Chapter 5

Ahiru stood outside the dress shop a small building nestled between two larger shops its one window was crammed full with charms and brightly colored accessories, but, some thing about this little shop with its white walls and cheery pastel sign gave Ahiru a strange feeling as if she's been there before. She looked in the window once again to see Pike and Lillie happily picking expense looking dresses while Yara stared at them nervously hugging her stereo tightly as if it was a plush teddy bear. Yara then turned her head and looked right Ahiru "how did she?" Ahiru asked walking into the little shop.

"Hey Ahiru what do you think of this one?" Pike said holding up a sparkly purple dress

"Oh pretty!" Ahiru answered as she look at the purple grown "but how are you going to pay for it?" she said griping the price tag "these dresses are too much money even for all three of us."

"Silly Ahiru Yara is going to pay for it all." Lillie said eyeing a pair of bubble gum colored shoes.

"What!?" Ahiru swiveled around to see Yara in the corner holding the large metal box as if to shield herself from Ahiru.

"Yes?" Yara squeaked as Ahiru walked closer to her.

"Are you ok Yara?" Ahiru asked

"Am I ok?" Yara asked curiously her reply startled Ahiru

"um yes Yara yes you are ok" Ahiru said looking in to Yara's empty eyes " why don't you help look for a dress" Yara then slowly moved out of the corner and in began to look in though clothing rack

"So Ahiru what part in the ballet do you think?" Pike asked looking at glittery hair pins

"I'm not sure I wish Mr. Cat told us what ballet we would be doing." Ahiru answered

"Oh, Ahiru we already know that you want the lead but there is no chance you're going to get it" Lillie said cheerfully

"No it's completely fine if I don't get the lead!" Ahiru said extremely confuse

"No need to hide your pain is not like any of us are going to get the part either" Pike said directing her eyes towards her "Mr. Cat probably going to give the lead to one of the girls in the special class that's just how it's always been a big predictions for him."

"Extra spot" Yara whispered but was surprisingly audible throughout the store

"What Yara?" Pike asked

"This special classes restricted five girls' members there only four girls so there is an extra spot." Yara said not understanding the gravity of the information that she gave the girls "if you want to be a lead in the ballet all you have to do is asked Mr. cat for the spot right?" then pulled out an elegant light blue dress with fine green colored design "for you Ahiru."

"Pretty, but, are you sure?" Ahiru asked "paying for all these dresses, didn't want get something for yourself?"

"Yes." Yara said looking down at the ground "it's right here." She walked over the clothing rack and pulled out a sleeveless bright orange dress with white lace. As she showed the girl's the dress she gave a pained look on her face.

"What's wrong?" Lille asked looking at Yara

"You guys don't like it." Yara answered looking at the orange and white gown disappointed.

"It not a bad, we're going to stop you from buying it." Pike said turning her to look at Yara.

"It kind of goes with your eyes." Said trying very hard to be cheerful.

"Ok" Yara said still sounding a little sad. After that she paid for the dresses quietly and then walk out with Pike and Lillie .

"Um excuse me?" Ahiru asked the store clerk.

"Yes Miss?" The clerk answered

"Um this store how long has it been he?" Ahiru asked a moment.

"Um" the clerk paused "not long it opened a couple of weeks ago, why you asked?"

"No reason just curious." Ahiru said trying to fight a growing anxiety "thank you for helping." said as she rushed out of the store. As she walked out in the street Yara and Ahiru's friends were nowhere to be seen "uh why did they leave me?" she looking up and down Ahiru saw Allard resting propped up against his cart. "Allard!" Ahiru shouted happily walking up to him.

"What?" he said faintly "oh hi there little duck." he stood up look right at her. Ahiru alarmed by Allard words stop in her tracks. "Is there something wrong" Allard asked worried.

"No it's the only one who called me that is." Ahiru said.

"Me!" Drosselmeyer cackled the world turning gray appearing next to a frozen Allard.

"What do want?" Ahiru asked standing her ground.
"oh do not worry little one" Drosselmeyer said stepping on Allard's foot and scowled when there was no responds from the young man.

"What did you do that for?" Ahiru barked that the old man's act.

"Just checking" the dead man said stoking he beard "I came to apologize, for my powers he grown weak and cannot grant you your request for answers"

"So you lied me." Ahiru said

"No I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for without my help" the author proclaimed "but I came to warn you" but before he could finish he had suddenly disappeared.

"Were did you go?" she asked only to see Allard confused face

"I didn't leave" Allard smiled crossing he leg one hand on his cart

"Oh!" she said feeling silly

"Well I've got good news for you miss" He said "a got word from your boyfriend."

"He not my boyfriend!" Ahiru peeped

"I know!" he laughed "I just like messing with you"

"So what Fakir he say?" Ahiru asked

"He said 'I'm busy and when I finish we'll talk.' Or something like that" Allard said "sorry he didn't say nice."

"It's ok at least he's willing to talk" Ahiru stated as she walked way

"Ahiru! Heads up!" Allard shout as he tossed a suitcase hitting her in the head causing her to fall. "Ahiru!" he ran over her worried "are you alright?"

"Why did you throw that at me?" Ahiru moaned as she rubbing her head

"Sorry, I heard your school was going on a trip I wanted to give you a gift" he said helping sit up

"Oh, thank you then." She said grasping the suitcase and standing up "but next time just hand it to me." She smiled and began to walk back to her dorm

"Little Duck" Allard spoke sounding oddly like the dead author "it's not all what it seems." On Ahirus way back she saw Corvin laying down on the old stone stage swinging his locket back and forth like a pendulum its jewel sparkling in the light.

"Corvin?" Ahiru walked up to him

"Oh hi Ahiru" Corvin sat up and smile at her.

"What are you doing?" Ahiru asked leaning against the stage

"waiting." He answered

"For what, shouldn't you be getting ready for the trip?" Ahiru questioned him

"For her. Silly, the one I'm going to give this locket to, I'll pack when I find her" he said warmly laying back down on the stage

"How do you know she's coming?" Ahiru asked

"I don't." the moment Corvin uttered those words Ahiru's pendent began to glow she quickly covered it and walk away leaving Corvin alone.

"There's a heart shard around Corvin but, if I transform, Corvin will notice unless!" she quickly darted behind a tree "maybe, Corvin has the heart shard." She gulped and turned into Princess Tutu the light from startled Corvin forcing him to stand up right

"Who's there?" Corvin asked as the graceful ballerina confronted him

"It is I, Princess Tutu." The Angelic maiden answered

"Hello, Princess." Corvin bowed

"You're in pain "Tutu said felling a despair like aura coming the young man

"It's to me in pain" Corvin said looking at her "this is the one in pain" he then pulled out the locket "I can hear it scream it's searching for." He stop and shock his head "but I can't find the one it screams for." The ballerina moved to look at silent locket then suddenly the floor beneath began to glow brightly the world becoming darker as a ghostly red-figure emerged from the stage

"I am the heart shared of courage, forever trapped on this accursed stage." the aberration spoke

"You no longer have to be trapped." The graceful ballerina said as figure turned to a red gem in her hand.

"Tutu, the heart shard may I?" Corvin ask. Tutu nodded holding the out glittering gem

"No! You mustn't do that!" Lady Butterfly jumped between and snatching the jewel out of Tutu's hand

"Butterfly!" Corvin's voice changed slightly

"You are a fool for trying to give the prince this!" Butterfly scolded Tutu

"My Lady she was just doing what I asked of her, she meant no offends." Corvin smiled calmly

"Do you know what evil would be unleashed if he had them all!" Butterfly continued

"Butterfly clam down the princess is here to help us do not be so violent." Corvin plead with her

"What is she talking about?" Tutu's gazed forcing on Corvin, he then looked at the locket in this hand

"do you wish to know? I'm the prince, the hero of this story that all want to tell you." He looked at her, his blue eye's cloud as steel and smiled "do you really wish to know?"

"I am not afraid of you prince." Tutu said softly than Corvin slipped the locket around his neck as a heavy fog rolled in making the two maidens completely blind

"I'll be waiting princess." Corvin's words drifted away then the fog lifted Corvin and Lady Butterfly had vanished and an empty quite Gold Crow remained. Tutu search the town for them to find a large pine tree in the center of the town its needles replace with large dark leafs. Corvin sitting on one of the lower branches Dressed in an impressive outfit of vibrant blues and silver with a black cape standing in contrast to the rest of the clothing.

"Prince?" Tutu shouted up the tree

"Hello Princess." He answerer "let me explain myself once upon a time I was plunged into battle with a fierce enemy but only by shattering his heart did I he was no foe but a pawn to a greater evil an evil that long ago killed my mother and father.

"You seek revenge?" the graceful ballerina asked.

"Yes but, by doing so I'll rid a kingdom of a cruel unjust ruler." Corvin responded

"Lies, lies all of them!" The cloaked figure shouted wielding his heavenly blade

"You again, you just don't when to die do you." Corvin looked down upon the figure happily

"You awful monster! Do you have any respect? "The figure said

"Plenty I have apologize for the harm I have done to you but, have yet to forgive me or apologize for the damages you have done to me." Corvin smiled

"Damages? Ha! No way the curse my blade casted on you was your fault." The figure laughed

"I shall not be mocked!" Corvin shouted drawing out a silver-gray sword ebony feathers craved into its handle he then jumped out of massive tree aiming his blade at the cloaked man. The figure blocked the attack with his sword sparks flying everywhere as the two blades collided.

"Stop!" Tutu shouted casing the clocked figure to nock Corvin's sword out of his hand.

"You've lost." The cloaked figure pointing the decorative blade at him

"Yes I see that" Corvin said putting his hands up accepting defeat "but I'm no longer your enemy for we have share a common foe."

"How so?" the figure let down his blade

"Your cousin who had never said a kind word to how had disappeared for years on end leaving as king only to return and exiled from the castle." Corvin explained "I can see in what remands of your heart this is true so lets us work together and overcome the evil prince Siegfried" holding his hand

"Mytho no!" Tutu thought "this can't be right." a part deep down inside of her felt like it shattered

"Lies!" The cloaked man shouted brining his sword down on Corvin

"No you're just a fool James." Corvin said as the leafs on the tree came to life as hundreds of crow came down and attacked the cloaked James Tutu then rushed over to cloud of angry crows "it's no use princess without a heart he has no blood to spill." he said signaling the crows away reveling James fainted but undamaged "he won't remember any of this tomorrow." As he began to walk away Corvin said "just keep in mind that I'm the hero."

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