*It's not because you're my savior... it's because you are you.* (Title)

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Summary: Should've already read it. I'm not going to give it to you again you lazy... :)

Pairing: Shizaya. FTW

Warning: boy x boy later chapters and possibly slight OOC. Serry D: O_o

At this time of day the city of Ikebukuro is the only time a certain short-tempered monster can find peace at mind. The streetlights buzz with enthusiasm, the traffic lights flashing green, yellow then red to vacant streets.

Shoes clicked against the sidewalk on the empty sidewalks. Nobody to stare at him oddly or scurry away. No 'flea' to bother him or…

He stops in his tracks looking left then right taking one hand out of his pockets rubbing the back of his neck. 'The flea… I haven't seen him for 4 days now that I think about it…' He comes to his senses when he realizes he showed just a bit of worry for the informant.

'Why the hell should I care where he's been? It's not like he got hurt or died, that's my job… I did tell him to leave Ikebukuro, he probably finally listened to me.' He continued his walking still deep in thought.

He turned the corner of a bar with a few people hanging around it talking quietly yet still audible.

"I can't believe you were actually able to get your hands on him." Whispered a man holding a light blue drink in his hand and wearing a red flannel shirt.

"Yeah, he thinks that giving me false information was funny?" A man with spiked hair said proudly with a small snort.

"Well the information he gave you wasn't fully false…" Announced a 3rd man in the group wearing skinny jeans not quite around his waist were they are supposed to be and looking like he felt bad.

"Either way, I know a lot of people who wanted to get back at him for selling information of them to others so I just helped them out with their revenge that's all, you should've see-UGH!"

The spiked haired man was violently crushed against the wall letting out a surprised yelp. When he opened his eyes they mixed with mocha ones ignited with fury behind sunglasses.

"WHO exactly were to talking about?" His grip tightening around the others' neck.

"Holy shit, its Shizuo Heiwajima! Let's get out of here!" The 2 other friends of the man ran away from the scene leaving their friend abandoned and in the wrath of the Ikebukuro monster.

"Well, it seems your friends have deserted you. Why don't you tell me who that person in that oh so interesting story of yours was?"

The man trembled immensely and gripped onto Shizuo wrist.

"Ha…ha… why… ha should you… care nnngh… you don't… even ha… like ugh him."

Shizuo's suspicion was right; he was talking about the informant. So the past 4 days without the flea was this mans fault.

He didn't know why but he felt extremely pissed off at the thought.

"You're right. I don't like him but I will not allow anyone else to hurt him BUT me." With that said he tossed, more like threw, the man across the street into pile of garbage and now his moment of solitude had been corrupted by his knew discovery.

As he stormed away he heard gasps coming from people leaving the bar wanting to figure out the commotion.


Walking around the city for an hour surely didn't help calm him down as thoughts of the fleas' whereabouts and condition tainted his mind.

He realized he was in an unsettling part of town. There were homeless people hanging around staring at him with suspicion like he was going to steal something, like they have anything to steal, and there were prostitutes eyeing him up and down. Some were decent, others… he couldn't tell if they were women or men, his bet would be a man.

He crossed the street getting away from the unusual people and tried to find his way back home.

'Wherever the flea is at I'm sure he's not dead, he'll show up sooner or later to annoy the shit out of me.' He tossed his 7th cigarette that night onto the ground and stepped on it then reached into his pocket to retrieve another.

As he was lighting it up he heard strange breathing somewhere near him, if it was morning or the middle of the day it would've probably been masked by the noise. He found he was walking towards the source and freaked out a bit.

'Man, if it's people fucking I'll have to kill myself.' He sighed and kept his pace; he didn't want to waste energy just because people were using the public as their bedroom.

He passed an alleyway were it seemed to be the source of the sound, since it was echoing, and walked by giving a quick glance because what human isn't curious?

In that moment he stopped dead in his tracks, dropping his cigarette from his gaped mouth and his eyes followed suit growing extremely wide.

All the way in the back of the alley was a small wall lamp that kept on flickering onto a pile of what seemed to be a person underneath a familiar fur trimmed jacket.

Shizuo slowly made his way towards the heap and saw a clear view of what was around. He knew for a fact that coat belonged to the informant and saw well-known weapons scattered about.

He was now a foot away from the person and he took a deep breath. He didn't know what he would be discovering, obviously he was alive because the coat was moving slightly and he could clearly hear the struggled breathing.

Shizuo grabbed one of the weapons and lifted the coat leisurely away from the body, not wanting to touch anything, and revealed an awfully beaten up Izaya.

'Wait, did I say beaten up? I meant broken.' Izaya looked like he was broken in all sorts of places. His face was bruised and swollen, a few cuts here and there, one leg was strangely shaped and Shizuo had to look at his own leg to make sure if it's suppose to look that way, which it wasn't, and he also could tell that his ribs were broken. 'The flea really got himself in trouble this time huh?'

Shizuo jumped and his heart skipped a beat when he heard small whimpers coming from the raven-haired man.

"It… hurts… Shizuo…" Watered crimson eyes looked at mocha ones and slowly disappeared behind eyelids. Shizuo new deep down inside he couldn't just leave him there. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed.


"Yeah, hey Shinra."


It's been about 3 days since Shizuo brought Izaya to Shinra. We'll since Shinra lived kind of far they had to place the Informant at Shizuo's house and Shizuo was highly against it but knew there was no helping it.

Shinra fixed him all up, though now Shizuo has to be a caretaker and change his bandages twice a day.

"Shinra when will I be able to toss the louse out of my house?" With the phone squeezed between his ear and shoulder while pouring himself a glass of milk.

"Oh not long a month… maybe a month and 2 weeks." Shinra explained on the other line. He suddenly heard a peculiar clatter sound and a distinctive "Shit" come from the other end of the line and then he looked at his phone before placing back on his ear.

"Uh… Shizuo?" He asked curiously.

"YOU GOTTA BE SHITTING ME?! A MONTH!?" Shinra pulled the phone away once more and stuck a finger into his ear to help sooth the pain.

"So, Shizuo's not happy about the news I see." The lit phone dangled in front of Shinra's face as Celty walked in back from her ride around the town.

Shizuo stomped over to the other side of his kitchen to grab the whole roll of paper towels to clean up the spilt milk.

"Shizuo have you calmed down?" The underground Doctor asked cautiously.

"Like hell I'm calming down! I'm not going to take care of the damn louse for a month!"

"But Shizuo, Izaya can't take care of himself. He has a broken leg and a few broken ribs."

"Well get him one of those chairs with wheels!" He suggested after cleaning up the mess of the milk and tossing the paper towel away.

"You mean a wheel chair Shizuo? Yeah, sure he can get one but wheel chairs aren't very good for someone with broken ribs…"

"Damn it, damn it! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!"

"Shizuo shouldn't you be quiet? Izaya's slee-"

"To hell with him!" Shizuo hung up the phone… well chucked the phone at the wall and watched it shatter. He huffed heavily and then eyed the phone and the dent in the wall and getting even more worked up.

"UGH!" He roared throughout his apartment and possibly the world.

He paced the kitchen for 2 minutes then realizing that wasn't calming him down, he made his way to his bedroom to grab some clothes to take a shower so he could cool off.

As he walked in a pillow was suddenly thrown at his face and when it fell to the ground he revealed a dumbfounded face.

"God damn it Shizu-chan do you ever shut up?! I'm trying to sleep here and all I could hear was your idiotic screaming! … Ow." Izaya flopped back down onto the bed and held his rib cage.

"Oh great… I forgot YOU were here" He growled and made his way towards his closet.

"Of course you forgot because with that small brain of yours you have a short memory."

Izaya turned his head towards the now shaking Shizuo. Shizuo was so tempted to flip the bed over so it could squish the flea but held back surprisingly enough.

He grabbed his clothes and made his way to the bathroom.

"Shizu-cchhaaaann~ I'm hungry and your bed's not comfortable at all!" He complained and half whined.

"Stop your bitching, you should be glad I didn't leave you there on the streets."

"Well the alley was certainly more comfortable then this." He grinned wickedly as he watched Shizuo stop walking.

"Oh? So would you rather me put you back in that alley but this time way more broken then before?!" He barked as he turned towards the raven and they locked eyes for about a minute before the informant answered back.

"Well Shizu-chan, aren't you being rude to a guest? Trust me if I could I'd be out of here in seconds." Still glaring back into mocha eyes he grinned and then waved his hand to let Shizuo know he could proceed with his bath.

"I can't freakin' believe I have to spend a month with THAT" and he left the room to take a long shower.


The next week was as horrible as Shizuo expected it to be. Shinra came over and gave Izaya a bell without Shizuo's approval, so now every time Shizuo comes home from work he comes home to a ringing bell.

To make things worst he find out he had to wash and feed the informant. He was fine with just feeding him, even though it took him a while to get used to his cooking skills being criticized, but once Shinra called him saying Izaya needs to also be washed every few days… he flipped his shit.

He got over it after Shinra convinced him by saying he'd give Shizuo plenty of free visits and told him Izaya could wear a bathing suit so he doesn't have to see him fully naked. He had Celty help with changing Izaya's clothes. It has only been a week and so much/too much had already happened for Shizuo's liking.

After a long day at work, literally usually he would leave work early but this time he offered to work longer because he refused to go home, and constant gang fights every now and then Shizuo was ready to get back home to deal with the injured informant.

When Shizuo came home he found it was silent and not being occupied by a bell. He was going to take this time to finally get some rest but he went to check on the informant just real quick.

When he walked in he saw Izaya was sleeping peacefully.

'This could finally be my chance to kill him once and for all…'

He walked over to the side of the bed and stared down at the sleeping man.

It never crossed his mind before to actually fully look at the smaller man but he, at that moment, took the chance. He eyed the man then the first thing he noticed was that the informant had such white skin, though there is a scar on his cheek from his accident but his skin was flawless. What also caught his eye were his eyelashes. They were long, usually it's weird to see a man with long eyelashes but Shizuo noticed they looked good on the flea.

'Wait what am I thinking?' He shook his head and continued glancing at the smaller man.

"Mmm" Izaya groaned in his sleep and it caught Shizuo of guard believing the man woke up and fell straight to the ground.

At the loud thud Izaya himself jumped from his dreaming and slowly opened his eyes and turned his head to Shizuo on the ground who was rubbing his arse. Shizuo's eyes mixed with dazed ones and his heart did an unexpected flip.

Izaya looked like the most innocent thing in the world, in Shizuo's mind. He looked tired, dazed and so peaceful, his hair presenting itself in a ruffled fashion. He rubbed his eyes and gave a small smile before he fell into a deep slumber again.

Shizuo sat there on the floor immobile for about 5 minutes. It was the first time ever witnessing another side of the informant beside his devious/mischievous side or that wicked grin of his. Remembering back to the look and smile he received, he felt his face heat up and he placed a hand over his mouth.

'W-what the fuck was that?'

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