Sitting in the cockpit has always helped me to relax and think. I am especially grateful that it is the middle of the sleep cycle and everybody else is sleeping, especially her.

Ever since I saw her on Balmorra, I felt something towards her. I first thought it was only because I had not worked with another woman so closely in years. I had quickly suppressed any feeling that arose, especially since she was my superior. Those relationships were unprofessional and generally looked down upon.

But as I watched her destroy the Resistance, I slowly grew to admire her abilities and power. She was a Sith Warrior yes, but she was gentle and kind. A trait I'd never seen before when working with the Sith. She gained my respect very quickly.

I hear the door open behind me. I look to see Vette walk in.

"Don't think I came to see you. I left my datapad in here." She tells me in a snarky voice.

"I am working, so if you will get it and get out, I would very much appreciate it." I reply harshly.

She shoots me a glare, grabs her datapad off the co-pilot's chair and leaves. I am left in silence once more.

I lean back and my thoughts drift back to her. I was nervous to ask her for a reassignment. I had hoped she'd listen to my reason, but that plan backfired. She instead made me see reason. We'd be unstoppable together. Nothing could stop us. And since then, I've been planning on asking her to be my wife. I just need the right opportunity to ask her.

A beeping on the console brings me out of my musings. We have arrived on Belsalvis. I rise out of the chair to awaken Verraqui, when the doors slide open once again.

"Good evening, my lord. We have arrived on Belsalvis." I automatically say as she walks in.

"Excellent. Have you slept at all?" She asks, still in her black and red armor.

"No, I have not. My attention was required on the routine maintenance on the ship."

"2V can take care of the ship. Your attention is required elsewhere." She smiles seductively at me, making my blood run hot.

I've seen that look before and know what is going to happen. I close the gap between us and press my lips to hers. I snake one arm around her shoulders and move my opposite hand around her lower back. She presses into me and I feel my blood rush down quickly. She rests her hands on my chest.

"I can give you my full attention someplace more private." I whisper into her ear.

"I like the way you think." She replies.

We exit the cockpit and go into her room. She closes the door and locks it.

"Now, where were we?" I ask, giving her a smile.

"You really must smile more often." She says giggling.

"Only for you, my lord." I embrace her as we fall onto her spacious bed.

I know this night will be enjoyed by both of us tremendously.

A/N: I wanted to try my hand at a Quinn/Female Sith Warrior. I'm in no way shape or form a proper person, so if I got some parts of Quinn's personality wrong, I do apologize. Updates will come as I think of scenes. They won't be in any sort of order.