"Are we almost there yet? I wanna talk to Sango.", Kagome complained. Inuyasha sighed heavily in response and kept going. About five minutes later, Inuyasha arrived at the Bone eaters well and saw all of his close friends around the well. They were all happy to see each other and decided to go back to Kaede's village. On the way back, the women chattered, and the men horsed around, but little did they know, they were being watched.

High up in the trees of Inuyasha Forest, sat Naraku. He waited for the right moment to attack, hoping to keep his scent hidden from Inuyasha.


Despite Naraku's hopes of hiding his scent, Inuyasha knew he was there.

"What is it, Inuyasha?", Sango asked curiously. "That bastard Naraku's somewhere in the trees. He's watching us.", Inuyasha growled. "What's the matter, Naraku, you too scared to come down here and die?!", Inuyasha shouted.

"Nonsense, Inuyasha. You know I'll kill you someday, without the help of any of my minions. And that day...is today.", Naraku stated calmly, with his signature evil grin. "Why don't you come down here and say it to my face you cocky bastard!", Inuyasha shouted once more.

"Inuyasha, calm down. You know that if he could really defeat us he would've done it by now.", Miroku reassured him.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. But I'm not givin' up another chance to kill that bastard.", Inuyasha said with a cocky smirk. "Kagome, do you have your sacred arrows?", Inuyasha asked. "Yes, do you want me to shoot at him?", she asked in reply. "Yeah.", Inuyasha answered.

Kagome pulled out her bow and her sacred arrows, ready to shoot Naraku with one of them, along with Inuyasha's wind scar. She aimed for Naraku's head, waiting for Inuyasha to give some kind of sign that he was ready. Inuyasha pulled out his tetseiga and was ready to use its wind scar.

"Ok, Kagome. On the count of three, I want you to shoot him with your most powerful arrow.", Inuyasha gave her the sign she was looking for. Naraku smirked, knowing all too well that he could use a barrier to stop the attack.

"One...Two...Three! WIND SCAR!", Inuyasha yelled. Sango looked on anxiously, hoping that the combination attack would kill Naraku. Naraku shielded himself with a powerful barrier. Miroku pulled out one of his sacred sutras and used it on Naraku's barrier. Luckily for them, the sacred sutra hit Naraku's barrier at the same time as Kagome's arrow and Inuyasha's wind scar. Naraku's barrier instantly faded away, and he disappeared, shocked. Inuyasha and the others looked anxiously to see the damage they had done. They were happy to see they could break through his barrier, but severly disappointed to see that Naraku had escaped from them once again.

"Dammit!", Inuyasha yelled, shielding his tetseiga. He walked on, ashamed, leaving the others behind. Sango and Kagome ran after him. Shippo tried to go along with them, but Miroku thought it would be best if they let the girls handle him in a bad mood. Miroku also knew Inuyasha wouldn't dare lay a hand on a woman, but would happily give Shippo and himself some lovely bumps and bruises.

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha, wait.", Kagome said as she finally caught up with him.

"What do you want Kagome?", Inuyasha hissed.

"WE want to talk to you.", Sango answered. "What's bothering you so much? I understand you're upset about Naraku, but", Kagome started. "...we'll find him again, and I'm sure if we find him soon we could probably kill him now that we know how to break his barrier.", Sango finished for her.

"That may be true, but who knows when we'll find him again. I mean you know how long it's been since the last time we saw him. By the time we see him again, he might be too powerful for us to handle.", Inuyasha pointed out sadly.

"Come on now. That doesn't sound like the cockey old Inuyasha I know and love.", Kagome said with a smirk on her face and a hint of playfulness in her voice. Inuyasha looked up at her with an angry look on his face, not catching the playfulness in her voice. When he looked at her, his scowl fell and turned into a half-smile, making him feel better. "No demon has ever defeated us. Together, you know we can overcome any foe, and complete any task. We will defeat Naraku some day, and do you want to know why?", Kagome asked. Inuyasha nodded. "Because unlike you, Naraku doesn't have great friends that love being around him. He only has people that fear him, and highly dislike him. Now what were you saying before?", Kagome asked, still smiling.

Inuyasha turned towards her with a smirk on his face. He walked towards her and embraced her. He then looked into her chocolate brown eyes and kissed her gently on the lips. "Awwww. Inuyasha, I never knew you had a soft spot for anyone.", Miroku teased as he walked up behind Sango, and held her around the waist. Kagome twirled around quickly when she heared his voice and began to laugh. She turned back around and hugged Inuyasha. Inuyasha, still facing the others in their embrace, gave Miroku an evil smirk and hugged Kagome tighter, as if he was showing that he was her one and only. Miroku then led Sango, still wrapped in his arms, away from the two. When they stopped, Sango turned around and hugged Miroku. They stood that way for a moment, until Shippo walked up on them and sweatdropped. Sango and Miroku's faces turned beet red at the sight of the young, embarassed fox demon. Their faces got even more red when Inuyasha and Kagome walked up behind them.

Miroku began to laugh and act like nothing happened. "Let's just go, monk!", Sango growled. "Wow Sango, you sure are moody. Sure you're not pregnant?", Inuyasha teased. Sango slapped Inuyasha hard across the face. "Inuyasha, SIT BOY!", Kagome yelled. "I can't believe you'd even say something like that to her! Especially after she just tried to help you out when you were depressed over Naraku getting away! You're dispicable!", Kagome shouted.

"Okay, okay! I get it, I shouldn't have said it. I'm sorry okay! Geez!", Inuyasha shouted back. "Liar.", Kagome said under her breath. The others decided to leave before it got ugly. "What was that? You wanna say it a little louder?!", Inuyasha yelled. "Yeah, I do! Liar. Liar! Liar! LIAR!", Kagome yelled back. "I am NOT lying! I said I was sorry, what more do you want me to say?!", Inuyasha shouted. "There's nothing else to say! All I'm saying is that you shouldn't have said it! Now drop it and leave it alone!", Kagome yelled. "How do you expect me to just drop the subject? You called me a liar and I demand to know why!", Inuyasha argued. "I called you a liar because I know you didn't mean it when you said sorry.", Kagome said quietly. "I did mean it. What makes you think I didn't?", Inuyasha asked.

Kagome didn't answer and looked down at her feet, debating heavily on whether or not she should 'sit' him again. "Well...I'm still waiting for an answer.", Inuyasha urged her to answer his question. He held up her chin and asked again. "...Because...because all the things you've said sorry for in the past, you obviously didn't mean it because you kept doing the things you said sorry for.", she answered. "Like what?", he asked with his arms crossed over his chest. Kagome shook her head. "Tell me...I deserve an answer.", Inuyasha stated quietly. "I know you deserve an answer, but when you hear the answer...you'll wish you didn't.", Kagome countered. Inuyasha looked into her eyes, thinking the worst.

"This doesn't have anything to do with Kikyo does it?", Inuyasha asked cautiously. Kagome nodded her head. Inuyasha sighed. "Dammit, Kagome, I told you already. I chose you, I don't want Kikyo anymore. She's not my responsibility to take care of, and I realize that now. Kagome, I mean it.", Inuyasha pleaded. "I know, but still when I think about how you would just leave me for her, and all the arguments we had over that...you just don't know how bad it hurts, Inuyasha. It hurts alot to think that you were willing to leave me without even saying goodbye and without caring about breaking my heart. I cared about you then the same way I do now, and that's what made it hurt so bad. I'm sorry I called you a liar." Kagome explained. "It's okay now. Just believe me when I tell you something. You can trust me...always. I love you Kagome.", Inuyasha told her, now embracing her. "I love you too, Inuyasha.", Kagome said quietly.

Kagome stood silently for a moment, even when Inuyasha let her go. "Come on, we've gotta get back to the others.", Inuyasha pointed out. Kagome nodded and walked beside Inuyasha, with her head lying on his chest and his left arm around her. They walked through the forest, looking for the others, yet taking their time to enjoy eachother's company. When they found the others, they were just outside of Kaede's village, deciding to head off for another journey. They all said their goodbyes to Kaede and the rest of the villagers and were on their way.


Kagome and Inuyasha were noticably quiet, with their earlier argument still on their minds. "Kagome, what's wrong? You seem uneasy. Was everything okay after we left? Did Inuyasha do anything to hurt you? Because if he did I'll-", Kagome cut her off. "No, Sango. Inuyasha didn't do anything to me. There were just some things that really, REALLY shouldn't have been said is all.", Kagome explained. Sango asked her to explain everything that happened after she left. Kagome told her why she was upset, and Sango then understood why her dear friend seemed so uneasy. Sango talked to her friend, not wanting her to keep thinking about her argument. Luckily, Sango got Kagome to stop thinking about it.

Unfortunately, Inuyasha wasn't so easy to cope with. He wanted no part in speaking about any other subject. He felt horrible at the thought of having his beloved Kagome not trusting him. He knew that he had to have a talk with her, but he didn't know what to say to her. He decided to think about that instead of being miserable. Unfortunately, thinking about what he'd say to her made him feel even worse. He had to figure something out, but he'd need some help from the one that knew her best...Sango.