Refer to Switch 3: Alucard is tasked with defeating a black merman.

Ending of the Master

Not having time to counterattack, Alucard dashed out of the entrance of the room, getting out of the black merman's path. It swung its axe hard enough to get it stuck into the rock floor, spraying bright sparks far and wide. The boy prisoner jumped back with the rest, screaming.

He was supposed to be able to imbue his sword with his fire magic and take care of the beast in that manner. But Alucard wanted to know for himself. While the merman still struggled to get the axe out of the floor, he thrust his sword into the beast without enchantment. It didn't even cause the merman to yelp, although the weapon was coated in blood when he pulled it out.

Blood. It smelled strong, making him think of icy waterways and a mass of mermen all ready to attack those who entered their domain unrecognized. Alucard felt his heart race. According to the books in the library, blood was power and a vampire could take the power of another by drinking their blood. Before he could think second thoughts, Alucard wiped some of the blood off the sword with his fingers and tasted it.

But that wasn't enough to even satisfy his curiosity. He went to attack the merman in the strongest way he could, directing a fire ball into the wound he had already made. But that fried the merman outright, making its blood useless.

Alucard could smell the blood of the prisoners better now. They were still there. Overtaken by the dark magic, he slaughtered them all for their blood.

Once he broke past the restraints that had been put on him through years of listening to the church priests, Alucard found the methods of his father to be good ones. There was no reason to deny power to those who had it, and there was no reason to follow the words of a God that didn't act directly in the world. Then again, there were some things that his father was getting wrong. It took a few years of learning and watching him, but Alucard could see it.

Like his issue with the Belmont clan of vampire hunters. It went back to a personal grudge against the clan's first hunter, Leon. But Dracula would set up complex plans to battle the Belmonts, giving them enough time to continue their line and train up new hunters. Alucard would rather eliminate them directly. But his father was certain that his latest plan would succeed in ending them.

"Do you have a problem with the plan?" Death asked him.

Alucard looked over at him. They were standing by a fireplace in the Library, the fire low and steady. With Death there, the monsters of the area were keeping away. Dracula wasn't in the room right then. Still, he had to consider if he should say what was on his mind.

"I don't think it's wise to wait here in the castle for the hunter to come here," he said. "They've shown that they can get through here and not only survive, but excel in it. Most humans can't, so we should go out and attack them. At least send more and better monsters out there so they're worn before they arrive."

"That is a possibility." Death put his hand to his chin. "You have shown good progress in your studies. I wasn't sure about having you here, but I respect your talent now. You ought to stop training with the Librarian and start training with me."

That was surprising. Death wasn't one to joke around, but Alucard hadn't thought he would work with anyone but Dracula. "You want to train me?"

A bony hand clasped his shoulder. "I believe it would be worthwhile."

There was a battle going on in the throne room. Dracula had insisted on it, possibly for the drama. But while that was going on, Alucard slipped into a hallway just behind it, leading to a sealed room. This was the best moment, as his father was fully preoccupied.

In front of the door, the image of Death appeared. He had been defeated and it would take some time for him to regenerate a new body. "Ah, so you have come," he said, his voice more like an echo of his words.

He nodded. "Of course. Is the tomb set up?"

"As normal, just in case." There was an angered roar in the other room, like that of a demon, not a man. "But I believe that possibility will come true, as you suspected."

And now, it was time to see just how loyal Death was… and to who he was loyal to. "May I pass?"

The red glow of his eyes flared up briefly. Then he grinned. "I am a spirit now, incorporeal to the plane you stand on. Who am I to stop you? If you think that you are worthy, then please, give it a try." His image then vanished, taking the door's seal with him.

Not letting himself get too confident, Alucard entered the room hidden back here. It had the feel of an altar to a dark god, with the stand for the sacrifice, symbols of chaos emblazoned on all walls, and dark heavy curtains keeping all light from this place. In the center of the room, there was a large black coffin. Dracula even had the arrogance to put a painted gold cross on it.

Alucard shifted the top off the coffin. There inside lay one of his father's secrets: an armored coat which his remains were to be placed into. While it looked like part of his normal attire, there was something different about the coat. It was only used when Dracula was in a state of death. On the collar piece of the coat, there were two large gems, one red and one black. The Crimson Stone and the Ebony Stone, two artifacts of alchemy that had been failed attempts at a Philosopher's Stone. One was nearly as old as Vlad, while the other was recently recreated. When a vampire owned and was recognized by both artifacts, he could be the most powerful force of darkness in the world. These two stones were one source of the power behind Dracula, the Master of Castlevania.

If Alucard was wrong, then the stones could destroy his mind, body, or both when he touched them. But if he was right, all of that power would belong to him. He reviewed what Death had told him, then reached in and took the Crimson Stone. Its power reached into his body, but no ill effects came right then. After replacing it with an identical looking but powerless red gem, Alucard did the same with the Ebony Stone. He slipped both into his cloak pockets, then closed the coffin back up and left the room. The seal returned when he reentered the hall.

Several hours later, Castlevania was quiet. It had retreated to the night, waiting for the opportunity to return to the world. Alucard went into the throne room, gathered up his father's remains, and placed them in the coffin.

Vlad's spirit appeared once he did so. "He got lucky," he said. "I don't know where he got that defensive power, but it blocked out much of my magic."

"He got it from within the castle," Alucard pointed out.

"It was still luck," he insisted. "The castle is under my control. Next time, though, I'll eliminate the Belmont vampire hunters!"

"About that," he said, glancing around. Death's spirit appeared then, looking interested. "I don't believe that you're capable of doing so." When his father gave him a look of shock, Alucard stood up straight and said, "Father, I challenge you for control over Castlevania."

"Do you?" he said darkly. Betrayal was something he took very seriously.

Alucard brought out the two stones from his cloak. "I do."

As the master of Castlevania, Alucard had ruled over the surrounding lands for a century now. He kept Castlevania in a highly inaccessible place, using its powers of chaos to suspend it off of a treacherous mountain, with only one path up to it that mortals could take. That path took the form of a long and winding walkway with several checkpoints. Very few people had managed to make their way up to the front gates. Of those that did, his security was told to capture anyone who was unauthorized and hold them securely until judgment could be passed.

He stood in the highest tower, furthest from the mountain, to overlook the lands he ruled. The cold thin air did not bother him, only filling out his cape occasionally. From here, he could use magic to spy on those mortals around him. There was war at the northern and southern borders; there was always someone attacking his 'unholy' kingdom on orders from the church. Alucard let them grind themselves down against unliving soldiers, then went in and conquered those places himself. Through this, he had gained considerable territory.

Death hovered near him. "The Vampire Killer has recognized a new hero, Nathan. He's on his way here with Morris and Hugh Baldwin."

"So it is still active," Alucard said. He had successfully wiped out the Belmonts before he had begun his conquering spree. It had been important to build up his powers and forces. And yet, the clan's signature weapon remained, passing from hand to hand. Its spirit sought hero after hero until one could attain the goal of fully destroying Dracula, the Master of Castlevania. Even though the current Dracula wasn't the one the Belmont clan had been fighting, that was still its purpose.

"What will you do?"

He rubbed his chin. "At least it's not in the master hunter's hands. Send some monsters after them to take the whip and kill its user, or at the very least, permanently injure him. And I'll make certain that the mountain and gate guards know that the three of them are not to go unopposed. What can you tell me of this Nathan?"

Death told him and they began to plan how to respond.