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~~Line Breaky~~

Most wizards don't have trouble doing magic but I do. I've tried Fire, Ice, Balance, Death, Storm, and Myth, but I couldn't do anything right. The other kids would laugh at me but the Headmaster would keep saying that I can do magic. But, I've already lost hope and so far nothing has gone right.

Hello, my name's Sabrina Thorn. I'm your regular teenage girl with silver hair and midnight blue eyes. Mostly everyone thinks that I have unusual eyes that match my hair but, my mom says my eyes are beautiful and that my eyes and hair are special. I don't know why but I guess I just have to believe her. I'm not that strong either but animals seems to always like me so I think that's good enough for me. The other weird thing is that my mom keeps telling me that I'm special and I have a special gift.

Strange, right?

But isn't that what moms are supposed to do? Oh well, I guess I'll tell you my story.

It all started on the day of my fourteenth birthday. I had a normal birthday, if you didn't include a mysterious man appearing at my doorsteps. He gave me an amulet that looked super expensive and that could only be bought by someone with a whole butt-load of money. The man told me that it was my destiny to have it and some other stuff I didn't really listen to. When the man was telling me about the amulet and about some other things too, I also saw my mom being fidgety around the man.

After that a lot more things started to happen when I received the amulet. I've got to say that the amulet is gorgeous; almost every girl envied me for it. It had a gold chain with a beautiful emerald leaf-shaped gem. And when the lighting caught the emerald's reflection, the whole amulet would start to shimmer and sparkle. Oh, I almost forgot what I was going to tell you but then the amulet made me almost forget.

Here are some things that have happened to me since I got the amulet. The day after the man can, I stopped my trek to pet an adorable cat but when that happened, I heard a voice coming from the cat. Last time I remember that most of the animals here can't talk, but I just ignored it. That wasn't the weirdest part though, but I really don't want to go into details about that stuff.

I was walking to my new magic school which I hope that a spell won't explode in my face. I entered the School of Life and walked towards a seat, ignoring all the stares or…now what would you call them? Oh, yeah, glares.

I was waiting patiently for my new teacher, Moolinda. Is that how you pronounce her name? I also heard that the teacher was a cow, that's strange, although all the other teachers are also weird too. I hear the door open and close, I wonder if it was the teacher but to my disappointment, it was just a girl.

"Hey! You're in my seat." An obnoxious voice said from behind me.

I turned around to see a girl with curly red hair and puke-green eyes.

"So," I replied in a bored tone.

I saw the girl's eyes turn from shocked to anger.

"I said you're in my seat, girly!" The girl shrieked.

I turned around and decided to just ignore the girl, and wait for the teacher to come instead.

"Oh, I see. ~ You're that girl that's horrible at magic, huh? Guess after this you might as well go and clean the unicorn stables, huh?" The girl taunted. I felt a stab of pain hit me.

I stood up and glared at her with all my heart.

"You know what? I just had enough of your snotty comebacks. So would you just. SHUT. UP!" I yelled at her, my hands were clenched in a tight fist.

I heard the door open and quickly sat back down before I got in trouble. Just when the teacher came in, she saw how the bratty girl was screeching and yelling at me at how I'm horrible I'm at with magic or how I'm more ugly than Malistaire with a tutu. But I just kept quiet the whole time.

"Sit down this instant, Kristina. None of my students are allowed to be rude or mean to anyone in this class." Moolinda commanded.

"Yes, teacher." Kristina replied and went to sit somewhere else.

"Good, now I hope everyone has already met Sabrina Thorn. She's going to be studying the art of Life with us and I hope all of you have treated her well." Moolinda told them.

And so the lessons began. Startlingly, I aced the lesson with flying colors, even though I've never even studied any of it. My spells I casted, didn't explode in my face but, everyone just said it was just beginner's luck. But, Moolinda told me that I had talent there. I felt so proud of myself. And after the lesson, I ran all the way home to tell my mom all about it.

You couldn't believe what had happened though.

When I opened the door, made my grinning face quickly morphed into a horrified one. The house looked like there had been a massacre. The furniture was ripped to shreds and I even saw that there was some blood stains on the floor, wall, furniture, etc. I ran upstairs to see if mom was here but, the place was empty. I quickly ran around the house, yelling my mom's name until I stumbled upon my room to see that everything was ripped to shreds. It truly was a terrifying sight, but at least some of my stuff weren't completely damaged.

I quickly realized that all of this could have happened probably because the mysterious attacker could have broken in here just for the money. I ran downstairs and towards the kitchen, where I opened a secret little compartment where we kept our money. Inside, was all our sacks of coins and none of them was taken.

If the attacker didn't want our money, then what did he/she want?

I grabbed the sacks of money and teleported the heck out of here, leaving behind a bright green light with little holographic leaves left at where I used to stand. I appeared in front of the Headmaster's house/headquarters and ran inside. I was the Headmaster and explained everything that had happened.

"I see," the Headmaster thought out loud, "It seems that someone is after something that your mom and you have that is valuable or this predicament wouldn't have happened."

"But, we don't have anything that's valuable that someone would want to steal." I protested.

"Yes, but what about that amulet you have because I have never seen you wear it." The Headmaster questioned.

"Huh? Oh, I got this amulet from a man that came to my doorsteps and he told me to guard it with my life. Here," I took off my amulet and gave it to the Headmaster.

The Headmaster gasped in surprised, "Oh My!"

"What is it?" I asked.

"This amulet is very powerful indeed. I can guess why that attacker broke into your house and messed it up. He or she must've been looking for and that person would do anything for it. Child, you must protect it with your life, just like that mad told you. DO NOT trust anyone with it, do you understand? Right now we must find you a place to stay." The Headmaster told me in an urgent voice.

"Alright," I replied.

"Just wait here and I'll call someone that will help you." The Headmaster said and handed the amulet back to me. He turned around and left the room, leaving me by myself.

"Guess I'll wait here then." I mumbled to myself.

~~Line Break~~

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