And this is how it ends.

Staring at a gravestone, staring at your husband's gravestone. Aged 82, Rory Arthur Williams. Babbling to the Doctor about how you can save him, you must save him, but you can't save him and you know it because of your daughter's eyes — the one that said that there's no way out.

This is how it ends, telling the Doctor all you need to do is blink, acting with bravado filled with shock and terror, sickening you; tears falling like rain, realizing that you grew up with the Raggedy Doctor, but Rory means everything to you.

This is how it ends, telling your daughter to take care of him, how you took care of him all those years, because you're going to be gone now, and you have to accept it, and you're just now realizing it — you'll be gone, you'll be with Rory, and River will write a book, and the chapter—the heartbreaking chapter known as Amelia's Last Farewell. If you read it, it's written in stone. Always.

The third last thing you see is your gravestone.

The second last thing you see your daughter.

The last thing you see is your Doctor.