J: Jaded Justice

"Will you marry me?" John asked as he got down on one knee.

Marty looked at John as her eyes filled with tears. She wished she could say yes...that she could make plans for a future, but she couldn't. She had become jaded and knew that she had just traded in any future that she could have had with John for justice. "I can't marry you not when I don't have a future. I tried to shoot Lowell and ended up shooting myself in the process. Lowell's going to want to press charges."

"What if he doesn't? What if I can make the charges go away? Will you marry me then?"

"It's not going to work John. Girls like me don't get happily ever after no matter how much we may want it. I'm tired...will you just go?" Marty said as her voice broke.

"I'll go, but this conversation isn't over. I'm going to prove that you can have a future with me," John stated as he left her room.