Alright, I'm mixing it up! Haha, as you can tell, this isn't an Avengers nor a Thor fanfiction, it's one for Watchmen. I've always been a huge fan of that movie and those comics, (and I love me some Rorschach, haha). I had recently rewatched the movie, again, and couldn't help but write them a little story. I'm a sucker for a good Bromance (Thor and Loki. Brothers. Bromance. Dan and Walter. Best friends. BestFriendsBromance), so I had to type up something for the two. However, I am a fan of Dan and Walter being a couple, but, shh, don't tell my friend, she'll probably beat me up. Haha.

I was going to make this just a looong, no chapter story, but, I don't know when I'll add more or, if I did, if I'll finish it before the weekend. So! For now. I believe I'll make this a chapter story. The chapters being separate cute, little stories, like this one. Oh boy, anyway, on this the show!

Rorschach was a man of his word. He believed a man's honesty was all he really had. Don't agree to a promise if you can't keep it and don't lie (if it can be helped). But most of all and most importantly, never, ever compromise. Don't back down, don't give in. However, the ruthless hero, who spends his late nights busting faces and cracking bones, had secretly been compromising for the better part of the year.

With crime on the down-low and everyone holding hands while baking cookies, the man with the shifting face had a lot of free time. He still patrolled the streets (even if the world was united, scum still surfaced), he still broke up petty gangs, and had even started a new journal.

But, he was still … bored.

So, he opted to remove the mask and go from Rorschach to Walter Kovacs whenever he had free time, he mostly crashed at Dan's. Dan was used to his best friend appearing at random in his house. It was the norm for them. Dan didn't need Walter to say it, but he knew, he was probably the only friend the man had.

Yet, world peace wasn't the only new thing in their lives. Dan and Laurie's relationship had gotten rather serious, rather fast. Dan felt torn, between his longest and closest friend, and the woman he loved. The two didn't quit enjoy each other's company, but for Dan's sake, they would learn to tolerate each other. Through compromises.