"What? No thats not possible you're dead or a ghost or something like that!"

"No Buffy. I'm not. I came back, a lot like you some mystic power brought me back."

"I can't handle this. Why are you back?"

"I don't know. I do wanna get an education and stuff so i'm here 'till we gradute. This'll be fun B, Just you and me: dorm buddies for a few years!"

"Oh. Fun (!). How can you afford to come to college?"

"The Mayor had it paid for last year, about a week before he died."

"Oh. Faith im sorr..."
"We. When WE died."

"Faith are you ok?"

"Five By Five"

"Look I gotta go see Willow, Xander and Giles at Giles's flat. Do you wanna come?"

"Really? You want me to come?"

"Yeah, You're different now. They should see that." I got to admit I was telling the truth here

"Oh cool. Are you ready?"

"Yeah more or less...Oh wait." I carry in a masive chest and put it in my closet. "Can't just leave the weapons chest lying around."

"Right, Wouldn't want anyone crazy to stumble apon it!"