Chapter 1

Ahiru sat on the dark mist filled lake staring out at the gray color world around her, "I'm a duck" she thought to herself very lonely "that's my true self, after all, even though I have no true memories of ever being a real girl or a real bird before the story ever started, I feel comfortable This way. As a perfectly normal duck, that means this is my true self, right? " then, bobbed her head in dark blue water, bobbing it out again she closed her eyes and thought back to time she was a girl, back to the time when she could dance, to time when Rue and her were friends. But as if a massive wave had come crashing down upon her the memories of Princess Tutu. Felled her mind the heart shards, the people she helped find their true self's, even the final battle against the monstrous Raven burdened in her skull as if she was living every day again. "Please!" She quack out loud "I-if I could just spend one more day is a real human girl then I would know for sure that I'm a duck!" then the little duck sobbed as her tears poured into the lake. A dark, mysterious voice of a man different from Drosselmeyers replied to her.

"Why only one day?" the voice asked some were in a nearby tree

"What do you mean?" the little duck, quack to the voice

"You said it would only one day for you to decide for sure if you are a girl or a duck. But are you sure that all take only one? What would you plan to do with that one day?" the voice asked again drifting tree to tree

"Well, I think I spend most of day with my friends. Then do things that I can't do as a duck like draw and sing or even dance." she replied to the voice

"Dance, that sounds lovely, Come on; tell me, who would you dance with?" the voice asked her joyfully

"I-I don't know, there are so many people that are important to me. How can I pick just one?" she asked the voice, but deep down in the pit of her stomach, she knew that she should stop talking to it.

"Don't be shy, Tell me you if you were human that means there was someone that is very special to you, come on tell me his name?" the voice asked eagerly waiting for her to reply

Ahiru became scared of the constant questions and shouted "I don't know okay! It's just a feeling that makes me want to be human again, not a person!" Then tears welled up in the little ducks eyes "S-so p- please stop asking me, I don't care who dance with!" after that there was silence not even the sound of the water could be heard.

"Well then, it wouldn't if you danced with me then?" asked a figure stepping out from behind a tree close to the water's edge

"Fakir!" she quack happily swimming towards water's edge, but there was something inside her that told her to stay away. But she ignored the feeling of all her might swimming towards him, and by the time she finally reached the where you have become a human girl. "Fakir, you came to see me." She said, running into his arm.

"Ahiru you love me, don't you?" she tried to answer him, but the word got caught in her throat and refused to leave her lips "you do love me, don't you?" she tried to answer him, but failed "why should I try, you can't answer me your just a duck." Then he pushed her away and began to walk into the darkness filled forest.

"Fakir, please don't leave me!" she cried out, trying to chase him, but then she tripped falling down upon her hands and knees "no don't go! Fakir I-I" then silence fell upon the world upon, lake upon the forest and upon her voice.

As a warm light filled Ahiru's room she awoke from the nightmare that just recently occurred "What?" she said to herself quietly looking around the room "What happened ,is this another dream?" then she looked at her hand and began to feel sheets on her bed then began to climb down the ladder on to the cold, wooden floor "Or was me being a duck only a dream?" as she slowly got dressed, she realized that she was wearing another egg shaped pendant similar to before, except the one she had on now chain was golden. But before she could examine the pendent anymore the sound of a nearby bell went off "Not again, I'm late for school!" then quickly grabbed her books and ran out the door and she ran down the hall two girls, look out their bedroom door.

"Hey Lilie did Ahiru forget what time school starts again?" asked the pink haired girl

"Oh, she's been away from us so long, she'll be more of a scatterbrained than usual today" the blonde haired one replied

As Ahiru arrived at her classroom, dressed and ready for ballet class, only to realize that no one was there "You're kidding me right, this just did not happen again" she thought to herself, looking at the floor then the Nutcracker March started to play from the piano in the corner of the room "I swear to God If look up and see Mytho! I'm just going to walk away; I can't deal with going for the story in the Prince and the Raven again." She raised her head had to reveal a boy around her age, with dark brown hair and a dark green eyes "Wow, he surely isn't Mytho, but he's handsome, like him I wonder if a prince that lost his heart to." She thought to herself watching him dance

"Did your parents ever teach you that it's impolite to stare?" the boy asked stopping his dancing, glaring at her

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to." Ahiru looking at him, smiling

"No you meant to or else you wouldn't have." He said, brushing the brown hair from his face

"No, I came in here thinking I that I was late for class then I saw you, and you're such a great dancer!" she said, trying to prove her point

"Humph! Well, you can see class hasn't started yet and don't complement me like that I was just practicing the basics, when I dance and give it my all, then you'll have the right to compliment me." He declared walking away from her

"Hey! You are not very nice, Mr. … Mr. what's your name?" She said, catching the young man's attention

"My name is James and you are?" he asks without running around to face her

"Ahiru" She replied

"Well I guess I'll see you around, not saying I'll be happy when I do." James said, leaving the classroom

After that conversation, the rest of the morning went on as usual Intel class began. "Attention students" Mr. Cat said, clapping his paws together "I would like to introduce you to Mss. Ahiru she's returning back to our class after a year, visit to her parents, now please , go take a seat next to Pike and Lilie" so she did and, Mr. Cat a lecture "Class I know, how eager you all are to learn ballet, but most of all to learn the pas de deux, but my original methods of teaching it seemed unsuccessful so before we begin learning the steps, so I'm giving the special and regular classes an improvisation dace project today I will is this a groups of three's to dace as a team." Then he grabbed a list and started to call names "the first group will be Mss. Ahiru and James along with special classmen Mr. Corvin" Mr. Cat looked up from his list and scanned the room "Ohm!" Mr. Cat gives a short a growl "has anyone seen Mr. Corvin today" just then a dashing young man with blonde hair and silver, blue eyes, barged into the room "It seems that I am late again, I'm making a dreadful bad habit out of this." the boy said , panting heavily

"Ah , there you are Corvin, yes, it seems you are, but I do know every time you come in here tarty you always make it up in your dancing" Mr. Cat Said

"So you're saying I'm not in trouble?" Corvin asked

"Will see" said Mr. Cat "will see" After Mr. Cat read the rest of the names on the list, then the students were allowed to form there group's

"Poor Pike and Lilie, there stuck with Femio in their group" Ahiru thought to herself looking back at her friends

"Somehow I knew I would be stuck with you two, the annoying fan girl and the man who invented 1000 ways to walk in the classroom late!" James said, walking up to her and Corvin

"Hey now listen here!" Ahiru shouted at James But before she could continue Corvin stepped into the conversation

"You don't have to be so mean, James please, let's just do this silly assignment in not cause a fight Okay." he said kindly

"Oh isn't this just touching" James said sarcastically, brushing the hair out of his face

"What's touching?" Corvin asked confused

"Nothing, I shouldn't even bother talking to you, I should ask Mr. Cat put me in a different group, but I won't get another chance, like this again if you know what I mean." James said his green eyes glaring at Corvin

"I don't get it can you guys please explain to me what you're talking about?" Ahiru asked

"Doesn't worry about it he just wants to settle a little score all you have to is just…"Corvin tried to say, but was interrupted by James

"Just when it's our turn to dance, whatever you do don't get between us" he said walking away and then a few seconds later, Corvin, did the same walking in the opposite direction

"I'm worried about them two for some reason, during that conversation, there was a weird energy between them to like James really wants to hurt Corvin." Ahiru thought nervously going back to her spot on the so then it was time for all the groups had turn to perform then, it was Ahiru turn to go on.

"Mr. James, I heard some arguing between you're the people in group, do you have the problem resolved?" Mr. Cat asked but James looked away, trying to ignore him

"Yes, that was just a little misunderstanding, its okay now" Corvin answered

As the music began to start Ahiru, remembering the words James had said and to avoid getting in between them she began to pirouette in place "it's strange the way their dancing reminds me of the time Tutu and Kraehe fought over and Mythos her heart shard of love" she thought to herself as the dance continued Ahiru spotted a pair of lavender gray eyes from the far corner of the room staring at her then all of a sudden, she lost balance and began to fall before she had hit the floor James grabbed her wrist forcefully causing her to stand up right for a few seconds, then tripped into Corvins arms. Then suddenly the music stopped and the whole class broke out in claps and cheers.

"Are you okay" Corvin asked her

"I think I'm dizzy" Ahiru replied

"Umm Mr. Cat you forgot about me aging" a quiet and gently voice spoke out and brought a wave of silence on class room as a young girl with long dark hair braided on either side of her head and put into double loop

"Mss. Yara it seems I forgot to give your partner" Mr. Cat said twitching his tail angrily at his mistake

"It's okay" she told him looking up with her lavender gray eyes "I usually end up dancing by myself, anyway" as she walked up to the front of the classroom "but if you don't mind, Mr. Cat I've a CD and my stereo…"

"Please say no more Yara, you're like a, daughter to me just do what you must." said Mr. Cat

Then she put in the disc into the stereo and the sound of piano, drums and guitars started to play "wow, she's a really good dancer, she almost reminds me of Rue ,but she dances with no emotion in her eyes look so sad" Ahiru , thought to herself as Yara stopped dancing. Later, after class Ahiru saw Yara.

"Hey! Yara!" Ahiru shouted Yara looked at her for a quick second, and then ran away. "Why did she run away?" Ahiru questioning herself

"Yara is very hard to get to talk to Sometimes; I would let her come to you first." Corvin said walking up behind her

"Oh hi Corvin, thank you for catching me back in class" she said

"You're welcome, hey Ahiru what do you think of James?" Corvin asked

"He is a big meanie he tried to pull my arm off in class today!" said Ahiru

"Well, yeah, I guess you're right, well I better go right now see you later" he said walking away

"Bye" she's watching him walk away then out of nowhere Ahiru was tackled by Pike and Lilie. "Ouch! What was that for guys?" Ahiru said flat on her back

"We saw that you're totally into the totally kindhearted Corvin" Pike said

"No, I'm not" Ahiru said

"I knew it, so you're into James then" Lilie said

"No, I'm not into him, either" Ahiru said again standing up brushing the dirt off her skirt "actually; I think I might be a real Fakir girl now"

"You're kidding, right?" her friend said in unison

"What do you mean?" she asked

"Oh, nothing, It's just that, he not taking ballet anymore" they said

"Why are you not taking ballet anymore" she said sadly

"Honestly, we don't know, but I think he transferred into the new creative writing division" Pike said then they all walked back to the room

Later that night Ahiru was lost in her thoughts Intel the egg shape pendant began to glow "what a heart shared" she thought to herself running outside the pendant began to glow brighter, and she turned into Princess Tutu. Looking around She founded it floating the fountain outside the student dorms "how odd it's just , floating their" Tutu thought reaching out and grabbing it "its okay, now you can return to where you belong" she said to the heart shared releasing it back into the air as she watched it fly away was caught by an unknown figure "now, who might you be?" Tutu question the figure

"The Lady Butterfly" the figure said stepping out of the shadows to reveal a beautiful woman Whit blonde hair and rainbow colored eyes , wearing a light purple dress with pink and green swirls that went down to her knees tied by a bright red sash.

"Well, Butterfly that heart shared is not for you to take" Tutu explained

"Nor is it yours to return Tutu!" the lady butterfly said angrily, and in a gust of wind she vanished

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