New Beginnings

It had been a long twelve months. Construction crews had worked around the clock for six weeks to clear away the debris. It had taken two months to rebuild just the outside structure of the mansion. A full month to complete the inside. Then they started on the new laboratories. Each one would be used to house new research for Knight Industries.

Wil stood on the back lawn looking at the final construction on building five. They were installing the new doors and sealing the roof. It had been ripped down and rebuilt last. It housed the KITT cave. And had been temporary housing for everyone. A lot had changed in those last few months. Wil had established the Knight Foundation Education Award. It granted money to young students with brilliant technical or engineering minds. He had since formed other grants as well. And his anger and hatred of Garthe Knight had only gotten stronger. He was using any and all resources he could to find his uncle. And his behemoth of a truck, Goliath. The fact that it was now an AI is what had caused their undoing in capturing Garthe a year ago.

"Everything is really taking shape," a voice said behind him. Turning, he saw his other uncle, Michael Knight. He had appointed him Devon's job in running the Foundation. Devon was now in charge of Knight Industries, freeing Wil to be at the Foundation more. Bonnie, now Michael's wife, was heading up Research and Development. She had built a new workshop on the other half of lab five. Stating that it would be easier to have one there to be able to do whatever was needed for the three AI's.

"Yeah, it is. Where's Mike and KI3T? They back yet?"

"No. They're on the way home though. We stopped the town from being ruined by the mayor. Now they'll prosper from the mine," he told his nephew. His son and AI had been sent out to find out why a mine had been shut down in a remote town located in Pennsylvania. It turned out the mayor had been informed they had hit a vein of gold. He had tried to have it mined for himself. The chief foreman of the miners had contacted the Foundation for help. The mayor was now in prison.

"Where's Bonnie and Sarah?" Wil asked.

"I believe they're still working on finding out how to combine the MBS with the nano technology. They've been at it non stop since lab four was rebuilt," was the reply.

"That was only two weeks ago." Wil paused. "April will be home in three days." She had gone to Chicago to visit her Aunt. "Maybe she can help them out. Zoe and Billy have their hands full with updating and upgrading the newly rebuilt KITT cave."

"How has KARR been responding lately?" Michael asked, changing the subject.

"He's been fine. Sarcastic, witty, snobbish. Nothing changes with him. That reminds me, I think I've found a suitable donor car for KI2T's new body. If he's still willing."

Michael smirked. "I'll let you tell him. What did you decide on?"

Wil chuckled. "I'm not telling. I want it to be a surprise." Michael shook his head. It had been fun getting to know his nephew over the last year. Only one thing still bothered him. No one knew what had happened while KARR had taken Wil. Wil had been vague in his explanation. And KARR refused to answer any questions.

"You know Wil, you and I need to talk about what happened last year. No one has seen or heard from Elizabeth Knight." Holding up a hand to his nephew, he continued, "I know what you already told us. But, I'm not buying it. I know better."

Wil remained silent. "I-I'm not ready. Can you understand that? And be patient?"

His uncle sighed. "I do and am. But I don't want to see it come back to haunt you. You need to tell everyone what happened. Eventually." He placed a hand on his nephew's shoulder. "Just try to do it soon. We're here for you." Turning he headed back inside the mansion.

Wil stood there, looking out over the lawn and the buildings.

Not really looking though. He was lost in the memory of that day. He had woken up during the night a lot since he had watched KARR kill Elizabeth Knight. He could never really refer to her as grandmother, as that was the last thing she remotely resembled. KARR had promised to never speak of it, until Wil told him otherwise. They had bonded over the last twelve months. He felt protective of his vehicle. And vice versa. Although, he had noticed that KARR had grudgingly allowed Bonnie to work on him. But only her. He never let Bonnie drive him though. In fact, he never offered to let anyone drive him, let alone sit inside the compartment. Except Wil. They had come to trust one another completely. Wil sighed. What could he do? How much longer would it be before everyone found out? He knew he couldn't keep the secret much longer.