Chapter 10

"What did you guys find?" Aurelia asked.

"Well, it was a hallway with a dead end," Indy said. "But it looks fake. I think there's another door."

"Let's get going," Aurelia smiled. She struggled to stand up. It was painful to put too much pressure on her leg. Sala took a couple steps to help her but Mutt reached her first. He helped her stand up and was there to support her while she found her balance. Mutt thought that this was the least he could do. After all, she had saved his life and helped save his parent's and Sala's lives as well.

Aurelia took a couple of tentative steps with a heavy limp. Mutt was instantly there to help support her weight. The elders looked at the two with big grins, not bothering to hide their amusement. Mutt glared at Indy as if daring him to say something. Indy, with a flashlight in hand, whistled an old tune as he walked ahead of them. Mutt scowled at the ground but still helped the heavily limping young woman over the boulders and into the stone hall.

"The hieroglyphics are amazing," Aurelia smiled, looking at the walls on either side of her. She was grateful that Mutt was helping her walk. Her leg was giving her some pain at the slow pace they were going. She wondered how on earth she could run if the need came up. Shaking that thought from her mind she glanced up at Mutt. He had been annoying when she first met him. As she spent more time with him she discovered that he was a bit grumpy. But him helping her gave her a new perspective about him. She blinked, realizing that she had been staring. Quickly she looked away and focused on the walls and the mysterious dead end that was slowly getting closer.

The dead end appeared to have a door. It was made of one greenish blue block of granite. The block's design resembled the design of a chapel. In the center of the door were two of Wadjet's eyes with a depiction of a two men and a woman with some sort of banquet beneath them.
Sala touched the door, tracing his fingers over the designs. He froze and flashed the light over where his fingers had traced to see a yellow color underneath.

"Indy," Sala called. Indy was immediately beside him and studied the flaking greenish blue color.

"It's paint," Indy said. "This is actually yellow quartzite."

"But that was reserved for royalty," Sala whispered. "Someone painted the door to disguise the stone." The group stared at the door.
Marian looked over at a niche to the right of the door. It looked like it would've been a small shrine. She wondered what would've been in the niche.

"How do we open this door?" Mutt asked.

"Maybe push it open?" Aurelia suggested. "Or is that too simple?"

Indy shrugged. "It's worth a try."

Indy and Sala pushed against the door. Mutt handed Aurelia over to Marian, who was inspecting the niche, so he could help the other two men.
The men were getting a little red in the face while Marian was pressing various parts of the niche. Carved on one of the stones in the niche was an eye of Wadget. Curious, Marian's fingers traced over it. Gently, she pushed the mark. There was the sound of a soft click. Aurelia and Marian shared a worried glance.

"WHOA!" shouted the men, tumbling forward where the door had suddenly vanished. Marian and Aurelia exchanged another glance before hurrying, or, in Aurelia's case, hobbling, over to them.

The three of them were sprawled on the ground, groaning. The air reeked of staleness and sand. The group waited for a bit before they deemed the air safe enough for them to go inside.

Their flashlights illuminated the darkness. Aurelia had the sudden feeling that whatever was in the room did not want them there. She tightly clutched Marian's arm. She took a deep breath. She could do this; she would do this for her father's sake.

Slowly the group entered the new room. There were many different hieroglyphics on the walls. Aurelia couldn't make them out. It looked like even Sala was having some trouble.

The medium sized room was empty of all furnishing.

Mutt's flashlight landed on an opening to the right of them. Mutt walked closer to the shaft.

"What do you suppose is over here?" He asked.

"I don't know. A booby-trap," Indy said. "That's usually how these places work."

Mutt's light flashed above the entrance to the shaft. His light was aimed at an inscription above the doorway. Aurelia's light was on a niche beside the door.

"Sala, what does this say?" Mutt asked.

Sala moved over and studied it before reading it aloud, "Concerning any man, who will cause damage to my statue, he may not follow the king of his time; he may not be buried in the western cemetery; he may not be given any lifetime on earth."

Everyone shivered at the implication. Marian thought about who had taken the statue that was in the niche.

"Okay," Aurelia said nervously, "Who wants to go into the creepy tunnel inside the tomb first?"

Indy held a rock in his hand and tossed it inside. It landed on the ground without setting off anything. He sighed in relief.

From the looks of things the floor was slanted slightly upwards. Hesitantly Indy took a couple steps inside. When nothing happened he turned around and grinned at his companions.

"Come on," He called, "but step directly on my footprints."

Marian went next, followed by Mutt. Aurelia had a hard time stepping in her professor's footprints. Her leg was really bothering her. Sala put a comforting hand on her shoulder in silent encouragement. She nodded and walked forward, biting back the pain.

The hall continued for a while before it opened up to another room. It looked like a burial chamber. There were four pillars, two on either side of them, depicting the birth of Egypt. Ahead of them were a small flight of stairs with a sarcophagus resting on a raised platform.

"Senenmut," breathed Aurelia.

The group eagerly went forward, climbed the stairs, and surrounded the sarcophagus.

"He must have had something written about it on his sarcophagus," Aurelia said excitedly. "He must have some clue to where it is hidden."

"Where what's hidden?" Indy asked, suddenly serious.

Aurelia bit her lip and stuttered, "What the Russians are looking for."

"What are they looking for?" Mutt asked, all eyes on Aurelia.

"Nothing of importance," said a deep Russian voice. Everyone slowly turned around and froze when they saw a group of Russians with guns pointed at them.

"One thing we have found is the professor's daughter," smiled the tall Russian who had spoken earlier. The tall man smiled. His black eyes bored into the group as if he could read their thoughts. "The thing we are looking for concerns Soviet Russia, not America." The man spat the last word out like it was a curse.

"Свяжите их." He ordered. (Tie them up.)

The other men rounded the group up and moved them to a pillar where they tied them up around it.

The leader walked purposefully up the stairs and examined the sarcophagus. He snapped his fingers and ordered, "Откройте его." (Open it.)

A burly man with a crossbar lumbered over and impaled the side of the stone with the crossbar. He grunted as he pushed the metal rod down. The grating of stone on metal echoed through the tomb.

The leader bent over to examine the mummy. He took out a magnified glass and looked over the mummy. After a minute of silence he examined the cover of the sarcophagus. After a couple of minutes the leader straightened and announced, "Я знаю, где он находится." (I know where it is.)
Motioning for his cohorts he stopped in front of the group. Addressing Aurelia he smirked, "Жаль, что твой отец не мог видеть тебя в последний раз. Жаль." (Too bad your father couldn't see you one last time. Pity.)

"Он не мертв!" Aurelia growled at the man. (He isn't dead!)

The man chuckled. "Нет, это не так. Но вы будете." (No, he isn't. But you will be.) Then, in English, said, "We'll leave them to keep old Senenmut company."

He chuckled as he left the room. "Enjoy the air while you still can!" he called over shoulder. His footsteps echoed away. The only light in the room was a single discarded flashlight that would flicker every once in a while.

"Marian," Indy whispered, "Can you reach inside my pocket?"

Marian shifted. "What am I looking for?"

"My lucky charm," Indy grinned.

"A lighter?" She asked, pulling it out. "We can burn the ropes!"

"I'm burning the ropes," Indy said, remembering the last time someone, his dad, tried to burn through some rope. After a couple of tries it worked. The rope started to burn. He and Marian pulled the rope apart and it broke. Everyone quickly untangled themselves from the rope. Indy grabbed the flashlight and everyone was running out of the tomb. Aurelia hobbled after them, trying to keep up but started to fall behind. Mutt noticed and went back and helped her on.

"Shouldn't we look at the sarcophagus and see where they are headed?" Sala gasped.

"Not when we're going to be walled in like The Cask of Amontillado!" Aurelia breathed.

Mutt groaned at how slow Aurelia was going. He picked her up bridal style and ran faster. Aurelia let out a surprised gasp and used her arms to hold onto him for dear life. They passed the first chamber in the flickering light of the flashlight. They sprinted down the next hall and came to a dead end.

"We're too late!" Marian cried.

Mutt put Aurelia down.

"They couldn't have blocked up every exit," Aurelia said. "The Egyptians always had another means of escape."

"Maybe in the first room," Sala suggested. They ran back to the first room, Mutt had picked up Aurelia once more. It was still as surprising as the first time for Aurelia.

"If I were an Egyptian, where would I build an exit shaft," Indy muttered. Sala took the flashlight from Indy and scoped out the room. The beam of light passed to a corner before going back a ways.

"There," Sala said. The beam of light illuminated two eyes of Wadget. He pushed the eyes.

Nothing happened.

A minute passed before Marian asked, "How much air do we have left?"


A small crawl space opened. Sala pulled up his shirt over his nose and went a little ways in before he called for them to follow him.

Soon they were all on their hands and knees crawling in the darkness. The sand and stone were rough against their skin. The small space and darkness helped little with the tension and panic they each harbored.

Their breathing was beginning to become labored.

Indy wanted to ask how much further it was but decided that it would take up too much air. The flashlight's light went out. Utter blackness surrounded them. Sala banged the torch against the ground. It flickered back on. Sometimes you had to show technology who was the boss, Sala thought.

The light became stronger.

I guess hitting it really worked, Sala thought. But it wasn't the light from the torch that was getting brighter. There was a light at the end of the crawl space. A small light, but never the less, a light. Sala pushed at the space around the light and felt it crumble away. Fresh air poured into the crawl space.

Sala wriggled out and turned around to help his companions. After they were all out they collapsed onto the ground. Somehow they had ended up on part of the rock outcropping behind the temple.

After a while Mutt asked, "What are they looking for?"

All eyes were on Aurelia. She wrung her hands and looked down at the ground.

"After risking our lives I think we have a right to know," Mutt frowned.

Aurelia nodded. "It's a Philosopher stone."

"I thought that was a bed tale," Indy frowned.

"What's a Philosopher stone?" Marian asked.

"It's a stone that brings someone back from the dead," Aurelia said quietly. "And I think I know who they want to bring back."

Indy nodded. "Stalin."

The only thing that could be heard was the fading drone of a black car off in the distance.

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