The First Time

Their first date was a simple affair. Matt told his father he was going out to catch a movie with a girl. It wasn't his first date.

"What time are you going to be home?" Malcolm had asked as he put the last dish in the washer.

"Don't know." Matt shrugged his shoulders. "The movie ends at ten, so maybe ten thirty or eleven. I'm going to see her home."

"I can pick you up and give her a ride home?" Malcolm offered, not really liking his fifteen year old boy out later than necessary.

"Nah," Matt shook his blonde head. 'She doesn't live so far and it gives us a chance to be alone after the movie.'

Sora told her mother that she was going to the movies with her friend as she quickly walked passed her mother, shrugging into a hoodie. She let her mother assume that friend was Mimi. It wasn't a lie, as she never said who she was going with but she knew her mother would hound and frown and probably make a huge fuss and afterwards, tell her grandmother all about how Sora had first date.

"Mimi isn't picking you up?" Her mother asked, knowing that Mimi just had her licenses and was eager to drive anyone anywhere.

"Uh, no." Sora shook her head. "I think she has some errands to run and wouldn't be able to pick me up before the movie started."

"When will I expect you home?" Her mother asked as she placed the last towel in the dryer.

"Probably a bit after ten, that's when the movie ends," Sora explained.

Her mother turned around and gave her an odd expression. "You look really nice, Sora. I love that colour blouse on you and you actually did something to your hair instead of putting it in that sloppy knot."

Was Matt nervous? Yes, he was but it wasn't about the date. Dating wasn't new to him but who he was dating now. A friend. That was a rocky territory. He had known girls that turn a bit bitter after a break up, would Sora if it didn't work out? Would he be able to handle her not speaking to him again? What about their friends? Would they pick sides, be split up? Would they take her side over his if there was even a side to take? Just how much damage would this date do to their friendship if it didn't work out? If it did work out, how would his friends take it? After all, he wasn't expecting this to be their last date.

Was Sora nervous? Yes, she was very nervous. This was her first date. This was her first unofficial boyfriend. Would he try to kiss her? Would she be comfortable with Matt even doing something like that? She had known him almost her whole life, would it just be natural or would everything be awkward? Would he put his arm around her shoulder? Would he whisper in her ear? Would he hold her hand as they walked home? What if another friend was there and saw them? Would Matt act like it was they were just friends going on a date? It was his idea to keep everything hushed. Was that odd? Should that be a red flag waving in her mind?

Matt was there waiting at the ticket booth as she approached him, having already purchased the tickets.

"Sorry I'm a bit late." Sora's cheeks turned red slightly and she felt a bit nervy.

"You're not so late." Matt smiled down at her. "Did you run? Your hair is coming undone." He reached down, his fingers barely touched her cheek has he slipped a loose lock of hair behind her ear.

"I did." Sora puffed that only received a small laugh from Matt. She rolled her eyes as she jabbed him playfully in the rib but she was smiling. "Don't laugh. I thought I would be considerable late. You know how my mother is about needing to know everything."

"She's just concern for you." Matt leaned closer to her when he started to speak and he had placed a hand on the small of her back, leading her towards the entrance of the cinema. His actions were something he had done with her before. At six two, he was considerably taller than her five foot six frame so leading towards her was something he had always done when they spoke in a private conversation. Yet it brought a chill to Sora's skin and a warmth deep within. She could smell his clean fresh scent of his skin and his peppermint breath, a candy he always seem to have in his pockets. "Besides, I would have waited."

Matt had purchased the tickets for a comical show for their first date. Nothing scary, nothing too romantic but something they could relax while viewing, laugh about together and talk about later. They had gone to the movies before, with friends, as friends. For this, she knew the popcorn he bought her was only for her as he despised the messy, buttery taste of what he claims to be soggy corn puffs.

The soda however, he purchased a large with one straw for them to share. In return the chocolate peanuts were for his enjoyment though she did manage to snag a few from him. He pulled his chocolate away from her when she reached over for the third time. She puffed a bit of a pout, which he ignored with a smile so she threw a few greasy kernels at him. Matt sulked down in his seat and Sora hid her laugh behind her hand.

Further in the movie, Sora found herself leaning closer to Matt as they discussed what was happening before them on the big screen. They would laugh together, Sora placing a hand on Matt's arm as she whispered to him about one of the characters on the screen. Somehow her hand slid lower on his arm as the movie progressed and when she looked down, her slim fingers were entwined with his long musician fingers. She smiled to herself. His hand felt natural to her own. It gave her a feeling of warmth, excitement, and happiness.

The movie ended far too quickly for Matt. The lights in the theatre quickly turned on and he blinked his eyes against the bright lights. He looked over towards Sora who was looking at the crowed of people trying to push out of the theatre.

"Let's wait them out." Matt suggested, settling back into his chair. She agreed and they started out on their own discussion.

On walking home, it had rain while they were in the theatres. The streets were puddled and droplets hung magically to the leaves of the trees. Occasionally, a drop would hit the new couple but they didn't notice as they walked close together. They had their arms around each other, leaning on each other as they reviewed the film, their week and upcoming weekend plans.

Matt walked her up the steps of her porch, his hand were now in his pockets as he looked at the closed door. "So, this is where I ask you for another date."

"And this is where I say yes." Sora grinned. She reached up to hold on to the front of his shirt as she stood on her toes to give him a quick kiss on the lips. "And call me or text even if it's to say hello. I know how you hate the phone."

"Sure. Good night, Sora." Matt gave her a grin that made her knees go weak.

"Good night, Matt." Sora whispered, giving him a little finger wave before slipping through the door of her home. She leaned her back against the closed door, her arms wrapped around her and a smile wide on her face.

Later her cell belled, she quickly picked up the phone and smiled as she seen Matt's name across the screen. She opened her messages and read "I enjoyed our first date. Nite."

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