Finally im in college! I think just before Willow jumps out from behind me. "Hey Buffy" She says as we walk. "Hey Will" I reply. "So hows your day been so far?" She asks me excitedly. "It's my first day of college. It should be fun and exciting but i'm just so confused" I confess to Willow as we walk towards Stevenson. "College is like that" Willow replies "Big and confusing with no chance of simple happy folk walking around all cheerful and peppy!" "Thanks for the support" I say with a sarcastic tone of voice. I just can't believe where really in college, its like..

"So Buff, Have you met your roommate?"

"No, Not yet."

"Buffy, You've been here a few hours. You should be meeting your roommate and becoming friends not walking around looking dazed and confused!"

"Yeah" I think aloud "You're right. I'm gonna go meet my roommate now!"

"Go you Buffy! OH look its Oz"

" See you in phyc?"

"Oh yeah, For sure" she says before she runs over to Oz.

I miss Angel. I mean sure he couldn't be here right now even if he did stay, but I need him with me. I see Oz and Willow and I think of how perfect their relationship is and its sad. I need him. "Room 214" I say to myself before knocking on the door quite loud. " Yeah, Just a minute." I hear in a very familiar voice. The door flys open. No. I think. I have to ask "What are you doing here?"