Chapter 2

Ahiru awoke the next morning very confused "I turn into Princess Tutu" she thought to herself staring up at the ceiling "that means there's another story, but it somehow feels like I'm not needed" then she sat upright, staring at her new pendant "the Lady Butterfly, she said the heart shards were not mine to return but why would Tutu, be there, if not to?" then there was a knock at the her door "who is it?" she called down grumpily

"It's Lilie you better get ready or you're going to be late for school!" an extremely happy voice said from behind the door

"What? Oh no, please don't leave me guys!" she said, falling out of her bed rushing to get out the door so she wouldn't be late "Maybe Corvin is the one that lost his heart." She thought to herself, running down the street "After all, he sort of reminds me of Mytho or it could be Yara when she danced in front of the class she looked so sad and lonely." then all of a sudden, she felt a hard yank from the back of her head causing her to fall down in pain. "Ouch!" she shouted, rubbing the back of her head

"Did you really just say ouch?" James laughed Walking up behind her

"Why'd you pull my hair like that?" she said, face full of tears

"Because it was there, seriously, you run around that freakishly long orange braid. I'm surprised you don't get your hair pulled more often." he said smiling

"That's not funny" she said, standing up and facing him "if you keep being mean like this nobody is going to like you." Then she quickly turned around and began to angrily marched away

"Hey, I'm not done with you!" he said expression turning serious grabbing Ahirus shoulder "I can tell by the way you act around me, You're just a bit smarter than the rest of the girls at this school. Just by a little, so here's some advice, stay away from Corvin."

"Why do you want me to stay away from him?" she said quickly turning around

"Why does it matter? Just do it!" He said quietly

"I don't trust you, so if you want me to stay away from him, give me a good reason why?" Ahiru said seriously

"Because he" James tried to respond "b-because h-he!" out of frustration collapsed onto his knees breathing heavily

"James are you all right?" Ahiru she said trying to help him but before she could move this school bell rang out.

"Great, now you made me late for class." James grumbled under his breath "just leave Corvin alone and don't ask me stupid question, they hurt my head." He said standing up and walking away as if nothing happened

"What happened to James, he look like he was in pain, and now he went back to being a jerk?" Ahiru thought to her herself beginning to walk to class.

Meanwhile Fakir was still in his room staring at a blank piece of paper, trying to figure out how to continue the story that Drosselmeyer had started "Are you done now zura?" a little doll-like girl with green hair asked

"No Uzura I'm not done with it, I haven't even started." Fakir answered still looking at the piece of paper

"Why are you not going to class zura?" the little girl asked

"I don't go to class with the other students, because the writing class starts later in the day" he answered again

"Did you change classes so you could avoid Ahiru zura?" Uzura questioned

"I'm not going to get any work done like this!" Fakir thought to himself angrily "No! I didn't change classes to avoid Ahiru!" he shouted, taking the girl by the arm and leading her outside "just play out here until I have to go to class ok." Then quickly close the door behind her.

"Then why don't you talk to her anymore? Aren't you and Ahiru lovey-dovey zura?" Uzura said, looking blankly at the door then after a few minutes of quietly playing her drum she heard something that sounded like music out of curiosity, she left the courtyard and begin to wonder the streets in search for search for the sound. After a while, she stumbled upon a brightly colored cart decorated with fabrics and other objects that seemed lazily strung along the side of "pretty zura" said the little doll-like girl staring at a pair of polished metal drum sticks. Uzura looked down that her old wooden drumsticks then look back about the shiny ones "I really want those zura" she sighed

"Well, if you want so badly, why don't you just buy them?" asked a voice behind her; causing the little girl to be startled she turned around to reveal the voice that asked her that question was a teenager, no older than Fakir. With blonde hair that had been dyed a dark blue at the tips and a guitar slung behind his back.

"You're a puppet zura" the green haired girl in gasped

"I'm sorry, little girl, but I'm not a puppet." young man said to Uzura smiling

"No, I know when I see a puppet and your puppet zura!" she shouted beating her drum loudly

"Please be quiet, even if I was a puppet, you would have no way to prove it." He said, trying to calm her

"Fakir would believe me" she mumbled to herself quietly "ah" she gasped "you need to go see Fakir, zura"

"Fakir?" the young man said giving a slight smirk "sure, I'll go see him just let me get my stuff" then he walked over to the brightly colored cart. Then he grabbed a rope that was tied to the cart and began to pull in behind him, after a few minutes of Uzura, trying to find her way back they finally stand in the courtyard outside the boy's dormitory.

"Fakir is in there zura" Uzura said "I'll go and check that he's still, there" then she went inside, leaving the young man alone. While in his room Fakir works hard on the story "Fakir!" the little doll-like girls said barging in.

"Uzura!" Fakir said angrily turning around, facing her "I thought I told you to play outside."

"But Fakir I found a puppet that doesn't believe he's a puppet zura" the little girl said, Just then the young man from outside walked in

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to intrude, your Fakir right?" the young man said

"That's me" Fakir said "but who are you and how the world did you know this was my room?"

"Oh so sorry my name is Allard, and I knew this was your room because I can see you from outside. You should really close your blinds more." he said

"And he's a puppet zura" Uzura exclaimed

"Can you please tell yours little sister that I am not a puppet?!" Allard declared

"One she's not my sister and two I know nothing about you, so why should I care." Fakir his mind still distracted on the story he was supposed to be writing

"I see how it is" Allard whispered to himself "Yes, why should you care about a poor boy whose mother died a slow and painful death and had to sell his beloved family business and now a wonders from town to town with only the remains of the past?" he said, turning towards the door

"Wait, I'm sorry" Fakir said remembering the death of his own parents "I didn't mean it, my mind was somewhere else can you forgive me"

Allard gave a short sigh and turned around "well, my mother said that forgiving an acquaintance is one of the many steps of making a friend. So, I'll forgive you" he said giving a short chuckle

"Well um, your mother has an interesting view on things" Fakir said "not to be rude or anything but what was her name?"

"It doesn't bother me at all" Allard replied "her name was Edel"

"Edel!" Fakirs thought to themselves "B-but she died to save Ahiru, Mytho and me how does this make any sense at all"

"Well, I better be going" Allard said "see you a round" then he turned towards the door, Once again and left

Uzura looked up at Fakir whose mind was still in shock said "now do you believe that he's a puppet?"

Later that day after class Ahiru walked up alone back to her room "there's a lot I don't understand? Like what's Tutus role in the story? And what happened to Fakir ,when I was a duck he would visit me almost every day but now that I'm suddenly human It's like he doesn't exist at all."

"Ahiru are you okay?" a voice asked her

"Who said that?!" she said, startled

"It's me Corvin." He answered

Turning around Ahiru saw him and she replied "oh sorry, I didn't see you there."

"No, it's really my fault I tend to accidentally sneak up on people." he said "one time I scared Mr. Cat that a jump so high that he was stuck on the ceiling for the rest of the class, we had to get the fire department to come to get him down."

"Oh, gosh, I feel so bad for him" Ahiru said, trying to hold back her laughter

"Um, Ahiru" Corvin with a look of worry on his face "you wouldn't be angry at me if I think that you shouldn't be in the average class?"

"What I don't understand?" she said, and confusion

Then Corvin began to look at the ground out of embarrassment "I just think you're a good dancer that's all." he mumbled doubtfully

"No, no, no, no I am not a good dancer at all!" she that extremely flustered

"But I really think you are I thinking that the special class would be really great for you. I feel that you have such a wonderful hidden talent that's just being wasted with the, other student." He replied, trying to happily proved his point

"I know that he is being nice about it, but He's trying to force me to do something just like James was earlier today." she thought to herself "why do you think the special class would be all that great for me?" she replied

"Because believe that's where you belong and he will be able to hurt you" he said, with a worried look returning

"He who's he?" Ahiru asked becoming worried herself.

"The He, I'm referring to is James" Corvin said, taking a couple of steps back as if he was shoved

"Hey!" James shouted furiously walking towards them

"What do you want James?" Corvin said happily turning around blocking his path

"Get out of my way; I need to talk to Ahiru!" James said, his voice full of anger

"No I will not let him touch her" Corvin said calmly, maintaining his place

"I said get out of my way, you awful wrenching horrible excuse for a dancer!" James said, trying to walk around him, only to be stepped in front of again "you evil, evil excuse for human you're trying to get yourself hurt?!"

"Please James do not take your anger out on her it's me, you have the problem with" Corvin said trying to reason with him "so please, let's settle this childish problem like grown mature men"

"I hate you" James whispered, exhausted from his own anger "this problem will never be settled by words" then he calmly turned around and walked away

"I'm sorry but I must go now Friend" Corvin said to Ahiru then ran away in the opposite way of James

"Corvin must be the prince of the story. The way he is was willing to protect me from James, reminds me too much of Mytho" Ahiru thought to herself watching him

"Um, I'm sorry" a quiet little voice said that she felt a tap on her shoulder Ahiru turn around once again to see no one other than Yara in her armed was large metal box this is old and very beaten up

"Sorry for what?" she replied

"When you try to talk to me yesterday I ran away. That was very bad me, would you kindly accept my apology" Yara said squeezing on the metal box as if it was a plush toy

"Sure, After all when you ran away, I thought that I might have scared you or something" Ahiru told her, eyes Fixed On the metal box.

"Do you like my stereo?" Yara asked her

"It's very interesting" Ahiru answer

"Would you like to listen to some music on it?" Yara asked happily

"Um, sure" she replied, as Yara put the large box on the ground and it began to play a light and intragenic tune of flutes, clarinets and guitars.

"Ahiru please dance with me!" Yara said excitedly

"What! No I can't I'm such a klutz and people are watching." Ahiru said nervously

"It's okay; I'm kind a clumsy when it comes to dancing to add people don't bother me all that much." Yara said

"well, fine, but just for one dance" Ahiru replied very nervously, and they began to dance, first by mirroring each other's moves "how can Yara lie to yourself like that, She's a great dancer" Ahiru thought "well, at least she reminds me of Rue , if Rue was shy and quiet" after that thought, She continued to dance freely in Intel The music came to a slow end that was presented by roar of clap's " ah what happened?!" Ahiru asked Yara hearing out at the massive crowd of teachers and students that had gathered during their dance.

"Bravo, bravo!" Mr. Cat said Walking through the crowd, still clapping his paws

"Oh, hellos are you having a nice day?" Yara said politely

"Well, yes today has been simply purrfect" Mr. Cat Said "but I must say what really makes today, complete was you two girls exquisite dance"

"You mean Yaras dance right?" Ahiru asked, confused at that complement

"No, even you dance quite well, Ms. Ahiru, Mr. Corvin was not joking when he came to me talking about your hidden talents" Mr. Cat answered "never mind that I came to tell you that I was so moved by your dancing just now I've decided to put you on a special list for a little surprise"

"Oh a surprise like cake or a party?" Yara said happily clapping her hands together

"Now if I told you it wouldn't be much of the surprise, but don't worry, I'll tell the whole class with the surprises tomorrow morning" Mr. Cat said walking away and after that interesting piece of news Yara and Ahiru said their goodbyes and went to their rooms.

Later that night, Ahiru sat by the window looking out at the dark courtyard "the more time I spend today as a girl, the more I expect the story to end" she thought to herself "Corvin!" she shouted Watching him leave the courtyard "I wonder what he is doing?" she questioned, leaving her room wearing her school uniform. For several minutes, she wandered the dark streets of Gold Crown and upon when she thought of giving up the egg-shaped pendant began to glow and without more than second notice she had transformed into Princess Tutu.

"Princess Tutu?" a voice said as if it was drifting on the wind

"Yes" the graceful ballerina replied

"I am honored to be in the present of the sacred dancer who dances to guide people's hearts out of their despair" the voice said with a happy tone

"Why thank you, it seems that you know quite bit about me, but I know nothing about you?" Tutu said trying to find the source of the voice

"My apologies, Princess, I am no other than the princely figure of the story" the voice replied

"Oh, I see" Tutu said giving a short curtsy "how may help you Sir?"

"Well, if you insist on helping me there's something you must know" the voice said eagerly "not too long ago, me and my sworn enemy were plunged into fierce combat after he threatened to take my life I managed to get a way by stabbing him in the chest causing pieces heart to be scattered amongst the wind…."

"Liar!" a figure interrupted jumping in front of Tutu wearing a cloak of red and white that had been faded and torn by battle, gripping a blade colored of a brilliant deep turquoise and polished gold. The voice that had hidden in the darkness surrounding Tutu and the cloaked figure gave off a sound human scream of frustration mixed with the terrifying shriek given by predatory birds.

"You anger me so, day and night you interfere my plans always standing in my way when I'm so close to getting what I want only knowing that this voice is the voice of your enemy!" It shouted

"Indeed you are my enemy, but due to the condition of my heart. My feeling of anger all memories that goes with it still remain" the cloaked figure said calmly , grabbing his sword tighter " that is why I must defeat you and put an end to the pain and suffering your kind causes people ."

"Yes I am aware that memories are tied to emotions but what good does those memories of anger for you?" The voice asked as the cloaked figure sway side to side uneasy "come on answer what good is to hang on to anger? In the end, it hurts more people than it helps."

"I remember this voice now" Tutu whispered to herself "it's the voice in my dream, who kept asking me questions"

"Tutu, you must leave now" the figure urgently told her

"Why does she have to leave?" the voice chuckled "oh, wait, are you protected her? What happened to you, protecting Butterfly or can you even tell the difference Right now?"

"Tutu, leave now!" the cloaked figure shouted then out of fear and confusion, she ran away as she made her escape Tutu heard of two pieces of metal loudly clash against one another then a painful silence

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