"Wiress?" Beetee asked. Wiress lay on her side clutching two pillows and sobbing. "Honey?"

"Oh - Oh - Beetee -" Wiress sobbed. They were in the District Three mentor room trying to get some sleep before the Games.

"Baby, the kids did really well in their interviews." Wiress sat back up and cradled the pillows in her arms. "Oh - Oh, Wiress, Sweetheart." Beetee whispered sitting next to her and wrapping his arms around her and the two pillows he realized represented Dave and Coil asleep in the District Three suite. "Shhh, they're ok. They're asleep, love." They had stayed up late with the kids until their sleeping powder Beetee had snuck into their drinks kicked in. Wiress had tucked Coil into bed while Beetee tucked Dave in. After the kids were asleep, Wiress and Beetee had written them little notes before going down to the Mentor control room. They were in the small sleeping room available to District Three. The two metal cots were pushed together to form a larger bed. Beetee coaxed Wiress to lay down. "Hon?" Beetee asked. "Could you hand me -" He sighed as he watched his wife bury her face in the two pillows in her arms as her sobs became quieter. Beetee lay on his side before pulling the blankets up over them. A split second later, he was cold yet again as Wiress wrapped herself in the blankets. As quietly as he could, he got out of bed and summoned an avox. "Yes, ah - I need two pillows and another set of blankets." The male avox nodded and headed toward the door marked District Three. "Oh - no - ah - we don't need our bedding changed. We just need extra." The avox nodded. Beetee took the bedding back to the room and settled on his side.

He had pulled the blanket over himself and adjusted his pillows before Wiress rolled over. He felt a pillow go over his face and then one go between himself and his wife before Wiress wrapped her arms around him. "Wiress?" He asked. He pulled the pillow away from his face.

"Beetee -" Wiress whimpered. Beetee sighed.

"Hon, we have two narrow cots, four pillows, two grown people, and a pile of blankets." He reasoned. Wiress curled up and shoved his legs nearly off the bed with her knees. Beetee draped his legs over hers, but found it rather awkward. "Wiress?" He whispered. "Honey, we need to find a more efficient use of space for all this." He bit back a loud sigh as he caught a glimpse of her face. She was in a rare calm moment where she her face looked peaceful as opposed to worried or confused. A slight smile was on her lips as she adjusted herself around the pillows and Beetee. "Ok. Goodnight, love." Beetee whispered kissing her on the forehead. Dealing with Wiress' pillows and blankets routine was worth letting her relax the night before the Games. Letting his love sleep peacefully was worth it.