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Wiress couldn't hold it any longer. She ran to the bathroom connected to the master bedroom and plopped down. "BEETEE!" She screamed grabbing onto the counter. He ran into the bathroom and slammed open the door.

"Wiress! Are you ok?" He asked worriedly.

"NO, GENIUS!" She retorted. "You didn't put -" She trailed off as she pouted seeing Beetee chuckling. He found the situation very funny.

"The lid down?" Beetee asked. Wiress rolled her eyes. She took care of business and went back to bed. Beetee came out a few minutes later. "Hon?" He asked as a pair of large eyes sparkled mischievously from under the blankets. "You're on my side."

"I didn't hear -" Wiress whispered. Beetee shook his head and went back to the bathroom. He heard his wife giggle as she rolled over to her side of the bed. Even though they had only been married a week, Wiress was finding more quirks of his, and vice versa. Wiress' grandmother had told them that was perfectly normal, especially during the first few years of marriage.

"BEETEE!" Wiress yelped from the bathroom near the kitchen in the morning the next day. She stomped down to his workroom and glared at him.

"Yes, dear?" Beetee asked raising his eyebrows. "Hon, why is this such a big deal?" He asked. As he saw Wiress' eyes narrow and her arms cross, he realized that was the wrong question to ask.

"When I sit down -" Wiress was distracted by a chuckle from Beetee.

"You get an unpleasant surprise?" Beetee finished.

"Yes and it takes two seconds -"

"To put the seat down." Wiress thought about something for a while.

"That hole should be big enough -" She said aloud. She eyed Beetee curiously before going back to her workroom humming happily to herself. She scribbled some calculations on a pad before grabbed some strong glue and duct tape. She was curious as to how her plan would work. She smirked to herself as she made Beetee some iced coffee. After serving him that and a watery orange, she knew she wouldn't have to wait long.

"WIRESS CARPENTER TESLA!" Beetee yelled from the bathroom. Wiress hurried up the stairs and opened the bathroom door. She chuckled as her sweet husband did the pee dance near the toilet. "What did you do to the lid?" Wiress pointed to the floor.

"Now stand on that -" Wiress said watching the light reflect off of the shiny surface of the X duct-taped to the floor. "You should be able to aim -" Beetee grumbled to himself as he stood on the tape and did his business. Wiress leaned against the doorframe smiling smugly. She had indeed calculated correctly.

"Wiress, my sweet darling wife," Beetee said slowly his voice dripping with sarcasm even as his heart melted at the cute smirk he was getting. "Did you do this to our bathroom upstairs?" Wiress giggled in response. Beetee groaned to himself. This was going to be a long first year of marriage.