- The Aftermath -

- aimz666 -

Competition: My First "…" Competition AND The School Subjects Competition (Defence Against the Dark Arts)

Prompts: First Death/Loss

Word Limit: 100 - 300 (+ 50/60)

Word Count: 339

Beta: N/A

Colin and I, we'd just grown accustomed to being brothers. We used to fight a lot. He'd been the nerd, the boy that did well in classes and I'd always been the type of guy to barely scrape Acceptable's. But this year had been different. Colin had been my confident, my best friend, my older brother.

Now the war was over and I was kneeling in the Great Hall in between rows and rows of covered bodies. My hands were shaking as I ran my fingers under the cover and after one deep breath, I pulled it back. Immediately I fell backwards, clasping my hands to my mouth to stop from yelling out in shock. My chest tightened causing me to choke out a sob at the sight of my older brother.

There was a skewed look of confusion in his eyes made him look about five years younger and I already had given up all hopes of trying not to cry. Tears slipped down my cheeks and with the difficultly of trying to avoid attention bearing down on me I put my face on his chest and sobbed like I'd never before.

My brother was gone, I should have stopped him from coming here. What use was that thought though? I never would have stopped Colin coming; maybe I should have followed and helped.

I'd lost the person I'd grown to trust the most. The person who'd helped me survive from the day we left our parent's house exactly three hundred days previous to the moment he left to join the battle of Hogwarts.

I'd respected that he thought it was worth taking a risk to end the war. I was never going get away with coming here, never. But Colin slipped through, my brother, the nerd that I would have teased before all this happened.

He'd been so brave, so protective, so unlike the Colin I thought I knew. So the question that was now haunting my mind was:

Did I even know my brother at all?