Chasing the Knight

Location: Unknown

Garthe was furious, but tried not to show it through dinner. There was no conversation with his guests. When dinner was over, he made a decision. Standing, he directed the guards to stand behind the three women.

"You three will start working on combining the two formulas right now," he told them politely.

"I'm," April smiled back. Bonnie and Sarah shook their heads in agreement.

Garthe moved over to April. Reaching down he slowly moved the backside of his right hand down her right cheek, resting it underneath her chin. "I would hate to have to force anyone to do something I've asked them to do." He paused. "But I am not above it. I will get my way. Do you understand?" he asked her. Quietly, April shook her head that she did. "Good."

"Glad to see you haven't changed in all this time," Devon stated. "And what do you intend to happen to me?"

"You deserve death, old man," Garthe spat out at him.

Bonnie and Sarah stood. "We'll do whatever you want Garthe. But the minute you do anything to harm Devon, we won't so much as think about doing anything you ask. You may as well just kill us all," Bonnie informed him. She knew he would not do that. He needed the three of them to work on the project. And he knew it too. Or at least she hoped.

"Fine with me, as long as you produce results. Within a reasonable amount of time," Garthe conceded. "Take them to the barn," he told the guards. "You'll be my security deposit," he said to Devon. The guards marched the three women out. Devon was forced up out of his chair. Garthe came around the table, standing face to face with him. "Do not push me too far old man, I won't hold back for long. Get him out of here." The guard yanked him around and stuck him into his room, closing and locking the door. He smiled to himself. That whole charade had gone exceedingly well. He had played them like a fine tuned piano. Everything was falling into place. Well, almost everything. But he would fix that.

Location: Knight Manor

KARR had been able to quickly get a lock on the call from Garthe. He had not been able to pinpoint an exact location though. They knew what area of the country to start their search in.

"That is a lot of area to cover," Billy whistled. "How and where do we begin?"

"Good question," Mike answered. "I'm not sure what the right answer is. Dad?"

"There's too much area to cover in the New England states." He paused. "I would knock out any areas that have a huge population. Garthe likes solitude, where no one is likely to intrude or accidentally stumble across him or what he's doing."

"That leaves northern New York, fifty percent of Vermont and New Hampshire and almost all of Maine," KI2T intervened.

"I agree with that statement," KI3T put in.

"I do not. I would not even include New York or Maine. I would say that Vermont or New Hampshire would be the most logical choices," KARR corrected them.

"I agree with KARR," Zoe said. "Vermont has the resources for Garthe to do whatever he needs."

"Well, New Hampshire could support whatever Garthe is doing, just as well as Vermont," Billy countered.

"True, but Vermont has less population. That alone would entice Garthe," Michael told them. "But this is all speculation. We need facts."

"How about a 'gut' feeling?" Mike spoke up. Everyone looked at him. "I'm inclined to say Northern New York. I think KI3T and I should get there and start searching. Dad, you and KI2T could check out New Hampshire. KARR, you can take Vermont with Wil. Once he's feeling better. Zoe, check out the surrounding Canadian borders along those states and Maine's too. Billy check out Maine, just to be sure. We can stay in constant contact with each other."

"All right! High five Zoe! We get to go out into the field!" Billy whooped. Zoe shook her head and rolled her eyes. Michael grinned and shook his head.

"Sorry Billy, you both will be needed here to man the cave and be able to provide us with information about the other teams. Let's get some rest. I have a feeling the next few days are going to be long ones," Michael responded. Everyone stood up and headed towards their rooms. Michael lingered behind, watching his nephew sleep on the couch.

"Are you worried about Wil?" KARR asked him.

"Yes I am. He's the future of this company. Without him, we'd all be out of work."

"You need not worry, I will watch over him," KARR stated quietly.

"And I will help," KI2T offered.

"As will I," KI3T responded.

"Well, with all of us looking out for him, he'll be the safest and most protected man outside of the White House," Michael said. "Keep your scanners peeled you three. If you need me, contact me in the mansion. I leave you to watch over him. Good Night," he told the AI's. The soft swooshing of the vehicles scanners was all he heard as he walked out into the night.

"Sleep well my friend. Get all the rest you can. We are walking into a storm," KARR quietly told the still form on the couch.