Meloetta's Hat Fetish

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I really need to stop lurking 4Chan and work on my stories. Of course, it would help if I wasn't addicted to Coney Island so friggin' much.

Anything could happen today. That probably won't end well. Aria Meloetta giggled as she snatched away Ash Ketchum's hat for the fourth time today. Ash was getting tired of it, wile Pikachu watched on with laughter.

"Gimmie back my hat, you icing loving freak!" Ash yelled, being pretty annoyed by it. "It's not for playing! I got that hat in a contest!"

Meloetta giggled as she opened her eyes, dancing around Ash while holding his hat. "No way! I love how soft this is!" She took a good look at it while floating. "And the patterns are all so seasonal... they blend quite well!"

Ash attempted to jump on Meloetta, but she floated away, causing Ash to hit his head on the rock in front of him. Pikachu, Iris, and Cilan winced as Meloetta whislted innocently while hiding Ash's hat behind her back.

"D'oh I Missed!" Ash exclaimed angrily as he rubbed his head, turning to Meloetta and pointing. "I'm warning with you, vocaloid! Don't mess with my hat!"

Meloetta stuck her tongue out at Ash. "Whatcha gonna do? Toss a pokeball at me?"

This gave Ash an idea, as he pulled a regular Pokeball out of nowhere and chucked it at Meloetta. Meloetta used the hat to protect herself, causing the pokeball to fail as Ash gawked in disbelief.

"What the hell!" He exclaimed as he tossed his hands on his head. "I can't belief it!"

Meloetta continued to giggle, until she observed the hat closer. "Hmm... this thing does look better the more I look at it..." Her stomach growled loudly, prompting her to smile deviously as she glanced back at Ash. "Maybe I can get some vanilla icing and cover this thing..."

Iris placed both of her hands on her face, shaking her head. "Meloetta, hats are not for eating! They're for wearing!"

"Yeah!" Cilan exclaimed as he was suspiciously eating a chili dog while tapping his left foot. "Yeah! And eating hats is no good!"

Axew sighed as he rolled his eyes, muttering in pokespeak, "Cilan is just the designated Sonic reference, isn't he?"

Pikachu nodded his head in agreement. "Pikachu, pika pi."

Meloetta yawned loudly as she patted her face with her left paddle shaped hand. "Well, I gotta fart superbad, ya know..." She giggled as she winked. "IN THE BATHROOM!"

Ash shook his arms rapidly as he started jumping up and down. "No no no! You're not passing gas with my hat!" He lunged at her again, only to fall off the cliff, falling for hours.

Iris, Cilan, Axew, and Pikachu all looked at each other with concern as Meloetta giggled while pulling Ash's hat closer to her, with Ash seemingly falling to his death.