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Kate Beckett was finishing up some last minute paper work before they left for the night while her partner was sitting next to her playing games on his cell phone waiting for her to finish. It was almost 10:00 and they were both antsy to get home. There was silence save the occasional noise from Castle's phone.

She was almost finished when he broke the silence. "Damn it! I swear I'm gonna…"

Kate chuckled, keeping her eyes on the form she was filling out, "What happened Castle? Didn't shoot the bird far enough to get 3 stars?" When he didn't answer she looked up at him and when she saw the disappointment on his face she immediately knew something was wrong, "Castle, what's wrong?"


Sensing he was really upset about something she put her pen down, "Meredith? Alexis is okay right?"

"She's not gonna be…" he muttered.

"Huh?" She asked confused.

"Meredith was supposed to come to town this weekend and have a mother/daughter weekend with Alexis. She hasn't been in town for a while and Alexis was really looking forward to it…"

From what Castle had told her about Meredith she took a guess, "And she cancelled?"

Rick nodded, "Again Kate….she cancelled AGAIN. This is the second time she has done this to Alexis...this month! I am so sick of this. She makes plans with Alexis, gets her hopes up by promising she's coming, than cancels at the last minute."

"I'm sorry Rick."

"You know what the worst part is? In about two minutes I'm going to get a call from my upset daughter because she received a text from her mother with some lame excuse as to why she can't make it this time. That's right…a TEXT! She doesn't even call Alexis. She sends a convenient text so she doesn't have to hear the heartbreak in her daughter's voice."

"Oh, Castle…I…" Kate didn't even know what to say. Over the years she had grown close to Alexis and she suddenly felt a great deal of distain for the young girl's mother. How could anyone do this to their kid, especially a kid as great as Alexis? "Come on Castle; let's go so you can get to your daughter. She's gonna want to talk to you."

Castle sighed, "You're right…"

As they were walking to the elevators Castle's cell phone rang and he looked at Kate with a sad face. "Alexis?" She asked softly.

He just nodded as he picked up,

"Hey sweetie"

Hi dad…did mom text you?"

Yeah she did. I…I'm so sorry honey, I know you were really excited..."

Forget about it dad. I mean, I knew this would happen…no big deal right? Not like it's a surprise…"

"I promise we'll find something incredibly fun to do this weekend ok…just you and me."

"That's ok dad…I don't really feel like doing anything anyway."

"Oh come on kiddo, we'll have tons of fun. Please? Let me make this up to you. We'll do whatever you want."

Kate could hear the heartbreak in Castle's voice. She smiled as she got an idea, "Castle let me talk to her." When Castle just gave her a confused look she rolled her eyes and grabbed his phone.

"Lex, it's Kate."

"Oh, hey Kate." Kate could tell how upset the teenager was by her voice, even if she wouldn't admit it. Another round of distain for the girl's mother washed over her.

"Listen, it's been a really long week so I was going to treat myself to some pampering and retail therapy this weekend. Will you come with me? It won't be as much fun by myself-I much rather have some company. We could get our nails and toes done, go shopping, grab lunch, catch a movie…what do you say?"

"Are you sure? You really want me to come with you?"
"Of course! I'd love for you to come, it'll be great. We could have some girl time-talk about your father…"
Kate winked at Rick. He tried to act hurt but he heard his daughter laugh and couldn't help but smile.

"Do you think he would mind?"

Kate looked at Rick, "I don't think he would mind at all." Rick shook his head no, "as a matter of fact he just shook his head saying no, he doesn't mind. So, will you come with me?"

"Yeah sure! That would be so much fun! Thanks Kate!"

"Of course! Thank you for saving me a boring day alone! I'll pick you up tomorrow morning at 10:00 ok?"

"Perfect! See you tomorrow!"

"Bye Alexis."

Kate hung up the phone and gave it back to Castle. At this time they were walking out of the building to their cars, "You weren't planning on doing any of that stuff this weekend were you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," she smiled and turned to walk to her car. As she was walking she yelled over her shoulder, "See you tomorrow morning, Castle."

Rick smiled as he watched her get into her car, "Thanks Kate…" He whispered.

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