Ethan's POV

I was at my locker when that crazy spell master came

around the hall way.

''Hey E'' , Benny said looking all happy and giddy but I didn't know why though.

''Hey Ben'' I said giving him my full attention.

''So did you ask your Babe-O-Sitter out yet?'' Benny said.

''No I didn't Benny its just...I get so nervous around her'' I said looking down.

''Don't worry dude you'll get it one day'' Benny said patting my shoulder.

Just then we saw Sarah coming down the hallway then my heart started beating fast.

''Hey Guys'' Sarah said while walking towards us.

''H-Hey Sarah w-what you d-doing'' I started stuttering.

''Why do I always stutter around her?'' I thought.

I can see Benny trying to hold back a laugh. Uh this is so embarrassing.

''Hey Sarah'' Benny said half laughing. Sarah looked at me and I stared to blush HARD.

''Awwww your so cute when your blushing'' Sarah said. This made me blush even harder.

''T-thanks, so are you coming to babysit tonight?'' I asked hopefully.

''Of course I am and maybe after I put Jane to sleep we can watch a movie...alone?'' Sarah said.

''Yea s-sure I mean if you want we can'' I said nervously.

''Alright ill see you tonight then'' Sarah said smilling I just got lost in her eyes.

''Yea Sarah he'll see you tonight'' Benny said.

''Okay well I got to go see you guys later '' she looked at me and smiled '' bye Ethan'' Sarah said.

Then she walked away and just sat there and I just watched her until she left.

''Okay dude you have got to stop doing that'' Benny laughed.

I punched him in the shoulder and said '' its not my fault shes so pretty''.

''Anyways, dude you just got a date with Sarah score!'' He held his hand up for a high five.

''Its not a date Benny, its just us watching a movie alone''I said trying to prove him wrong even though I felt it was so right I mean why else would she want to watch a movie with me ALONE?

''Whatever dude, well gotta go see ya man'' Benny said while walking away.

I cant belive what just happened the love of my life just wanted to watch a movie with me alone.

What was I going to do? Should I tell her how I fell? I mean, I loved her a lot and so much

has happened with her, and I really didn't want to mess that up. Well just gonna have to see what happens tonight. I huffed then shut my locker close than went to my next class thing about tonight.

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