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~~Line Break~~Sabrina's Pov~~

As I nodded my head, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and stepped through the portal. As I stepped through, it felt like I was going through water but I could breathe. My right foot landed on solid ground once I steeped through, soon being joined with my left foot. I opened my eyes and looked around my surroundings. It looked like I was in a pit that had mosaic tiled floors, ceiling, and walls. Just a few feet ahead I saw an orange life sized lizard with desert clothing. I don't really know what they're called but I do know people living in deserts wear them. Just when I thought I would have to fly up to get out of the pit, I saw steps leading towards a double door that might lead outside.

Shiara came up to me, grinning from ear to ear, and her wings fluttering with excitement. Luka walked out of the portal next and stood next to me on my right while Nix stood by my left, sending Luka a glare full of hate.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Shiara asked me, fluttering towards the door.

I took one last deep breath and nodded. I walked towards the door, afraid of what I would see. Shiara gestured us towards the door and pushed the door open with all her might. She is pretty strong so I wouldn't be surprised if she would be able to open it. The doors slowly opened, making quite a dramatic moment for me.

Once I saw the breathtaking view, I felt like I stopped breathing. Even though the climate is extremely hot and dry, it still didn't deter me from what I thought. The place was absolutely stunning with warm sand everywhere and old ancient pyramids looming in front of me a few yards away. An oasis stood just a couple of steps away with palm trees surrounding it. A dog dressed in a general outfit and desert cap on stood next to it, looking all important like. Or something like that.

Something caught my attention, seeing that there was something going on in the waters of the oasis. I tore my gaze away from some pyramids I was looking at and turned my attention to the oasis waters. What I saw made me face have a deadpanned look. A girl with long purple hair that stopped at her waist with gold robes beating the crap out of some poor wizard. Judging by the wizard's clothes, he/she is probably a myth wizard.

You know, I had a friend that had long purple hair. She likes wearing gold robes too…and beating the crap out of myth wizards. Now that I think about it, that girl looks exactly like her. Wait…Cora?! But, that can't be! Cora hates the sun and what place gets the most sun out of every world? She possibly couldn't be…but, I'd recognize her anywhere if she's beating the crap out of myth wizards.

Finally, after the beating had stopped, the girl turned around. My eyes widened even more. Yep, that's Cora alright. I'd also recognize those pretty sea blue anywhere since I always got jealous of her having pretty blue eyes like that. Cora looked at me and grinned lazily. She walked to me slowly, giving off that cool and laid-back attitude. When she was only a few feet away, she pounced on me, her legs and arms spread wide in mid-air and fell on top of me, making me fall backwards. I felt my life being sucked out of my body as Cora got be trapped in her death grip.

"Oh, Sabrina I missed you so much! And this one boy that was a myth wizard pushed me, so I decided to beat the crap out of him!" Cora wailed, all the while squealing like a little girl. She got off of me and dusted off some sand on her robes. Luka offered me a hand and I gladly took it, smiling at him in appreciation.

~~Nix's Pov~~

What is this girl's deal? First jumping on MY Sabrina and before that, senselessly beating up a poor myth wizard. I glared at this mysterious newcomer, not even noticing Luka holding MY Sabrina's hand. Well, okay, I noticed but I have something more important going on here. (Leo: *Gasp* This must be a serious matter then since Nix just ignored Luka holding Sabrina's hand!)

"Cora, what the heck are you doing here?" Sabrina said. Oh, so Sabrina knows what this thing's name is. Yes, I'm now calling that girl a thing since she isn't as awesome as me!

"But, Sabrina! I had to go here because of some stupid quest!" Cora whined. What a baby!

"Fine. But, I guess while you're here, I should introduce you guys to each other." Sabrina sighed, looking completely irritated.

Before Sabrina had a chance to introduce me, I stepped forward and forced a cute sweet smile towards the thing's direction. "I'm Nix and I'm Sabrina's BEST friend."

"What are you talking about? Being BEST friends with Sabrina? Puh-lease! All I remember is that I'm Sabrina's BEST friend. Names Cora Stormflower by the way." The thing rudely said to me. Hmph! How dare she say that to me! I'm Sabrina's best friend and everybody reading this story knows it! (Somewhere in the background you could hear the fourth wall breaking. Paige: Dang it! Third time this week! Hey, we need a new wall!)

"Anyways, let's go Sabrina." I said, grabbing MY Sabrina's hand.

"But what about Cora? And what about introducing Luka and Shiara?" Sabrina asked me, dumbly, if you asked me. Sorry, that was rude but I make rude comments when I'm annoyed okay?

"Yeah, what about me?" The thing mumbled but luckily Sabrina didn't hear the thing.

I dragged Sabrina to the Krokotopia library where there were tents set up around the library. I dragged her in and made her sit down a couple of yards away. I took a deep breath, looked around, seeing Shiara and Luka hiding behind a bookshelf. I couldn't hold it in anymore! I screamed and wailed as loud as I can, probably sounded like a banshee. I've had enough of this! Lightning bolts were summoned to my will and were thrown around with my throwing my arms around me in a tantrum-like state. I hate that thing and I hate how she's so effing mean to me. I stomped my feet around, the air around me startled to crackle, like a clap of thunder.

I decided to just release all my pent up anger. Not caring if I hit another fat man with a lightning bolt. Boy, you should've seen him run! I really needed to get this out, so if you want, you can skip to the next paragraph. (Paige: The fourth wall just broke again! Kitty210: Don't have enough money so, go duct tape it!) Here goes…I hated how Luka is acting all flirty with Sabrina even though he's not showing it! And don't you dare say he's not 'cause my gut's telling me that he is. (*Shatter*) I also hate how people mistake me as a ten year old. For spiral's sake, I'm thirteen not a little kid! Do you think I'm a kid? No, I don't so don't answer that question. (*Shatter*)

I felt like the strongest person in the world! Mwahahahahaha! That's an evil laugh by the way. Wait a minute…I felt a smirk form on my lips. I stopped my little…moment and stalked towards Luka. Like a predator does to a prey. Luka looked at me, wide-eyed, but nothing more. Hmph! What a complete stick-in-the-mud! Can't he at least show me an emotion more than, oh I don't know, boredness? (And yes, it is a word in my vocabulary!) Can't he at least show me fear? I'm sick and tired of him getting close to my Sabrina so…I decided I'd do what I've always wanted.

I pounced on him. And attacked.

Sabrina watched from afar, her face showing shock but not that much since she already expected this would happen. Probably surprise for me being able to hold it in for so long. I felt sorry for her though, I messed her hair up, making her hair stick up because of me throwing lightning everywhere. Now, back to me attacking Luka. My new prey.

I was kicking and punching him, with an addition of me screaming at the top of my lungs. I wanted to show this guy whose boss, so I did just that. With me on top of him, screaming at the top of my lungs and beating the crap out of him with a killing aura and him trying to keep me at a distance…with a stinkin' bored face. How can he not be bored or monotone at all?! I'm attacking him for spiral's sake! Ugh!

"You know Luka, you truly are weak. Getting beat by a midget alright!" I spat. Yes, I like to insult people to aggravate them while fighting. So what?

"With the way you're struggling, I bet Sabrina wouldn't even give you the time of day. Another addition! You're so hideous!" I yelled. My small, I envy people who don't have small hands, hands tugging his hair. Too bad his beautiful white-blue hair will be ripped out by me!

I felt my body get picked up. I looked up, seeing that the librarian had plucked me off Luka. I looked at him, a small cheesy smile on my face. Did I ever get to tell you that his face was red and steam was coming out of his ears? No? Well, then, I guess you know now. (*Shatter* Nico: Just broke again! Leo: Don't worry man, we've got more duct tape!)

'Uh oh,' I thought.

"Young lady, if you're going to cause a scene then I suggest you do that outside." The librarian said with that snooty librarian voice of his.

And he next thing I knew, he kicked me out of the library. Literally! I mean, he didn't exactly kick me but he did throw me outside. And the worst part? I landed on my face in the hot sad! It hurts so badly! My face felt like it was on fire and now I feel humiliated. Not to mention that the librarian had the nerve to throw me out! Because if he knew who I was, then I bet he wouldn't be treatin' me like that!

I lifted my face from the HOT sand and looked behind me to see my friends and Death Breath run up to me.

"That wasn't a good thing you did back there. You know that?" Shiara said with a motherly tone she used like a mother to her child when the kid gets into trouble.

"I know, it's just that I wasn't in a good mood." I grumbled. I got up from the sand and sat cross-legged. Like crisscross applesauce!

"At least you're alright now." Sabrina chimed.

I looked up at Sabrina and squealed. She always makes me so happy! I jumped up and squeezed Sabrina in a bear hug. I can't believe Sabrina was so worried about me! I felt like I could stay in this position forever! I sighed in content and let go of Sabrina. I walked in the direction of the bazaar and motioned the rest to follow me.

"Why are we going there?" Sabrina asked.

"To get you proper clothes and so that thin-I mean men in the black robes won't find you." I replied, quickly covering up my slip-up. Hey! That rhymed!

"Oh, okay!" Sabrina said.

'Good thing Sabrina is oblivious to almost everything!' I thought, smiling to myself as we approached the bazaar.

~~Line Break~~

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