Something as simple as holding hands shouldn't cause such a reaction, at least that's what Yuki Sanada was thinking.

Cheeks flushed and heart pounding, the nervous redhead glanced down to the sidewalk, his fingers clasped tightly with another boy's hand. Slender and pale, Natsuki's fingers were still, gently squeezing Yuki's fidgeting ones. He would glance to Yuki, an affectionate smile warm on his lips, his gaze soft and compassionate. Yuki would only squirm, asking why he was staring.

"Because you're beautiful," Natsuki whispered into Yuki's ear, causing him to squeak and stumble a bit over a crack in the sidewalk. Natsuki chuckled, letting go of Yuki's hand once he regained balance. His shimmering silver eyes locked on Natsuki confusedly, silently asking why he'd let go. But before he could stare for long, Natsuki gently held Yuki's shoulders and leaned in, planting a feather-soft kiss to his lips.

Yuki froze entirely, his eyes stretching as Natsuki backed away to rest their foreheads against each other.

"You're so cute," he whispered, and in result got Yuki flustered and pushing himself away.

"I-I'm not-"

"You're the cutest thing I've ever seen," Natsuki interrupted before Yuki could protest, causing his boyfriend to blush again and jerk his eyes towards the ground. Natsuki's heart beat hard in his chest, and as he wrapped his arm around his thin waist, he knew how deeply in love he was with the boy named Yuki Sanada.