should just give in let the darkness take over? Then he would be more powerful. Then Hinata would love him and he would be able to defeat his brother.

Sasuke grabbed his head and closed his eyes. Hinata! He needed Hinata if he could just look at her the darkness would recede. He sped off to Kakashi's house, hoping to not run into Kakashi and the dobe.

He was in luck she was practicing her taijutsu. He watched her for a long time admiring her grace and beauty. He felt calm watching her and could no longer feel the darkness. She had just finished and was taking a long drink of water. Sasuke decided to approach her before she went inside and he missed his chance. It was rare to find her alone without Neji or Naruto hanging on her. He scowled at the thought of the hug she had given Naruto. He hesitated when he thought of the fight they had on the roof of the hospital. Would she still be mad at him? He decided to risk it and touched her shoulder.

Hinata turned and looked at him a smile overtaking her face. Sasuke clenched his fist, she was so beautiful.

"S-Sasuke-kun I am happy to see you. Are you feeling better?" Hinata asked him.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted unable to say anything else. She was so kind and forgiving. If she had been one of the other girls, she would have used this incident against him. The other girls were volatile angering easily one minute but being overly sweet the next. Hinata was just always sweet, though she could be frightening too in a battle. Sasuke turned the smile that was starting to a smirk.

Hinata giggled at his grunt and turned to grab her towel. Sasuke knew he had to say something or she would leave him. The dobe always ignored her. Even now that the dobe decided he liked her he still hadn't told her. Of course Sasuke had stopped him many times, but still if the dobe couldn't give her the love she deserved then he wasn't worthy of her.

He cleared his throat frightened suddenly. Could he do it? Could he tell her how deeply he loved her? Would she reject him? Hinata was kind she wouldn't hurt him purposely. Still was there a possibility if he told her before the dobe she would maybe give him a chance. He knew deep in his soul that she could save him.

"H-Hinata-chan..." Sasuke began. Damn he was stuttering! He was a Uchiha she would be honored for his affection!

Hinata turned to him her eyes widening in surprise. He couldn't speak for a moment as he was lost in them. He ran a hand through his hair and started again.

"Hyuuga, I have feelings for you!" Sasuke said gruffly. He saw Hinata take an involuntary step backward and cursed himself for being so arrogant. He closed his eyes and began again.

"Hinata that day we took the bell test, when I was cruel, you impressed me with your determination and skill. After that I began to learn about you. We are so much alike. My father also did not think I was as good as my brother. Itachi was a genius and I never measured up." Sasuke paused and gathered his thoughts he had to do this right it was his chance. "You dealt with your father's betrayal and your brothers hate with more grace than I ever have or ever could."

Sasuke slowly walked toward her. She stared at him but did not move away. He took that as a sign of encouragement and put out a hand, resting it on her cheek. She let him and he was grateful.

"Since Orochimaru marked me I have struggled with a blackness that wants to consume me. Only the thought of you has kept me sane." He paused and ran his trembling hand through her hair. "Hinata I love you." He whispered and moved in to kiss her.

Hinata stopped him with a gentle hand on his lips. "G-g-gomen.." She whispered tears coming from her eyes. Sasuke stared at her dropping his hand, his mind numb.

"Oi teme what are you doing to Hinata-chan! Why is she crying?" Naruto yelled.

Sasuke was brought out of his paralysis and a rage consumed him as he looked at the dobe. A voice whispered in his head 'Kill him then she will be yours.' He clenched his fist as the darkness began to rise. He looked back at Hinata and saw the tears and compassion in her eyes. He got a hold of the darkness barely. Just enough to allow him to leave. He took off at a speed he had never accomplished before, running from the darkness, running from the pain. He ran till the light began to fade finally stopping at one of the deserted training grounds.

He sat down by one of the training posts. Sasuke put his head down as he felt the darkness catching up to him. He tried to fight it but the thoughts of Hinata no longer soothed him. Now they made the darkness approach faster.

Sasuke felt the four nin's approach before they were actually in sight. He could feel the darkness on them too. He prepared himself to fight. A boy with six arms smirked at him.

"What have we here? The main character still so weak. You need to level up and we can help you." He said.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted, maybe if he attacked them the battle would defeat the darkness. He knew they were part of the sound.

"Ahhh Kidomaru I think he is sad. The girl of his dreams turned him down." The girl of the group taunted him.

Sasuke growled and charged at the group. The fight was brief. He stood no chance against the four. The six armed boy held him while the girl got very close to him. "You know Orochimaru can train you. He trained us and made us strong." Sasuke turned his face from her but he felt the darkness pushing him.

"If you were strong you could take that weakling girl. No one could stand in your way." She continued whispering in his ear. Sasuke felt her words deep inside of him. 'You could take her. No one could stop you'. Sasuke shook his head and struggled against Kidomaru.

"Come to us outside Konoha we will take you to Orochimaru he will give you all the power you need to take what you want." The girl told him. "Let him go Kidomaru."

The boy let him go and the four retreated without another word. Sasuke fell to his knees. 'You could kill your brother and have the girl.' The dark voice whispered to him. Sasuke clenched his fist and slowly rose. He started walking, not realising he was walking to the gates till he ran into Sakura.

"What are you doing Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked wide-eyed.

Sasuke just scowled. What was he doing?

"Are you leaving?" Sakura asked softly, fear in her eyes.

Sasuke didn't answer, he couldn't answer. He was losing his battle and part of him was glad to end the struggle.

Sakura ran forward and hugged him. "Please Sasuke-kun don't leave! I will help you get your revenge."

Sasuke actually smirked at this.

"I will get stronger! You will see and I can help! Please I love you." Sakura continued in tears.

He pried her arms from around him and let the blackness consume him. He felt a wave of dark pleasure and relief. He walked around Sakura, she just stood there crying and he paused briefly. Really he shouldn't leave her alive to alert Konoha, but she had helped him make up his mind. He smiled darkly, he supposed he owed her. He came up behind her and whispered thank you in her ear before knocking her out. She didn't notice his darkness, but then she never really knew him.

Hinata's POV

Hinata watched Sasuke run away from her as if he was being chased. She wished she could be what he needed. If she wasn't already in love with Kurama could she have loved him? But then if she hadn't fallen in love with Kurama she wouldn't be the person he loved.

'Tenshi?' Kurama asked her. Hinata could feel the concern in his thoughts but didn't think she should tell him what happened.

Hinata continued to cry and Naruto pulled her into a tight hug. Kurama didn't even growl knowing she needed the comfort.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan. I'll beat some sense into the teme." Naruto said softer than usual.

'What did he do to you tenshi?' Kurama growled. Hinata could tell he was starting to get angry and knew she had to make sure he knew it wasn't Sasuke's fault.

'He did nothing Kurama it was me. I hurt him badly.' Hinata said as fresh tears flowed from her eyes.

Kurama growled more and Naruto began to mutter about temes not deserving to be around his Hinata-chan when Hinata felt Kakashi's presence. She immediately pulled herself from Naruto's grip and ran to him. She looked up at him her eyes wide and glistening with tears. Kakashi looked at her for a moment before picking her up in his arms and pulling her close to his chest. He walked with her into the house shooting a warning glance to Naruto not to follow.

He sat down with her on his lap and continued to hold her. He crooned soft words to her of comfort and rubbed her back.

"I-I-I h-hurt h-him Kakashi-sensei." Hinata cried barely able to get the words out.

"Shhhh he'll understand." Kakashi whispered to her. Hinata didn't believe it but let him comfort her. She briefly wondered if this was what having a father was like before she fell into a deep sleep.

Hinata woke in her own bed to the sun shining through her window onto her face. She groaned and pulled the pillow over her head. She didn't want to face the day.

'Tenshi are you ready to talk to me?' Kurama asked. She smiled a little, he must have been waiting for her to wake up anxious to talk to her. Her smile turned to a frown though. She couldn't talk to Kurama about it. He wouldn't like Sasuke confessing to her. Who could she talk to? She didn't think Kakashi could give her any real advice. Maybe she could talk to Tsunade. Yes that's what she needed a womans point of view.

'I'm sorry Kurama but I think I would like to talk to a woman about this.' Hinata told him as she rose from her bed and began to dress.

'If that's what you want tenshi.' Kurama said but Hinata could tell he was pouting and giggled at the thought.

Hinata rushed to the Hokage tower only to find Sakura pacing outside Tsunade's office. Sakura saw her and turned to her in anger.

"It's your fault he left. If I had been on his team I would have made him happy and he would have stayed." Sakura said through her tears.

Hinata stared at her. What the heck was she talking about?

Tsunade's office door was flung open and a very angry looking Hokage stared at the two girls.

"Sakura go home I will keep you informed on what is happening. Hinata come into my office." Tsunade ordered. Sakura gave Hinata one last glare before leaving.

Tsunade sat behind her desk and gestured for Hinata to sit also. Hinata shook her head no too keyed up to sit. She poked her fingers together while she waited for Tsunade to tell her what was happening.

"Sasuke Uchiha has left the village. Sakura confronted him last night before he left and knocked her unconscious. I have sent a team to retrieve him." Tsunade said her eyes never leaving Hinata's face.

Hinata's jaw dropped in shock and the strength left her muscles as she sat heavily in the chair. "M-m-my f-fault." She stuttered.

"What happened Hinata?" Tsunade asked her.

"H-he c-confessed l-love f-for me a-and tried to k-k-kiss me, b-but I-I stopped him." Hinata put her head down guilt overwhelming her.

Hinata heard a growl in the back of her mind. "D-did you s-s-send N-Naruto-kun t-to r-retrieve h-him?" She asked suddenly very concerned.

Tsunade's eyebrows rose but she answered. "Hai, along with Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba and Neji."

Hinata immediately rose from the chair and rushed for the door.

"Stop!" Tsunade ordered. "I can't let you go if Sasuke hurts you the kyuubi could break free."

Hinata turned around and glared at her. She controlled her anger barely. Her brother and her team was in danger, there was no way she was going to sit on the sidelines. A direct conflict, though, would land her under house arrest. She would still escape and go to them but it would be easier if Tsunade assumed she was obeying her.

'Kurama why didn't you tell me?' Hinata asked a little angry.

'Why don't you tell me what happened between you and the Uchiha?' Kurama retorted.

Hinata was shocked. Were they arguing? She didn't want to argue with him. 'He confessed his love for me and...' Hinata wasn't sure if she should tell him about the attempted kiss. Kurama was growling harshly now.

'He tried to kiss me but I stopped him and told him I was sorry. Kurama please don't be angry with him. He's in so much pain. Please Kurama save him.' Hinata pleaded.

Kurama didn't answer her for a long time and Hinata began to panic.

'Alright tenshi. I will make sure the kit doesn't kill him and bring him back.' Kurama told her.

Hinata could tell he didn't want to but was giving in for her. She felt guilty for the small surge of happiness that she felt.

'Thank you Kurama.' Hinata told him.

"Well what did he say?" Tsunade asked and Hinata looked at her in surprise.

"He s-said he would bring Sasuke-kun back and make sure Naruto-kun didn't k-k-kill him." Hinata told her.

Tsunade smiled. "Naruto promised Sakura he would bring Sasuke back too."

"M-May I-I go h-home now?" Hinata asked, hoping Tsunade would let her go home without a guard. Tsunade, however, wasn't stupid. She signaled for an anbu.

"Take Hinata home insure her safety." Tsunade ordered the anbu.

Hinata knew he would be insuring she stayed in the village too. She lowered her face hiding her eyes from the sanin as she followed the anbu out of the office. Now how was she going to get rid of her guard? The hakike would work but she wouldn't be able to remove it for a while and was hesitant to make the anbu suffer. She might be able to overpower him or out run him but both options left him free to report her defection before she was ready. They walked into Kakashi's house and Hinata made the hand signs whispering her apologies before touching his forehead. The anbu quickly fell to the floor emptying the contents of his stomach and Hinata felt guilt. She pushed it away and quickly made her way to the back door.

She easily escaped Konoha. Hinata had escaped the Hyuuga compound for years and with their byakugan that had been extremely difficult. It was easy to follow the retrieval teams trail, they weren't trying to hide. She quickly came upon an unconscious Choji. She rushed to him concerned at his appearance. He was deathly thin. What could she do for him? What had happened?

'Kurama what happened to Choji?' Hinata asked.

'He fought one of the sound four. He was very brave tenshi, he allowed us to continue.' Kurama told her.

Hinata nodded and activated her byakugan, there was no sense in hiding. She figured the sound and the retrieval group were too busy with their battle to pay attention to one lone byakugan user.

She saw Sasuke in the distance being carried in a coffin on a strange nin's back. Naruto was in hot pursuit. She screamed suddenly as she saw Neji greviously wounded lying next to a dead nin with six arms. Hinata saw the anbu approaching behind her and quickly took off to help her brother.

She reached him quickly, her fear adding speed to her feet. She knelt by his side, she could see his life fading and tears flowed from her eyes.

'Kurama you have to tell me what to do! He's dying tell me how to help him!' Hinata demanded.

'What's happened tenshi? Tell me who is wounded and how.' Kurama told her calmly.

'It's Neji-niisan he has an arrow in his chest and many other smaller wounds. He is bleeding badly. Please Kurama help me.' Hinata cried pouring her anguish into her thoughts.

Kurama growled but began to explain how she could close the wound. Hinata followed his instructions removing the arrow and applying chakra in the way he had taught her. She was shocked when her chakra turned green, but was pleased as she saw his wounds begin to close. She could see the anbu closing in on them but she didn't want to leave her brother. She saw the nin that had carried Sasuke begin to fight Naruto and was torn. She wanted to help him but was worried about Neji. What if she had done it wrong. He looked better but maybe she had forgotten something that would show up when she left?

She had just made up her mind to join Naruto when she saw Lee enter the battle. He drank something from a bottle and began to fight the nin with a vengeance allowing Naruto to pursue Sasuke. Lee's movements were erratic and Hinata wondered what was in that bottle. She saw the anbu were almost in sight and made up her mind. She gently kissed her brothers cheek and rose quickly to catch up with Naruto.

She no longer paid attention to the side battles as she saw the sand siblings coming to help. She briefly worried about Gaara but was pleasantly surprised to see him protecting and fighting for Lee.

She sped passed them using byakugan to avoid detection. She saw Naruto and Sasuke engaged in a fierce battle. She saw black chakra fill up Sasuke's body and Kurama's red chakra began to fill up Naruto. She quickened her pace. She was too far away. Tears of frustration stung her eyes. She saw Naruto and Sasuke preparing their attacks. Chidori and rasengan aimed at each others hearts, but this time there was no Kakashi to stop them. She saw Naruto pull his attack at the last minute, but Sasuke continued his attack hitting Naruto square in the chest. Hinata screamed and picked up her pace. She saw Sasuke run away and Naruto fall into the water.

'Kurama!' Hinata yelled in her thoughts. Within minutes she was there pulling Naruto's body from the water. She laid him on the shore and tried to heal his chest doing what Kurama had told her. The wound was so big though.

"Kurama..." Hinata whispered through her tears. She could feel him slipping away. Her connection with him was shutting down, he was dying. She screamed again and renewed her efforts. She saw Naruto's chakra system was almost totally shut down.

'I love you always tenshi.' Kurama spoke in her mind as she felt him slip away.

"No!" Hinata screamed and renewed her efforts it was no use though. Naruto's chakra no longer flowed and Kurama was no longer the comforting presence in the back of her mind.

Hinata's tears stopped and she found herself back in her mind. In the room she had shared with Kurama. This time there were no windows just a dark box empty. No Kurama and no way out. She found she really didn't care as she sat against the wall her knees drawn to her chest and her head down.

Itachi's POV

Itachi was annoyed. He was late. It had taken him forever to ditch Kisame. The sage had told him his assignment with the Akatsuki was over and Itachi was beyond glad, but he was not happy about his new assignment. He was supposed to go to the valley of the end and pick up the Hyuuga girl. He was to train her till the sage deemed her ready. The sage had been cryptic just telling him to make her strong and keep her presence a secret. While he was weary of his mission with the Akatsuki, he wasn't sure he wanted his next assignment to be a babysitting one.

Itachi frowned as he sensed the aftermath of some major battles. He easily avoided them as he made his way but he was curious what was happening. He finally arrived at the valley of the end to find the Hyuuga girl sitting over the nine-tail jinchuriki. The jinchuriki was obviously dead. Itachi sighed a little sad, he had kind of liked the kid. He supposed that's why his mission with the Akatsuki was over. Without the nine-tails they could not reform the jubi.

Itachi approached the girl. She made no sign that she knew he was there. Itachi frowned as he studied her. She seemed catatonic, he looked deep into her eyes but could see no sign of life. He looked at the orange clad jinchuriki then back at her. The kids death must have effected her very hard. What was he to do? How was he to train a girl who was almost in a death like state?

Maybe he could make her forget, he wasn't a Yamanka but he did know a jutsu that would work. If he did it here though the sight of the kid would remind her. He picked her up and carried her for a good distance before setting her down near a stream. He gently washed the blood off of her. Her coat was covered with blood so he removed it abandoning it by the stream, he would buy her a new one later. He picked her up again and traveled farther, this time covering his tracks, before deciding it was time to begin.

He made the hand signs, touching her forehead when he was done. She blinked and looked at him. She looked at him rather confused and Itachi offered her a small smile that looked more like a smirk.

"My name is Uchiha Itachi and I am your sensei. Are you alright? You were hit by a genjutsu." He said easily lying to her.

"Hai...Who am I?" She asked tentatively.

"You are Hyuuga Hinata." Itachi told her glad his jutsu seemed to work. She did not remember but he could see sadness in her eyes. He would have to watch her closely.

Kurama's POV

Kurama opened his eyes to a bright light. What the hell? How could he of all demons have gone to heaven? He looked around as the trees came into focus. He looked around and saw the kits body lying near the water. He closed his eyes in grief. He had really liked the kit. Wait a minute! Why was he outside the kit. There obviously wasn't dead bodies in heaven so he couldn't be there. He heard a throat clear behind him and turned around to find a tall man with spiky hair that seemed to form horns.

"Rikudo Sennin" He breathed.

"Hello old friend!" The sage said happily. Kurama shook his head surely he was dreaming the sage had died long ago. Hadn't he?

The sage clapped a hand on his shoulder. Wait a minute Kurama felt that. Kurama slapped his arms, they looked and sounded like flesh. He ran to the water, hearing the sage laugh behind him. He peered into the water and saw red eyes framed by red hair looking back at him. He touched his face in wonder.

"Hai! It is true you now have a human body." The sage told him the smile on his face never leaving.

"What about the kit?" Kurama asked concerned for him.

The sage's eyebrows rose and his smile broadened. "She is good for you! I will heal Naruto but first we must talk and then you must make your destiny."

Kurama rose from the water's edge and looked around where was his tenshi. She had been on her way when he had... Surely she would be here by now.

"It will take time for you to adjust to your human body and you will have to regain your power. You will get it but it will take time." The sage was saying pulling Kurama out of his thoughts. He thought about what he had said, make his destiny?

"I thought you said our destiny as demons was to reunite and form the jubi." Kurama said very clearly remembering that prophecy.

"You and your tenshi have changed that destiny." The sage replied shaking his staff at him.

"Where is she?" Kurama growled. He remembered how cryptic the sage could be.

The sage ignored him and walked toward the kit. "Remember old friend you are human and can die. I will not heal you again."

Kurama growled as the sage healed the kit. Well he had already died once. Still he would like to see his tenshi now that there was hope.

"Where is she?" He growled more menacingly.

The sage chuckled and continued healing. When he was done he stood and began to walk away. "You should leave before the kid wakes up and the Uchiha returns. Kakashi is also on his way. They are going to find out your tenshi is missing and will search relentlessly for her. I'm sure you would like to find her before they do!" The sage laughed heartily as he disappeared from view.

Kurama growled in rage and started to charge the sage but experience reminded him that he would never catch him and he would not answer his questions if he didn't want to. Kurama sniffed the air around him and found his tenshi's scent, it was mixed with that of the older Uchiha. He growled in the back of his throat and quickly started to follow the scent.

He followed it to a stream where he found her blood soaked jacket. Kurama sniffed the jacket the blood on the jacket was a mixture of her brothers and the kits much to his relief. He sniffed around looking to pick up her scent but could not find it anywhere. How was he going to find her? It was a big world and his power was greatly diminished. He gently put her jacket down, he had thought of taking it with him. He didn't want to leave it for the rest of her team to find, her pervert sensei had a dog summoning contract. Still the dog's noses were not better than his own, even in his human state.

Kurama stood up squaring his shoulders. He couldn't linger here or he would be found. He would find his tenshi it was his destiny, hadn't the sage of the six paths implied it?

Kakashi's POV

Kakashi was following his dogs to his genin. His sense of foreboding had grown steadily since yesterday when he had found Hinata crying her eyes out. She hadn't been clear but he could guess. Sasuke had confessed to her and she had turned him down. He had been out of the village this morning on a short mission when Tsunade had formed the teams. He should have refused the mission! He knew something would happen. Still for Sasuke to betray the village? He hadn't really expected that.

Tsunade had an anbu escort him to her office as soon as he arrived through the gate. He had explained Sasuke's defection and the team he had sent after him. Then he had been surprised to learn that Hinata had incapacitated her anbu guard and followed them. He had passed many scenes of destruction and his worry had grown with each step.

He saw a bright spot of orange ahead and picked up speed. He reached it shortly and saw it was Naruto laying on the ground in a jacket that was covered in blood and had a large hole over his heart. He quickly knelt beside him checking for wounds and signs of life. He saw no wounds and the genin seemed to be breathing fine. He wondered why Naruto was unconscious. One of his dogs approached him.

"Sasuke went to the east and Hinata went to the west." The dog told him. Kakashi ran a hand through his already messy hair.

"Alright I want one of you to follow Hinata and one of you to follow Sasuke." Kakashi ordered. The dogs took off quickly obeying. Why hadn't Hinata followed Sasuke? Kakashi began to shake Naruto. Naruto was just waking up when Sasuke appeared following the dog Kakashi had sent after him.

Kakashi's eyebrow rose as the genin approached.

"Dobe" Sasuke said looking at Naruto who was just opening his eyes. Kakashi noticed a look of relief come over his face before he quickly covered it up.

"Why are you back?" Kakashi asked suspiciously.

"I remembered what she said about me. She said I wanted strength for selfishness." Sasuke said looking down. "She also told me if I gained strength through such means I would become what I hated and I would never truly be strong."

Kakashi caught Sasuke staring at Naruto's chest.

"What happened?" Kakashi asked.

"The sound four contacted me in Konoha. Hinata had just rejected me. They...They told me that I could take her if I was stronger." Sasuke clenched his fist and lowered his head in shame. Naruto started to yell but Kakashi put an arm on his shoulder stopping him.

"You don't understand. I have been fighting the darkness so hard and she helped me. When she rejected me I started to slip. Gomen I can never make up for my mistake." Sasuke said.

"Have you found the strength or will you turn again? It will be harder now that you have been in the coffin." Kakashi told him.

"I will not fail again I ..." Sasuke paused and knelt beside Naruto. Again he stared at his chest. "How? I know I killed you." Sasuke whispered.

"I'm not sure I dreamed that two men were talking by me while I slept, but I was unable to open my eyes. One of the men sounded like the kyuubi." Naruto said.

Sasuke bowed his head. "Gomen brother." Kakashi and Naruto stared at him in shock.

Kakashi was pulled out of his shock by Naruto's words about the kyuubi.

"Naruto can you feel the kyuubi?" Kakashi asked suddenly very concerned.

Naruto was silent for a moment but then shook his head no. Kakashi lifted up his shirt. "Put chakra in your seal." He ordered.

Naruto made a face filled with concentration but nothing happened the seal was gone.

Kakashi began get nervous. The kyuubi might be loose and he didn't know where Hinata was. He ran another hand through his hair. He heard a bark beside him and looked in the direction his dog was facing. The dog he had sent after Hinata was returning with her blood soaked coat. His heart jumped in his throat. The dog dropped the jacket in front of him.

"It's not her blood it is Naruto's and Neji's. I followed her scent to a stream then lost it completely. A Uchiha seemed to be with her." The dog said. Sasuke's head snapped up at that.

"Itachi." He whispered.

"I would have to have something of his to compare the scents but I assume that is who it was. He smelled a lot like you." The dog looked back at Kakashi. "Another scent was following her. He didn't seem to be traveling with her though and I lost his scent at the stream too."

"Did it smell like a demon?" Kakashi asked through clenched teeth.

"No it was human." The dog answered in confusion.

Kakashi let out his breath relieved.

Naruto stood and Sasuke stood with him. "We have to go after her!" Naruto yelled.

"I agree with the dobe!" Sasuke said.

Kakashi looked at his genin. There was nothing he wanted more. He loved Hinata like a daughter and the thought of her in danger was tearing him up, but they had both been injured. Sasuke needed to get back to the village and face the music and Naruto had apparently been gravely wounded and miraculously healed. He had thought that the removal of a demon from a jinchuriki killed the host. Naruto had to be checked out.

"We need to get back to Konoha. We will report to the Hokage so she can call off the search. Also I am concerned for you Naruto. We need to find out what happened to you." Kakashi told him.

Both genin folded their arms across their chests in mutiny. Kakashi sighed. "I promise you we will not stop till she is found but we have to be smart. Dying will not bring her home."

Naruto rose and put his hand out. "I promise to bring Hinata back to Konoha safe." He said and looked expectantly at Sasuke. Sasuke looked annoyed but he placed his hand over Naruto's.

"I promise to never let my curse mark overtake me again and to bring Hinata back to the leaf village safely." Sasuke said rolling his eyes.

Kakashi smiled but added his own hand but didn't promise again. They let go and picked up the jacket heading back for Konoha.

Author's Note: I sincerely hope you liked it! I very much enjoyed writing this story your reviews and comments made it a lot of fun. I had hoped to get the sequel posted today but this chapter took me much longer than anticipated. I will try to have it up tomorrow. It will be called A Love that Saves. Please give me your thoughts on this story and what you hope for the next. I will say that the sequel will start with Kurama and Hinata reuniting ... that is as long as that is what you all want lol.