Kitty210: I feel so proud of my team. Even though I'm older than them by two years.

Rachael: Yeah, we won three games so far in the season.

Paige: We've improved so much! Last time we didn't win any!

Kitty210: So true. *nods head in agreement*

Gilbert: She doesn't own Wizard101!

~~Line Break~~

A lone girl stood in the middle of a dark room. Her long golden hair was tied into a long braid while her green eyes nervously darted back and forth around the room. She knew what was coming for her and she was afraid of the outcome but she put up a strong front. I mean, what would a fourteen year old be able to do if they were in the same situation as herself? Right now, she was standing in front of a desk, waiting for a command from her boss.

Spinning the chair around, appeared a man in his thirties. He had white hair with silver highlights in his hair. He had cold, icy blue eyes with a stoic face to match. He rested his hands on his desk, resting his head on said hands, and smiled a creepy smile. Anyone would think it's creepy.

"Ah, you must be a new recruit? Am I correct?" The man asked, his voice as menacing as he looked.

"Y-yes, sir." The fourteen year old girl replied. She mentally cursed herself for stuttering.

"Then, you are the one to be sent on this mission?" The man asked her again. His face not giving away a sign of emotion.

"I was told by the general to go to you." The girl replied. Her voice didn't waver this time and she let out a sigh of relief for not showing weakness.

"Hm, I see. Never thought that you would be so young for this, though." The man said.

"I g-get that a lot." The girl stuttered, much to her dismay. Again.

"Well, then. Here is your 'little' mission." The man said, handing her a few papers with a picture clipped on to it.

"You are to follow her," The man pointed to a girl in the middle of a group of what seemed to be friends, "and try to get that amulet. And for other reasons you should not worry about."

"Y-Yes, sir." She replied and started towards the door. Her body straightening to show that she wasn't afraid or worried. Even if she was.

"Do not fail me Miss SunSong." She heard from behind her but, she kept her head held high and only took the warning as a mission.

~~Line Break~~Nix's Pov~~

I dragged Sabrina towards the Bazaar with Luka and Shiara in tow. I laughed evilly in my mind, thinking on all the things I could do to Luka. "Why are we here again?" Sabrina asked. I was about to reply but that stupid, ugly Luka beat me to it. Hmph!

"We are here because Miss Midget wanted us to 'disguise' ourselves." Luka said. Darn, even when he implied 'disguises' he still has a monotone voice.

How dare he call me a midget?! The truth is, I only wanted to disguise us is so we could get away from that-that THING! Hmph, Luka you are going to regret ever calling me a midget. Even if it's true. We arrived at the Bazaar and I dragged the group to the first shop I saw: Robes!

We entered the place, or more like me dragging the rest, to be met by robes lining the walls with some on mannequins. A lizard stood in the middle of the room, rubbing his hands. It looked pretty suspicious to me but, all the lizards do that here.

"How may I help you younglings?" The lizard asked.

"Oh, can we buy some robes. More specifically for girls?" I asked the lizard in my sweet but deceiving voice. Yes, I admit I like to deceive people. It's not that bad if you ask me.

"Oh, but what about that boy with you?" He asked me. Or is it a she? I can't really tell.

"He's a girl. Can't you see?" I replied and looked at the lizard pointedly.

The lizard shuddered and nodded his head, "Yes, yes. I see."

The lizard led us to the girl section and told us some information about the size and material. After that, he left to greet more customers. I looked around to find some disguises that would look good on Sabrina, Shiara, and me…but not Luka, he's too evil and this is payback.

Once we're done, I ended up wearing an orange and red robe with a cute little hat to top it off. The robe and hat made me look more like a doll, except my skin wasn't porcelain. I had Sabrina wearing a purple and black robe with a cute little hat to top it off, too! We almost matched except Sabrina looked absolutely adorable! And poor Luka, he ended up wearing pink and white robes with a hat that had way too much feathers on it, making him look like Lady Gaga.

And before you start asking about how I know, we wizards don't just fight off monsters all the time. We know what mortals are doing and which mortals are famous. Oh, and let's not forget Shiara, our little mini Sabrina fairy.

Shiara wore a black and blue dress that looked almost exactly the same as the other dress she had on before but with different colors. We exited out of the store, after paying of course, and walked out of the place, looking inconspicuous.

I carefully scanned the place and spotted the Thing a few feet away. Crap, I thought she was in the pyramids. I dragged my group of friends, plus Luka, to the next store, which is the hair stylist. Let's just hope the thing doesn't spot us and/or recognize us.

~~Line Break~~Cora's Pov~~

I walked around the Bazaar and spotted some really familiar looking people. Hmm, now where did I see them from? Before I even had a chance to look at the face of one of the people in the group, they walked into a store. 'Oh well,' I though and walked back to the pyramids.

~~Line Break~~Nix's Pov~~

We walked, or me dragging the rest, into the store and I spotted some wizards getting their hair done. A lady who looked like she's in her early thirties walked up to us, smiling. "How may I help you, young wizards?" The lady asked.

"We would like our hair done, Miss." I replied, pointing to all of my friends, Luka, and me.

"And what would you like?" The lady politely asked.

"I would like to straighten my hair and the girl in the purple and black robes would like her hair curled. The one in the pink robes would like to have pink hair extensions and her hair dyed pink." I told her in my sweet voice. Inside, I was already laughing.

"But, isn't that a boy?" The lady asked, looking bewildered.

"No, no. She isn't." I said, giving the lady a pointed look.

"O-okay. Please come this way." The lady stuttered. I smirked, the things I could do with my pointed look. (Leo: *Cough*Evil*Cough*)

All of us followed her, technically I was dragging the rest, and got our hair done to what we want. Well…what I want. Luka doesn't have a choice. After that, we left the place and checked myself out with a mirror that was conveniently placed outside of the store/hair salon. 'Not bad,' I thought looking at my now straightened red hair. I turned around and awed at how cute Sabrina looked. She looks just like a princess! Her normally straightened hair was now put into corkscrew rings, giving her the look of royalty.

I looked at Luka next and busted into a fit of laughter. This was too cruel…and funny! Thanks to the two shops we went to, Luka looked completely retarded and hopefully my Sabrina would stay away from him. Especially with him wearing hot pink high heeled boots trimmed in white with hot pink robes stopping just above the knee, showing off his 'very manly' legs. Farther up, he had red lipstick on along with pink eye shadow and not to mention the pounds of make up on his face. And thanks to the hair stylist, his hair is now pink and is extended all the way to his butt. The lady must've added some sparkles because it seemed his body was glittering with pink sparkles. I have got to thank that hair stylist.

I quickly grabbed my camera out of my pack and took a quick snap of him. This is defiantly going to go in my album of, 'What Happened to My Victims.' When the picture came out, I looked at it in admiration. This is probably the best revenge ever! Shiara flew over to me and looked at the picture, giving me a look of amusement and burst into laughter.

"I hate you Nix Shadeblade." Luka mumbled under his breath.

"I know!" I replied brightly.

'Wait, how did he know my last name?' I thought, but shrugged my shoulders.

"Come on, Luka. I for one think you make a cute girl that has horrifying legs. And not to mention that you look like a hooker." Sabrina said, trying to cheer Luka up but seemed to make the situation much worse. Especially when her comment about the hooker, making Luka's face turn a bright red.

"Let's go. We have to do…something!" Shiara said, trying to get us out of this awkward but hilarious situation.

I snickered but followed her lead.

~~Line Break~~No one's Pov~~

Unknown to the small group of friends was that someone was following them in the shadows. "Sabrina Thorn, huh? Prepare for what's coming." The person said, tucking the picture of the four friends and swiftly following after them.

~~Line Break~~

Kitty210: After this I want to write a Black Butler fanfic but I can't, I already have so many stories to do. I guess I'll have to finish one of them pretty soon or else I'll have to update a lot.

Paige: Isn't the scene with the aliens of LMD (Little Midget Dude) supposed to come?

Kitty210: They probably quit since the chapter that wasn't edited. They got beat by you didn't they?

Paige: Yup.

Kitty210: Well…I'm going to speak in a different language now!

Rachael: See ya!

Kitty210: Long I Kong E I Tong. Long O Vong E I Tong! RONG E VONG I E W0NG I Tong!

*Door gets busted down with LMD with his army of aliens*

Rachael: Aw, come on!

LMD: You think you can get rid of me that easily?

Paige: Yes.

LMD: Well, you didn't!

*Paige, Kitty210, and Rachael are chained to the wall, with the laptop close by. And Gilbert, poor Gilbert was tied to a stick so he could be roasted*