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~~Line Break~~

I groggily sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes before I slid off my bed. I took tiny sluggish steps towards the bathroom door and opened it. The bathroom is amazing! I mean, now that I think about it, wouldn't rich people be able to buy this place? There was a double sink and a shiny, new, improved toilet. I bet the toilet seat has a seat warmer, too! Okay…maybe I was over exaggerating about the toilet, a little bit.

I looked at one of the mirrors that was above one of the sinks and I thought I saw a monster! I yelped and jumped back in surprise but, I soon realized it was just me. Man, my hair looked like a disaster! This is one of the things that make me hate mornings. No matter how much I try, my hair always ends up like…like…THIS! I don't even know what happened to the bun I put my hair in.

I sighed and grabbed my hair brush, immediately setting to work. It took at least half an hour because every time I brushed one section of my hair down, another part just jumps back up. Because of my hair, it gave me a really bad headache, but not as bad as when I got a concussion because I fell down the stairs. Curse you pebble! I guess I'm being a little sidetracked so, after a while I got my hair to straighten and decided that I'll just leave my hair like it is.

I grabbed my emerald green and silver trimmed robes and quickly put them on since I only have half an hour left until class starts. I ran out of my bathroom but stopped once I smelt something. I took a small sniff and noticed that the smell was bacon. I don't know how long I was standing there but, the only thing that snapped me out of my trance was the grumbling of my stomach. I soon noticed that I was drooling and quickly wiped it away. I ran out of my door to see who was cooking this heavenly food but I didn't notice that there was a banana peel lying on the ground. Wait…why was there a banana peel on the floor. (Back to the author and friends~~Kitty210: Hey, what happened to my banana? Paige: I dunno)

When I fell down, I thought I saw Luka's eyes widen from across the living room in the kitchen but, after that his face became completely emotionless. I mentally shrugged, 'Must've been my imagination.' Just when I was about to hit the ground, Luka just magically morphed in front of me to stop my fall. Well, that was an epic fail in my opinion.

I mean, yeah sure Luka caught me but, the following scene was just too embarrassing.

He wrapped his arms around my waist as I closed my eyes for the impact. Everything just seemed to go so fast as I felt my body collide with his. THUMP! I opened my eyes to see beautiful violet eyes. I immediately felt the heat rush up to my cheeks and quickly scrambled off of him as fast as I can. When I got up, I turned around so he wouldn't see my red face. I touched my lips with my thumb, if I would've leaned into him any closer…I WOULD'VE KISSED HIM!

'Okay, Sabrina, calm down. I mean I don't even know what he looks like yet!' I took in a deep breath and turned around. My face immediately turned red again.

I mentally face-palmed.

Luka's hood had fallen off when we fell down so I was able to see his face. And, oh glob! He probably was the hottest guy I ever met with those white, blue-tinted locks. My breath started to quicken again. I calmed myself down after I mulled over my thoughts of other things.

"You okay?" Luka asked me with his emotionless voice. (P.S. He's standing up right now!)

"Um…y-yeah…I'm okay." I sheepishly replied, looking down at the ground or floor.

"I also made some breakfast so you do not have to cook. I was informed that you cannot cook very well."

My jay dropped, "Hey! You hurt my feel bads right here!" I pointed to my heart and pretended to look hurt.

"Sorry, I did not know you were this sensitive." Luka replied.

I looked at him with so much hate in my eyes. Who cares if he's hot! He's still an emotionless jerk! I turned around with a "humph" and sat at the table. What I saw on that table was like heaven to me! Seriously, I could hear the angels singing when I look at it. My plate was filled to the brim with bacon, scrambled egg, pancakes with maple syrup, and a heaps load of fruit. If I saw myself right now, I would've seen myself drooling.

"Thanks for the food, Luka!~" I happily sang and started to shovel the food in my mouth.

And by the gods! It was delicious! The food tasted even better than any other food I ever tasted! Who knew that Emo Luka could cook?! Heh! That's what I'm going to call him now. After ten seconds passed by, I looked at my plate to see that there was nothing left on the plate. I sadly looked down at my plate. Too bad I ate all the food but, on the bright side I think I made a new spiral record!

I got out of my chair and turned towards Luka, who was standing right behind me this whole time, "Luka, you can't and I repeat you can't follow me around when I go to school got that?" I walked out the door before Emo Luka can have any say-so.

"Wait…" I heard Luka's voice call out but, too bad! I was already out the door.

Unfortunately, after I took three steps away from the door, I heard the door open. Curse you, Luka! I calmed down and acted all cool, making it look like that I'm ignoring him. But, in reality, I'm freaking out here man! I took a turn towards the right with a confidant step in my stride, which is…until Luka ruined it!

"You are going the wrong way. Ravenwood is left, not right." Luka informed me.

"Whatever." I grunted and turned around to walk the left way. Heh, get it?

I heard footsteps follow me but I ignored him 'cause I'm awesome like that! When I reached the entrance to Ravenwood, I saw tons of people staring at me. Correction, US! I hear the other wizards whisper and point at me…and Luka and ignored all those stupid jazzed up comments. That is…until I heard this one:

'Isn't that Sabrina Thorn? The girl who can't do magic? And who's that guy? Is that her boyfriend? He's so hot!' A girl's voice squealed, hurting my eardrums.

Okay, who in their crazy wack-a-doo mind would think that? I mean, yeah he's hot, but I could never date him! Him and I? Boyfriend and Girlfriend? Ha! I laugh at that! Besides…he's not my type? Okay, ignore that last statement, but it's true! (Kitty210: *Shakes head* Sabrina Sabrina Sabrina, that's what all girls say.)

When we reached the Life School, all of the girls started to glare at me…again! All because I was being followed around by a stalker! Well…a really hot stalker. I walked down the aisle and sat down in my seat with a plop! I looked up front to see that our teacher, Moolinda Wu, is already standing in front of the class.

"Class, I hope you guys don't mind a new student being here but he's not here to study the arts of life. He's here to observe us and see what we do; also he'll be with Miss Thorn at all times." Moolinda told the whole class and pointed her hoof towards me. Most of the girls here grumbled about how I have a cutie hanging around me at times. Oh, how I hate it! Luka was in the front of the class and bowed to everyone in that weird mannerly way, "My name's Luka. I'm only here to observe and be with Sabrina."

I face-palmed, 'Gosh! Luka, that sounds so wrong!' At that time all the girls were screeching how cool and awesome he was while they were grumbling on how I got a hot guy like him.

"Alright then, today class, I want all of you to study all life techniques. I have to go to a very important meeting and I want all of you to behave." And with that, my only hope walked out through the Life School entrance doors.

I felt my eye twitch as all the girls barreled towards Luka, asking him millions of questions like:

"Will you be my boyfriend?"
"Will you marry me?"

"Will you…" Okay, I'm not telling you that one since the question the girl asked were really gross. I never thought that Life wizards had such dirty thoughts.

My arm was pulled back by a girl with shoulder length white hair and surprisingly, black eyes. "How did you get such a hottie to be your boyfriend? Tell me." She hissed the last part with jealousy shown in her black eyes.

"He's not my boyfriend! He's a stalker!" I protested.

"But still! You're so lucky to have a guy like him to follow you around." She whined.

~~Emo Luka's Pov~~

I was surrounded by screaming girls that kept asking me questions and some were a bit dirty. Who knew Life wizards could be so dirty? I shuddered at the thought. I needed to get rid of these girls quick. I thought for a while before an idea struck me, no literally, a photo of Sabrina almost hit me. I do not really know who would have that.

Sabrina sat back down at her seat and looked up at the board, watching the magic chalk draw things. I really hope this works. I walked through the crowd of girls and grabbed her wrist. I wrapped my arms around her waist just like I did back at her apartment and rested my head on her left shoulder.

"This is just a little scene I am doing. So, stay where you are and wait until I tell you that you can go or until all of these girls go away. Alright?" I whispered in her ear. I felt her nod her head in response.

I dragged Sabrina back to her chair and sat down, pulling the silver-haired girl in my lap. I stuffed my face in her hair and took a deep breath, not expecting the scent of lilies hitting my smell. 'Lilies really do suit her,' I thought. Wait…did I just think that? No, it couldn't be. I'm just stating the obvious. I lifted my face up and looked at all the girls who were glaring at Sabrina who was cowering away from all those glares.

"Go away; I already have Sabrina so go find someone else." I told them, glaring at all the girls and tightened my hold on Sabrina's waist.

Eventually all the girls dispersed, all but one thought. Something is telling me that this girl is going to be especially annoying.

"I don't believe that the two of you are dating." She said in her snobby voice.

"So." I replied, not really caring at all.

"So…you two have to kiss to prove to me that both of you are a couple." A victorious smirk appeared on her face.

I sighed, "Fine." I gave a quick peck on Sabrina's cheek and looked at the girl.

"I s-said k-kiss her-r." I could easily tell that she was frustrated as she fumbled through her words.

"I did, I kissed her on the cheek." I replied, a smirk appearing on my lips.

She stomped off, clearly angry and annoyed about the outcome. Sabrina took that as a go to slide off my lap and sit in the seat next to me. She took out her study book and started to read it. I saw her cheeks have a tint of red but when I blinked, it disappeared. I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed a great (Kitty210: AWESOME!) book called, 'Fablehaven.'

It was actually a good book if you read a little further. It's about two siblings staying at their grandparents and they soon find out that their grandparents own a secret preserve of magical creatures. There are only five books in the series but, I still have four more to go so it is going to take a while to read the whole series. I felt myself become immersed in book as the sounds surrounding me quieted down.

~~Sabrina's Pov~~

When I sat in the seat next to Luka, my whole face felt like it was on fire. The scene where I have Luka as my boyfriend was too much, especially the part where Luka kissed my cheek! I bet my cheeks look like a ripened tomato, just perfect to be eaten.

I grabbed my Life Studies book and started reading the book to get the whole scene off my mind. Once in a while I would jot some notes down in my mini notebook I always stash in my pack. I looked at the words again and felt my whole face heat up again. Why does this book have to have the word passion and love?! Now it reminds me of that whole ordeal again! Curse that stupid female dog!

I sighed, 'Why did Moolinda Wu leave?' I mean, yeah sure, I bet that meeting was super important but, couldn't she have put someone in charge? Wait…actually that would be a horrible idea! I mean, what if Moolinda Wu chose that snobby, annoying, rich girl, Kristina, charge? I shuddered at the thought, I don't even want to know what would happen if she's in charge.

~~Line Break brought to you by a tomato loving Spaniard~~

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