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Prologue: Heartbeat Clocktower

The clocktower is stagnant, yet running.

It's a quiet graveyard, surrounded by the ominous shadows of the dark forest. The center stage is eerily quiet despite the figures acting on it. As they move and replay their story, over and over again, dark figures watch them flutter around wordlessly.

The faithful master of the theater keeps an eye out for unwanted visitors, but he knows they will never be able to reach the tower.

The master of the graveyard sits on his throne of stone, ruling over his land of dirt and tombstones. And if a single visitor strays into his territory...the master would not be going hungry that night.

The capricious waitress of the theater indulges in selfishness, walking around pretentiously. Her sadness for the loss of her other half is evident on her face.

Darkened eyes watch the theater, waiting for the other vessels to awaken. Their stained hands are oddly peaceful for once, the mad dance in their eyes shining brightly in the night.

They are willing to wait.

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A few notes before I continue;;
- Arcobaleno. This story focuses solely on the Arcobaleno, along with guest appearances of the Vocaloids. So I'm sorry, but Tsuna and the others won't be appearing.
- OOC. For those of you who know Mothy's Seven Sins Series, obviously it brings out the darker side of many characters. Various traits will be changed to fit the storyline. If you don't like, don't read.
- Pairings. Very strange pairings ahead. Read at your own risk. Pairings have been chosen because they fit the character's role, nothing more.

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