Chapter One

The Ponds have left... The doctor is alone now. He couldn't help but still be depressed that he couldn't do anything to help them. He fiddled with his console when a crash knocked him to the ground. "What the hell?!" He looked out one of the windows to see that the TARDIS was slowly being pulled into a vortex "Well that's not good!" He started frantically messing with his controls "This is not good this is not good this is not good!" It was too late though the TARDIS was swiped into the vortex. Then when he thought things couldn't get any worse he started to regenerate "ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW! REALLY!?" The doctor blacked out. It was about two hours later when he woke up his head throbbed in pain. "God, what happened?" The doctor walked outside the TARDIS he had landed in a forested area. He tasted the air "Well this is definitely not Earth," He spat out the super sweet taste he did a 360 "but if not Earth where the hell am I!"

A ways away Miss Ditzy Doo perked up her ears "What was that?" Bonbon turned to face her "What is it Ditzy?" Ditzy turned in the direction of the noise "I don't know..." Bonbon shook her head "Come on Ditzy it's probably nothing." Ditzy kept staring in the direction of the sound "You go ahead Bonbon I'll catch up with you guys later." Bonbon rolled her eyes "Alright, fine, see you later Ditzy." Ditzy immediately flew in the direction of the noise, and as she approached that raggedy pony in the bow tie and his blue box then she stopped. She watched him walk in circles thinking and banging his head against a tree.

The doctor sighed "Now I'm lost and alone what else could go wrong!?" Ditzy kept a safe distance from the doctor, but she couldn't help but wonder what kind of stallion would be standing around in the middle of the forest. It obviously wasn't safe due to all the creatures that dwell there especially the surplus of timber wolves. Ditzy had two options she could walk away or she could dig deeper to satisfy her wild imagination. She made the tough choice, "Um...excuse me sir what exactly are you doing?" The doctor looked over his shoulder "Well I'll be damned. Your a talking and flying pony!" Ditzy landed with a thud "Yes I am a pegasus is it not common where you come from?" The doctor laughed "Of course not! Pegasi aren't real it's just a myth!" Ditzy cocked her head and started to think he was crazy "Well your looking at one mister." The doctor shook his head "This has got to be a prank talking pegasi it's just I'm possible! Maybe a hologram? No, to solid. How about a disguise?" The doctor reached to pull Ditzy's ears, but he quickly stopped when he only saw a hoof and no hand.

"What!? This is impossible! Preposterous! This world isn't for real, is it?!" Ditzy backed away a little "Mister your scaring me!" The doctor got closer to Ditzy and sat in front of her "Well it's not entirely impossible I did go through the vortex but the physical changes are immense there is no easy way that can have such a major outcome!" Ditzy just stood there studying him as he talked to himself. "Ummm..." The doctor blinked "Excuse me miss..." Ditzy shivered "It's Ditzy- Ditzy Doo but some people call me Derpy." The doctor smiled "Pardon my manners Miss Doo-" Ditzy shook her head "Just Ditzy." The doctor nodded "Alright just Ditzy then." Ditzy mooned "Can I ask what your name is?" The doctor swung around and straightened his bow tie "I'm The Doctor!" Ditzy gave him a questioning look "Just The Doctor?" The Doctor turned to Ditzy "Yes just The Doctor." Ditzy walked toward him "Nice to meet you Doctor!" Ditzy had a strong feeling about him but she didn't know what it was about him that made her feel this way, but all she could think is that they would have a great time together.

End Of Chapter One