Rory always came back. He disappeared, he died, he was wiped from her memory – but he always, always came back to her.

Not this time.

Rory's gone, the Doctor's apologising, River's staring, the angel's just standing there, frozen under her gaze.

All she has to do is blink.

She heard the Doctor's voice just as they toppled over the ledge of Winter Quay; the strangled scream of her name, as though she was ripping his hearts from his chest and pulling them with her over the side of the building.


She could hear that panic again now, and it absolutely killed her; but there was nothing else she could do. He would understand, eventually. River would help him understand. Her darling daughter Melody, you look after him, and you be a good girl.

Because she had to go to Rory. So many times he had made his way back to her, and now it was her turn to find her way to him.

Together, or not at all.

That was how it was meant to be.
The Ponds, the Williamses, the Couple Who Waited.
Amy had made her choice long ago.

Come along Pond, please.

She couldn't run away from it this time. Because if this was reality, a life without Rory, then she didn't want it. All she wanted was him, and everyone knows that she always gets what she wants.

She's crying, her voice wavering even as she tries to put as much conviction into her words as possible. Her hand shakes in River's grasp.
She didn't expect it to hurt this much.
No wonder he hates endings.

Raggedy Man…

Her Doctor, who promised her all of time and space, everywhere and anywhere, every star that ever was –
She loved him, always, but she didn't need him anymore. She needed Rory.

Her face was the first that he saw;
His face was the last that she saw.


a.n. It's been done so many times but I had to get the feelings out. It's going to take me forever to recover from this episode, urgh. Thank you for everything, Amelia Pond.