AN: Please tell me if I need to change this to M rated. I'm not sure and I'd like if someone could give me their opinion. It's more than likely not going to get any better for a while after this.

They were scheduled to be at the base by three o'clock, the mission would occur at around three forty-five. This gave Robert and Eames plenty of time to get ready and try to calm their beating hearts. When they arrived at the base, everyone was there and Remsen assured them that she had her totem on her.

The group was taken to the room where the man, Gareth Larson was being kept. It was impossible, even for Remsen, not to wince at the sight in front of them. Larson currently was strapped down to his bed, his head twitching every few seconds. His eyes ran around the room widely, not really looking at anyone and a trail of saliva dripped out his mouth. Around his hands were bruises from where he had strained against his bindings.

A soldier was getting out the Pasiv machine as everyone took their seat. Cobb began talking as everyone got ready. "We'll be down there for only five minutes, for us it'll be about an hour. Obviously if anything goes wrong give us the kick."

The soldiers and Robert nodded in understanding. Robert gave Eames a quick kiss as he said, "Stay safe."

"Always," replied Eames with a playful smirk as he sat back and got himself comfortable. As the team went under, Robert got ready for what he was pretty sure going to be the longest five minutes of his life.

Instead of being in a residential like place, they were in a field with only a barn and house in sight. However, there were things that were wrong, things that Ariadne hadn't put into the simple design.

The land was dotted with what looked like holes but as Arthur leaned towards one, he realized he couldn't see the bottom despite the sun being high in the sky. "I do believe that it would be in everyone's best interest if no one fell down these holes."

"I agree, be careful where you step as well," Cobb said. "Now, let's see if we can find Mr. Larson."

The team carefully made their way around the seemingly never ending holes and tested the ground in front of them before they proceeded. As they walked suddenly without warning, the sky covered itself in clouds and began to rain and thunder.

"Ahh!" The sudden change in weather caused Eames to lose his balance and his body began to head straight towards one of the never ending holes.


Eames shut his eyes automatically, his heart pounding at a thousand miles per hour. His hair flew around his face as he went down . . . down . . .

Only to feel his ankle completely break as someone grabbed onto it.

Eames eyes flashed open as he yelled out in pain. In front of his eyes was only blackness so carefully, he craned his neck upwards to see Remsen just barely holding him by his foot. Cobb was immediately by her side pulling Eames up feet first with obvious difficulty. At one point it seemed like they might drop him but Saito was quickly there to also help.

When he was flat on the grassy earth, Eames couldn't stop the tears of relief that washed over him. He had truly thought he was going to die then and there.

"Eames! Thank god Remsen caught you!" Ariadne cried as she knelt down beside him. Arthur was also beside her. He probably held the most expression he had ever given as he looked at Eames, fear still in his eyes.

"Eames," he said softly, "don't ever scare me like that again."

"Believe me Arthur, I won't anytime soon," replied Eames, his heart still pounding but his breathing becoming more in check. As he looked up at the sky, he realized for the first time that the rain that was falling on himself and his comrades was red. "Guys, it's raining blood."

No one else had noticed it either because they had been to focused on Eames but now they saw it to. "What the hell is going on in this guy's head," muttered Saito.

Once Eames had calmed himself down enough, the group began to continue on its way. However, they stayed even closer together, trying to stay as far away as possible from areas with a lack of Earth. Eventually, they made it to the barn and were about to go in when none other than Larson ran out of it.

The right side of his face was just one giant bruise and bloody tears ran out of his left eye. Zero clothes covered his body and on his arms and legs were large sores that oozed greenish puss. The man immediately grabbed on to Cobb who was the one farthest in front.

"You have to help me! Please!" the man screamed. His gums were black and bleeding, several teeth already had fallen out. Before anyone could say anything a black shadow from behind Larson came out and grabbed him around the arms.

"Hey!" yelled Cobb as he tried to grab hold of the figure. However, it moved to quickly for Cobb and suddenly had him around the throat.

Arthur dived at the figure and was able to make it loosen its grip on Larson but Cob was still being choked. Finally Cobb was released and Arthur was able to reveal the figure by pulling back a cowl that had covered its face. He quickly wished he hadn't.

Underneath, the figure had no eyes or eyelids, just black, torn, and jagged sockets. The lips had been cut off, permanently showing his teeth. The teeth had each been sharpened giving them a shark like appearance. Half of the head had wispy, gray hair and the other side was scarred skin.

"Boo," the figure hissed. The lack of lips made it nearly impossible to understand as air whistled through the teeth. With a swift movement, the figure came up and snapped Arthur's neck.

His lifeless body fell to the ground but no one had anytime to say anything because their attention was already being diverted to Larson.

"No!" yelled Ariadne as she dived at him as he threw himself towards one of the black holes. However, she wasn't quick enough and Larson fell down and down until she lost sight of him.

Only about a minute had passed when Arthur woke up with a gasp. Robert was by his side within seconds but before he could ask anything Arthur practically yelled, "Get them out! Get them out now!"