Chapter One

There was a hesitant knock on Dr. Jones' office door. Henry Jones, Jr., looked up from his desk. It was early in the morning. No student ever arrived on campus this early. Nevertheless, he opened the door and was a little surprised to see a nervous looking young woman from his archeology class stand there with a heavy satchel draped over her shoulder.

"Come in, Ms. Livingston," He said, indicating for her to sit. Dr. Jones looked her over with a slight frown. She was neither a preppy nor a greaser. Instead she wore a cream polo with a light grey sweater vest. Her dishwater blonde hair was braided and tied with a white ribbon. Two signs that she was a preppy… except for the greaser dark blue jeans. She also wore dirty running shoes.

"What can I help you with?" he asked his student.

She handed him a slip of crumpled notebook paper.

"Could you please tell me what language that is?" She asked in her Midwest accent, her blue eyes were big, begging. "I've looked in all of my translation books and I checked the library but I can't find anything on what language it is."

The professor studied the symbols on the page for a minute or two before taking off his glasses.

"It's an old dialect of Hebrew that the slaves used in ancient Egypt. Do you want me to translate it for you?" He offered.

"No, that's fine," Ms. Livingston said hurriedly. "I'd like to translate it myself. Dad always did write the strangest things in different languages. Do you know where I can find a book to translate this?"

Henry Jr. regarded the dark bags around her slightly blood-shot eyes, how she looked pale, and how she kept clasping and unclasping her hands.
"There isn't a book on it," he stated slowly, watching her expression turn into a mix of despair and horror.

"Could you…" Aurelia Livingston paused as if wrestling with a vicious argument within herself. "Could you please translate it for me?"

The professor nodded and began writing out the translation below the inscription. He paused briefly for a moment before continuing, trying to hide his growing interest.

A minute passed before he finished and handed the scrap of paper back to her. Her eyes quickly scanned the translation:

"Reigning under the sand and stone of time forever she will reside."

"Dad," she muttered, "actually found it…."

"Found what?"

Aurelia Livingston's head shot up, staring at her teacher.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone about this!" She gasped, her light blue eyes wide with worry.

Henry Jr. was taken aback. Not even his son, Mutt, had mood swings that fast…. Ok, maybe he did.


"They'll come after you too!"

"Who is they?"

"I can't tell you," she whispered, glancing at the window. "But it could put your whole family in danger. I need to go."

She stood up to leave and hurried to the door just as it opened, revealing Mutt in his full greaser outfit. Aurelia jumped back, looking just as startled as Mutt. Mutt took out his comb and fixed his hair. Henry Jr. saw Aurelia roll her eyes. He had to hide a smirk.

"Hey, preppy," Mutt nodded.

"I am not a preppy!" Aurelia gasped, clutching the scrap of notebook paper tighter.

Mutt looked her over. "A greaser?"

"No," She frowned. "I'm the neutral party."

"You'd be the only one," Mutt quipped.

Aurelia glared at him before turning back to her professor. "Goodbye professor…. And Mutt."

She vanished through the doorway.

"What was that about, pops?" Mutt asked.

"Mutt, I want you to keep an eye on her," Henry Jr. said slowly.

"What? Why?"

"Because she knows something and people are after her," he answered.

"So," Mutt said, a little excited, "a new adventure?"

"Quite possibly," Indiana smiled.