Once upon a time a year after the tail of The Prince and The Raven had ended. There was a small yellow duck that lived on a lake outside of the small village called Gold Crown, leaning back in a chair was a young man staring at his pen completely lost in thought. "Quack" the noise startled the young man making him almost fall out of his chair.

"Ahiru stop that, can't you see I'm working!" he shouted at the duck from across the lake the waterfowl hearing his voice turned and swam over to him.

"Quack!" the yellow bird said happily hopping out of the water looking at him with its deep blue eyes.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know how to speak duck" he said teasingly patting the little duck on the head. The bird looked up at him once again, opening it bill and pointing at it with its wing "You just ate, if you're that hungry, you can go eat a reed's in the water." But the duck refused to leave him alone and then, just, and they are staring up at him with it, blue eyes "Fine here, take your stupid piece of bread!" he yelled, tossing a piece of freshly made bread at the little duck, the yellow bird stared at him happily and began pecking at the bread "You know, if you keep eating like that I might have to eat you." He said to the little duck who was now staring up that him worryingly, it Mouth full of bread. "Just kidding, seriously Ahiru you'll get sick if you keep eating human food like that all the time you're a duck, remember." The duck then swallowed and walked over is the paper that was on his lap. "Ahiru I'm not writing anything important right now." But then the little waterfowl grabbed with it bill the first piece of paper that was on the stack and tried to pull it off "No I said it isn't important leave it alone!" then he began to pull at the piece of paper, the duck and young man tugged at each end of the paper Intel It ripped in half.

The little duck angrily looked at him then spat paper out of it mouth and waddle back to the lake. "Why didn't I let her look at the paper," he thought to himself "why was I so protective over a blank piece of paper?"

"Maybe because you thought that the little duck would be disappointed because you weren't writing a story about her." a voice from an old man chuckled.

"Drosselmeyer the stories is over, now leave you despicable ghost!" the young writer yelled facing an image of the red caped, Drosselmeyer.

"Now, now Fakir I thought family members supposed to be loving and nice to each other." Drosselmeyer proclaimed.

"Well, personally, I don't know you, therefore, you're no family of mine" Fakir says, looking back at the lake where the little duck looked frozen along with the rest of the area.

"Fakir cheer up now, don't you know what day it is?" Drosselmeyer questioned him

"It's Thursday, you crazy old man. Why makes me answer such a stupid question?" replied Fakir

Drosselmeyer gave a short laugh before answering him "It seems that you're the only one stupid here, especially not to remember the day when the Raven escaped the pages of my story."

"Enough beating around the bush, Drosselmeyer why did really come here?" Fakir said

"Well, if you must be so up front about it. I have come seeking your help a terrible problem has come up that I just cannot face alone." Drosselmeyer said giving a false look of worry on his face.

"The only problem here is you and if you think you're going to make me write one of your tragedies think again." Fakir declared glaring angrily at the dead author

"Now, don't be so hasty to judge, it's a serious problem I have the story at The Prince and The Raven may had ended, but it seems that hasn't completely stopped." Drosselmeyer boasted out loud, capturing the young man's attention

"What do you mean, is there a difference from ending and stopping?" Fakir said puzzled

"Originally, I thought there was no difference, either, but it seems that the characters left without an ending. No matter how big or small, then impact that character left on the story but It has had a major factor in the reading in entertainment value of it, but in our special case. It has that effect on even the slightest details in reality." said the dead Drosselmeyer

"Even the slightest detail" the young writer thought to himself looking back at the still figure of the duck on the frozen lake "yeah, right old man you write stories for a living. Prove to me what you're saying is not lie and give me an example on one of these slight details" Fakir shouted at him

"well, my boy, if you're so interested, on knowing I'll explain what I saw and heard, and give you a hint on these details and remember boy you are trying to be a writer yourself. You decide what the truth is and what a lie." Drosselmeyer said beginning his tale "sometime after the story had ended, I heard strange noises from the gears that once kept the story perfect motion, at first I pay no mind the sound thinking that it was little Uzura trying to play tricks on me. But later did I realize that the sound was coming from a tiny gear that represented a character whose point in the story was seemingly meaningless. Out of my curiosity, I left the little gear to see what it was capable of; I soon realized that was the greatest mistake that I could make in my post lifetime, despite its size, it turned with such speed that the larger gear can't keep up with it. So that is why I've come searching for your help. So Fakir, will you help me?"

"That's a pretty interesting tale that the user may explain how it affects reality, or why I should even help you." Fakir said smiling thinking he's seen through all the dead authors' lies

"Well, let me think if you do help me if the little duck of yours may or may not turn back into a girl" the old man replied

"What!" the young writer said in shock "You sir are pulling my leg Ahiru is a duck and will always be a duck. She was only a girl when she was in the story!"

"Now come on, open your eyes and stop living your own tragedy. Think about it, how many ducks do you know that have blue eyes, and don't you think if she was a duck that when she got older feathers would have changed colors and she would fly south for the winter." the red caped Drosselmeyer proclaimed

The young writer began to think about the information that was given to him "fine then I will help you. So, what's your plan to give this seemingly meaningless character a proper ending? "said Fakir

"I thought you would never ask, because this story of The Prince and The Raven has ended. I'm in no mood for writing sequels, but because this character had connections to that story. I'm willing to do a spinoff and you will help me write it by simple game of writer's chess." said Drosselmeyer

"A simple game of writer chess what it is that?" the young writer asked

"It's a really easy game it's starts by me writing a part of the story, and then you write a part of this story and this pattern continues until the story reaches its end." Drosselmeyer declared

"It seems simple enough." the young writer of replied

"Oh yes, it's very simple, but to ensure the safety of yourself and others. There are a few rules, you'll have to obey, the first rule is no writing yourself into the story, I don't want you to go messing around with the plot, second rule, you must give any and all characters, the ending They deserve. So no picking favorites! Last but not least, you are not allowed to Tell Ahiru for any of the other characters, that you're helping me write this story, you understand, because if you the deify any of these Rules, I will take control of the story." the dead author stated

"Wait, why can't I talk to Ahiru? she's not a character in the story." Fakir said

"well, but she is she'll be playing the part of Princess Tutu returning from a speck of light to help all the characters in the story find their true shelf's!" declare the old man happily

"Drosselmeyer I accept your, challenge. Just one more question, how do you plan to write if you're dead?" said the young writer

"Don't worry about that right now, my boy, what you should do now head back to gold crown little Uzura will be waiting for you there with the first part of our story." After hearing those words, the young writer headed back to a small village to begin working on a story that will change his life.

(A.N: Disclaimer I do not own Princess Tutu or any of the characters but I do have a few in the story. plus, this is my first-ever fan fiction so I'll review either of its positive or negative, will greatly help move along this fan fiction and others in the future Thank you for reading)