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"Shizu-chan what is your problem? You've been giving me a wary glare since this morning and it's down right creepy!" The raven playfully lifted the blanket hiding his face from the ex bartenders intense eyes.

Izaya was right Shizuo had been staring at him with his eyebrows furrowed and he'd just stand there.

'I must've been seeing things, there's no way in hell that "Thing" would actually smile'

Izaya dropped the blanket to see he was still being stared at.

He gave the raven one last concentrated stare, comparing the image from the night before and the image in front of him now.

"Yup, totally didn't happen." The blonde said before leaving the bedroom.

Izaya lifted one eyebrow in confusion but just shrugged it off. The blonde was able to go into Izaya's house and retrieve his laptop for him so now Izaya's is back to work.

Shizuo walked back in placing a cup of water next to the informant.

"Was it not your job that got you beaten to a pulp in the first place?" Shizuo asked taking his place back by the doorframe and leaning against it.

"Oh Shizu-chan, I did not get beaten to a pulp I simply just got caught off guard by the damn bastard. I thought I was able to take them all-"

"But you obviously couldn't which got you the way you are now…" Izaya thought he saw the slight concern in those mocha eyes but it disappeared just a fast as it came.

"Aww, is the brother complexed monster actually caring about someone else for once?" He teased.

The blonde twitched.

"Like hell! Who would care for a self-centered psycho flea like you!?"

"Shizu-chan, Shizu-chan. I'm not self-centered I care for others more then I care for myself. My love for humans is beyond ones knowledge." Izaya placed a hand over his heart and gave a sinister smile.

"So, you admit you're a psychotic crazy bastard?"

"The question that sometimes drives me hazy; am I or the others crazy?"


"Albert Einstein, Shizu-chan."

"…" Izaya pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. 'Honestly this idiot'

"Never mind! This conversation is over for now I need to get back to work." Shizuo watched as Izaya slipped on a pair of glasses and got right to business.

Hours passed and Izaya realized Shizuo has yet to move from his spot and that his staring had returned. He sighed and lowered his laptop screen.

He gave a devious smile and looked the ex-bartender right in the eyes.

"Hey, why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer," he lowered his glasses and gave a taunting wink and in a split second he heard an angry growl and saw the door shut.

Little did Izaya know that his small playful wink got to Shizuo in a way he didn't expect.


Through out the week Shizuo found that the small teasing things his uninvited guest did made his heart beat a bit faster then he'd expect it would. He believed it was due to anger but he realizes that his face heats up, which never happens.

Shizuo thought long and hard that Izaya gave him some sort of stress related heart problem and that he needed to go see Shinra about it, but what was he going to say?

Whenever the informants winks at him, says inappropriate responses or looks so peaceful in his sleep his heart speeds up?

Shizuo angrily punched the pole of a nearby stop sign, which frightened pedestrians around him to retreat even further away from him then they already were.

He knew deep down inside it hurt just a little that no one really got to take the time to know him but his temper got the best of him because he didn't care much for people anyway.

He turned the corner and continued his thought process until he was interrupted by a sound of an oncoming motorcycle engine. He lifted his head only to be met with his reflection on a helmet.

"Oh, hey Celty." He took out a cigarette and lit it, watching as the Dullahan came off her bike and walked towards him flashing her PDA.

"How's taking care of Izaya?"

"Horrible" he spat viciously

"How else would it be?" he took a long drag from his cigarette before looking at the quick response.

"Well you did save him so I thought he would've at least been a little nice to you…"

"As if, the flea didn't even say thank you, but like hell I care. He's not going to start being nice to me because I saved him."

"Well did you try to be nice to him?"

"I'm being nice enough by holding back the urge to kill him when he's sleeping and that's as nice as I'm going to get…" he tossed his cigarette onto the before stepping on it and walking away. He waved his hand over his shoulder to dismiss the headless rider and went on with his day.


As soon as he got home he tossed himself onto his couch. It was already dark and he was glad that the day was almost over because he had a tough time at work. Debt collecting is an extreme job; you don't know what type of weirdoes and desperate people you'll run into. Though one good thing came out of today. He was able to run into the man who caused the flea to be harbored up in his house.

'But it's not because they hurt Izaya…No… it's because of their actions that the flea landed in my house in the first place…' Shizuo rubbed the back of his head, got up and made his way towards his room to check on the temporarily incapacitated man.

Walking into his room the first thing he noticed was that the raven was not in his usual spot.

He skimmed the room and finally his mocha eyes settled on a pile of blankets tangled with a struggling Izaya.

"Don't just stand there you big oaf help me up my ribs are starting to hurt again" He whined eyeing the speechless blonde in front of him.

Izaya felt his face heat up when he heard a rupture of an uncontainable deep laugh. He glared daggers towards his caretaker. He watched as Shizuo fell against the wall holding his stomach.

At that moment in Shizuo's eyes the informant looked like a helpless and defenseless animal.

"Hahaha! How in the- haha- hell did this hahahappen?!" Izaya sensed his whole body shake in anger and embarrassment.

"Shizuo!" the call of his real name and not the insulting nicknames made him calm down and come back to his senses.

'Oh? He called me by my name…' Shizuo thought for a second. The blonde than gave a wicked smile, which gave the raven an uneasy feeling.

"Shizu-chan… can you help me up?"

"Well I could but… You won't get anywhere in life with that attitude."

"What the hell are you talking about?! Just freakin' help me up you protozoon!"

"Tsk, tsk. Calling me names isn't going to help either." 5 minutes past with Shizuo's game and Izaya finally gives in after giving one last struggling attempt to get up on his own.

He gives a sigh and small whimper of defeat and tries to search for the words the blonde is looking for deep inside himself.


"Ah, nope my real name not that shitty nickname" he grinned slightly when he heard the man growl. Shizuo was immensely enjoying this.

"Shizuo… will you…" He gritted his teeth as he attempted to force the word out.

A minute passed as Shizuo waited for Izaya to say the "magic word" though Shizuo doubted it… He raised an eyebrow when he heard one last huge sigh and Izaya buried his face in his arm.

"Shizuo, will you please help me up?" Izaya felt his ears heat up in embarrassment and shame. When he didn't hear any movement he looked up at Shizuo with confusion. When he saw the blonde staring back at him he gave a pleading look that seemed to say, "what else do you want from me?"

The blonde felt that same ache in his chest when he saw the informant smile some nights ago. He didn't know what to make of it but Shizuo smiled and walked towards the helpless man.

The smile threw Izaya off a bit but was glad that the idiotic game was over and he could get off the floor.

Shizuo tried his best to gently scoop the raven up along with the blankets into a careful bridal style. Izaya unconsciously wrapped his arm around the ex-bartenders' neck and nuzzled in the space between his neck and shoulder, he gave an inaudible thank you which he was glad Shizuo didn't hear.

The blonde gave a questionable look at the action but ignored it.

"Wait, Shizu… Shizuo can you take me to the couch?"

"What? Are you saying I have to carry you more?" Izaya puffed his cheeks out in frustration and gave a pouted look.

"Well I have been cooped up in that damn bed for basically 2 weeks now, I'd like to watch some TV." Shizuo looked at Izaya, lifting an eyebrow in surprise, ' I guess since he's like this now he never thought to actually ask to travel somewhere else in the house besides the bathroom.' Izaya noticed the pause and gave yet another sigh and turned his face away from the blonde.

"…Please…" Shizuo was now really astonished. 'It seems he understands now if he wants things in life he has to ask nicely.' He smiled inwardly and took the raven to his destination.

"Your couch is uncomfortable and stupid…" Izaya complained as soon as Shizuo dropped him off onto the couch. He walked into the kitchen ignoring the informants' insults to his furniture. He opens the fridge and grabs a small carton of strawberry milk, which vanishes in seconds, and grabbing 2 more to satisfy his thirst.

"Shizu-chan, I'm thirsty! And I'd like some painkillers!" 'And there goes the nickname. He was doing so well too,' the blonde grabs a bottle of water then reaches into the cabinet to shake out 2 pills from the bottle of painkillers and enters into the dark room that was only being lit by the TV.

Shizuo gives a small grunt as he hands the bottle of water and the pills. Izaya nods his head and takes the painkillers and chugs down the water. He watched as a small trail of water slide down the corner of the raven's mouth and down the side of his chin. Shizuo found himself being entranced by the sight. He snaps out of it when he hears the bottle get slammed onto the side table.

'What the…' Shizuo shook all thoughts away and flipped through the channels. For about an hour they argued about what to watch and Izaya made comments about the shows Shizuo watched were shows made for people of a low IQ level and Shizuo tried to make a witty retort but ended up letting Izaya watch what he wanted.


Morning came and streams of light came from one window. Movement was audible in the thin walls of the apartment, which indicated others were up in the building. One trickle of light was able to interrupt the blondes sleeping; he tries to dismiss the interruption by moving his head side to side, yet sadly unsuccessful he slowly opens his eyes grudgingly.

He stretches his arms over his head and gives an outrageous yawn. He lies there for a few moments waiting to fully wake up. He finally decides to get up but finds there was an odd amount of weight on him. When he tries again he hears a small groan and looks down at his chest in confusion.

He finds a patch of raven colored hair poking out from underneath a blanket that is placed on him. He lifts the blanket to see Izaya was snuggled against him in a position that seemed uncomfortable for a person with a broken leg, though judging by his facial expression he looked quite tranquil.

His head, left arm, broken leg and body were against Shizuo's chest and his right arm, leg and side were tucked next to Shizuo's side and pressed beside the couch.

Inside Shizuo didn't know whether to be mad or embarrassed that he fell asleep with the informant on him. He knew he had to control his "anger" he was feeling, by now he would've thrown him off himself but he realized that he still was hurt. He had to do something because his heart was racing and he was starting to feel uncomfortable.

As thoughts and ideas rocketed through his head he didn't notice the raven was gradually coming to.

"Wha-?" Shizuo froze. His eyes widen as he stared into dazed scarlet eyes. Izaya placed his head back onto Shizuo's head and yawned. The blonde felt his heart beat even faster.

Izaya stayed where he was for a few minutes. His eyes skimmed the area in front of him. He then lifted his upper body to look around better. Shizuo saw the restrained grimace of pain flash across the ravens' face. Izaya glanced around the room with hazed eyes trying to remember his surroundings. He then allowed his eyes to land on the blonde underneath him.

The ex-bartender couldn't help his eyes from wandering all over Izaya. From his bed hair to his half lidded ruby red eyes then to his shirt sliding off his shoulder exposing the flawless white skin and then to the small hands placed upon his chest.

Shizuo, even though he didn't want to admit, had to confess that the sleepy Izaya was adorable.

Izaya yawned once again and placed himself onto Shizuo once more and didn't get up for a while.

Shizuo, right then and there, was forced to face the truth. He knows he wouldn't be able to convince himself it's not true but it seemed he was starting to actually like the informant.

Now, Shizuo knows for a fact Izaya is messing with his heart and doesn't know if he can survive 2-4 more weeks with him.

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