Location: Unknown

Garthe paced restlessly back and forth. He was getting angry. He had been waiting to receive a phone call at noon. It was now almost two in the afternoon. He did not like to be kept waiting. He had gone down to the workshop to see how Goliath was doing. The scientists he had hired had shut down the AI, to complete some new software updates. They assured him he would be back up by three. He made it clear what would happen if they didn't. The phone rang. He pounced on it like a wild tiger attacking prey.


"Mr. Knight? Just wanted you to know, Goliath is ready."

"Good. I'll be down shortly." He hung the phone up. He glanced at the clock on the wall. It was five minutes to two. They had completed the upgrades an hour ahead of schedule. He smiled to himself. The phone rang again ten minutes later.


"Sorry about the delay Mr. Knight. I had some trouble keeping an eye on our subjects."

"No excuse to keep me waiting for over two hours!" Garthe seethed into the phone. "Just tell me what I need to know." He took notes for the next fifteen minutes. Ending the conversation, he slammed the receiver down and looked at the words on the paper in front of him. His plan was starting to take shape. He knew where he could begin and who. But it would have to be done quickly, quietly. It would also require very few people to be involved. In fact, the fewer the better. He started to imagine what life would be like after his plans were carried out. With smug satisfaction, he stood, taking his notes and headed to Goliath.

It had taken his full resources to get him to Japan last year. He had since kept the few people around him, his truck and himself moving constantly. Never staying in one place too long. He knew they would be looking for him. Searching and scouring for him. His nephew was as cunning as he was. But he would out smart him this time. They would pay for everything he had endured over the last twelve months. He was sick of hiding, like some common thief. But now, he was on his way to take back what should have been rightfully his all along. He was out for revenge. In the worst way.

"Better dress warmly, my dear nephew. Revenge is a dish best served cold. And you're about to freeze."