It has been six months since the invasion of Tokyo by The fallen and the Decepticons have become more and more desperate to hide thanks to NEST expansion into a global organisation, leaving no place for them to hide. But now several of the younger original members of our unit, a new adventure awaits them.

"He's going around back" Rivalz said from his frame as a black exotic car drove behind him. "I've got it!" Shirley said firing her slash harkens at it "We can't let him get away" Milly said firing his repeater at the Decepticon warrior, Shirley kept firing her harkens at it. "Crap it's getting away!" she shouted before pulling out her gun and fired. "No its not" Lelouch said joining the battle with his Shinkirou, firing his Zero cannon into the core of the decepticon drone that was the target. "Looks like the hunt's over" Lelouch said. "Yes your majesty" the three friends said. "Time to go, after all its time" Milly said. "Okay, come on guys" Shirley said.

"Six years I lived here, and for four of those years I was friends with you Lelouch" Rivalz said packing his old Ashford dorm. "I know, its too bad I can't attend Ashford University with you guys" Lelouch said. "Hey you're the emperor now, so you don't really need to go," Rivalz said putting some clothes in a box. "I know, but you could have joined the NEST academy" Lelouch said "Yeah we could have, but still getting our degrees before heading for NEST will help out later" Rivalz said heading out of his dorm. "Funny, the amount of times we kept thinking about our future; I'm betting the Autobots weren't apart of them" Rivalz laughed "No, I didn't think I would be emperor" Lelouch said pulling his hat down over his face. "I'm sure" Rivalz said.

NEST base Omega
"So this is the new NEST base is it?" Suzaku asked. "Considering that Alpha base was heavily damage during the second siege of Tokyo" Euphie said adjusting the scanner of the new base. "That's right we had to use The Trans-ops for a HQ around graduation" Suzaku said pulling on the tie he was wearing "Here" Euphie sighed adjusting the tie "Thank you Brigadier Li Britannia" Suzaku said kissing her. "so most of the new NEST bases are up and running; however base Delta's generator is still shorting out because of the waves so close to the island, and Base Sigma has to deal with pigeons in the air filters" Euphie said "Sigma base, isn't that one in Canada?" Suzaku asked.
"No, the one in Canada is Epsilon Base" Eupihe said "with twenty four bases, it's going to be hard to deploy from the main base with in Japan" Suzaku said pausing after saying the name of his homeland "Suzaku?" his fiancé asked. "It's so weird to say it and not have it be a taboo" Suzaku said smiling "I agree, I still can't believe Lelouch hasn't put a new team of the Knights of the round together" Euphie said "So far he has Gino, Anya, and pilots from Hawaii, South Africa and Australia" Suzaku said scanning the list "No Japanese?" Euphie asked. "He's got too many to consider for the next position of Knight of Six" Suzaku said.

"Alright back to work you two" a voice said making the couple laugh "Hello Jazz" Euphie said as the Autobot second in command walked in to check progress of Omega base. "Man this base is slamming" he said "I have to agree with that" a second voice said "Hey Nunnnally, how the legs?" Suzaku asked as the young princess now walked with crutches. "Getting there, they say next month I can start playing soccer" she said excitedly "Slamming!" Jazz laughed as Nunnally smiled. "And don't you worry, we'll be at your first game" Suzaku said hugging his surrogate sister. "And that includes the new happy couple" Euphie assured her.

"Alright looks like another spark chamber" Lennox shouted as he directed the Autobot cleanup crew. "HEY OVER HERE!" Spike shouted. "Why is it after six months we're still picking up Decepticon carcasses?" Epps asked as he and Witwicky walked over to here Spike was "They're everywhere Witwicky quit bitching" a voice said "Easy for you to say Sumdac" Sam shouted back to the girl who was helping Rakshata analyse the remains of the different Decepticon shells. "What is it Spike?" Sam asked "Look, its Grimlock" Spike said "I know" Sam said sadly remembering that the dinobot sacrificed himself for the human sniper crew. "That's the thing I got a weak spark pulse" Spike said "YO! SEND FOR RATCHET!" Sam shouted out to the others as Spike and several recovery teams dug Grimlock out of the rubble. "Oh man check out the damage" Sam said looking at the sparking transformer.

"what's the problem?" Ratchet said transforming while looking at Grimlock "Incredible, he survived that much damage?" the medic asked pulling out his toolkit and started to work on the damage. "You are not offlining on me after being online for six months!" Ratchet said as he got vocal and audio online as well as his Optics. "Come on, that's it" Ratchet said helping the awakened Dinobot to his feet "Get off of me Doc" Grimlock spoke in his usual gruff voice but to everyone shock and amazement in a normal speech pattern "What are you looking at?" Grimlock asked. "The fact of the matter that you speak like a normal autobot rather than the way you use to talk" Ratchet explained. "So what my intelligence has been restored?" Grimlock asked the medic "It appears so" Ratchet said "But how?" Lennox asked. "I do not know"

Meanwhile in a scrapyard Megatron roared out in pain as Scalpel went to work on his injuries left over from the last major battle "Blast that organic" he growled as the small medic touch as pain node. "Be CAREFUL!" the defeated tyrant growled. "I am trying my not to touch ze nodes" Scalpel said "Why do I even bother with you" Megatron said as a helicopter could be heard "Ah Vortex report" Megatron said "They're still cleaning up from when we went to town on the afts" the combaticon said transforming "Have any more joined us?" Megatron asked "I do not know, Commander Starscream is still seeking out them" Vortex said "Understood" Megatron grunted. "I could always summon the rest of my brethren" Vortex said "Are there any left?" Scalpel asked.

"Onslaught was damaged, same with Brawl; but they found Energon pools and have healed, Swindle is still somewhere out in the universe looking for Blast Off" Vortex said "Too bad the Constructicons have been destroyed, we've could have used Devastator" Megatron said. Suddenly two engines were heard "Who in the pit is that?" Vortex said as a sports car and a four wheel drive pulled up in front of injured leader. "Knock-Out and Breakdown" Megatron said as thge two transformed "All hail the mighty megatron" Knockout said as he bowed. "Finally a proper Medic" Megatron said "That looks nasty milord, allow me to patch you up" Knockout said examining the warped metal that was half of their leader's face while flicking Scalpel away. Meanwhile Breakdown the silent bulky eyepatch wearing decepticon stood there guarding the entrance.

"We need some new blood down here" Wheeljack said "I don't think so, the Decepticons are still hiding and could be for years and you want some new members down here?" Prowl asked. "Wouldn't you, just in case?" Wheeljack argued. "Yes, but I shall only ask when we have confirmation about them being activate again" Prowl said "Still" Wheeljack said. "Enough you two, you both have valid points" Hound said entering the barracks, "So what should we do for the time being?" Wheeljack asked. "Prepare for the new University opening" Hound said transforming "Understood" the other said rolling out.

"So is everything ready?" Milly asked walking next to Shirley, "Yeah it is, Josh is still helping out with the recovery sector" Shirley sighed "And Rivalz is still at Ashford" Milly said shaking her head. "A final tour huh?" Shirley asked as the pair walked in the gates of their new school. "And now this is where we'll be for the next couple of years" Milly said "Its pretty cool isn't it?" Shirley said.

"So those fools think they're safe with the Autobots nearby are they?" a human said as he took a mouthful of whatever he was drinking "Of course, but we know otherwise don't we? After all we've got everything planned out" a second human said "Yes we do" the first one said revealing his scarred face. "So why did you go rogue Silas?" the second one said "Because I found the rules to be quite boring" Silas said smirking as he finished his drink. "To the future" the second shadowed human said clinging glasses with Silas' glass.

"So you want me, a decorated soldier to play babysitter?" a dark skinned rotund man said frowning "Yes that is quite right" the new NEST director said "but ma'am I'm more of a frontliner, than babysitter" the man said "I don't care Agent Fowler" the director said "Yes ma'am" Fowler said "I'm not a ma'am" the director said "Yes Sir Mearing sir" Fowler said as the director left "What a bitch, oh well" Fowler said "Wait, who am I guarding?" Fowler asked himself before receiving the data he wanted on his tablet "Oh, you've got to kidding me" Fowler said "Oh well." He said walking off to his pickup.

At the newly built Ashford University, Empress Kallen Vi Britannia was looking around seeing if the coast was clear before slipping on a pair of fake glasses and missing her hair up "That should do it" Kallen said looking around hoping to see someone. "Hey isn't that them?" she asked walking a few strides behind who she spotted. "Oh crap" She gasped seeing Fowler looking for her. "Not him, why did Lelouch and Mearing assign him to me?" she asked herself as she rushed past him. "I know they have good intentions, but seriously I'm supposed to be laying low, and that rookie doesn't help" she said mentioning her new partner. "Anyway time to sign in" she said walking over to the front desk.

"Hey Milly can you help me with this?" Shirley asked as she set up her side of her room of the two bedroom dorm. "Hang on I can't I've got my hands full" Milly said "Its slipping" Shirley said "I got it" a third voice said helping Shirley "Thanks, huh Kallen?" Shirley asked shocked at seeing her old friend the NEST colonel "What KAllen? You're here" Milly said hugging her friend "Where have you been for these past six months?" Shirley asked. "A special assignment" Kallen said unsure is she could get away with her lie when a knock was heard at the door, which Kallen quickly hid behind. "Hello ladiues, sorry for intruding, but I'm looking for someone, a red head" Fowler said "Sorry we haven't seen them" Shirley said knowing something was up with Kallen "Thanks for your time ladies" Fowler said leaving.

"Answer now Kallen" Shirley said "Okay you see, I'm no longer Kallen Kozuki or Kallen Stadfeld; I'm now Kallen Vi Britannia, the Empress" Kallen said "You're the Empress and your also married to Lulu?" Shirley asked. "You know it's weird hearing Lelouch Vi Britannia, the White Emperor and the Hero of Tokyo being called Lulu" Milly said. "That;s not the point, Milly Kallen's now the empress, so we have to protect her" Shirley panicked, "I suppose we do, but if Kallen sticks to her cover we'll be on stand by only." Milly said "I'm surprised that, oh that guy before was your bodyguard wasn't he?" Shirley asked. "Yes that was Col. William Fowler, my new handler" Kallen said blowing a lock of her red hair out of her face.

"Um hello, I'm wonder if this is dorm 14-A" a girl said "Yes it is, come in I'm Karen, this is Milly and Shirley" Kallen said "I'm June, June Darby" June said "Cool, so what is everyone studying?" Kallen asked. "Journalism and teaching" Milly said "Art with a minor in telecommunications" Shirley said. "I'm studying Nursing" June said. "What about you Karen?" Shirley asked. "History" Kallen said "A historian" Shirley asked "Why not" Kallen laughed, "Okay then" Milly said. "Things are going to be interesting" June said.