Oh god, thought Gideon. What did I just say? Gideon looked up at the boy he had apparently just asked out. His face was glowing.

"Um, Dipper, what I meant to say was-"

"Of COURSE I will go out with you Gideon!" Dipper squealed. He hugged Gideon, turning Gideon's face red. Great. Look what I've done now.Gideon struggled to get Dipper Pines off of him. Nobody touched Gideon. That was the rule, which he had thought he made very clear to everyone.

Although, strangely, Dipper's hug felt.. nice. And this was coming from Gideon, who HATED human contact.

Mabel glared at them through the living room. She felt like hitting them with a frying pan or something. Something VIOLENT.

"AHEM!" she called, approaching the door. "What makes him think you can just ask him out like that?"

"Mabel, stay out..." Dipper whined, leaning on the door frame. "This doesn't involve you."

"Oh, yes it DOES involve me," Mabel argued.

Gideon grinned evilly. Now was his chance to make Mabel mad. Although, why would he want to do that? Wasn't he supposed to have a crush on her?

Oh yes. The crush. Friendly reminder.

The twins bickered for a bit while Gideon stood there awkwardly. The clouds were drifting by slowly as the day was passing. One kinda looked like a heart, and another like a pine tree. And one looked like a shooting star about to smash the heart into pieces. Gideon wondered if it meant something, but he dismissed the thought. Fate truly wasn't real, he believed, because psychics just pretended in all that to sucker money from the idiots.

"If you must go on a date," Mabel sighed, snapping Gideon back into reality, "I am coming with you."

"You can't come with us AGAIN," He told her, yanking on Dipper's arm, "We're leaving."

"Oh, contrare." she laughed. "You see, I am the elder sibling. And everyone is busy right now. So I am in charge, and I say you can't leave."

"Mabel, you're only a couple minutes older than me!" Dipper retaliated.

"I'm the BOSS!" she snapped.

"Remember how well that worked the last time?"

"Hey, I was a GREAT boss! You guys were treated VERY well!"

He rolled his eyes, and headed out with Gideon.

"Wait! Come back!" she yelled, "I'm not done yelling at you!"

It was too late. They had already left.

"Well, it looks like I am alone. Yet again." she plopped down on the couch. Mabel, being slightly insane from this week, wasn't above talking to herself. "What to do... What to do..."

She tapped her fingers on the armrest and debated what she should do. Probably something crazy.

She could suffocate Gideon with her kitty sweaters and sacrifice him to the gnomes, but that wouldn't work. After all, she might lose a SWEATER.

Maybe she could burn his house down, but again, her clothes were at stake there.

Waddles trotted in, interrupting her brilliant schemes. He jumped onto the couch and snuggled next to Mabel.

"Awww, Waddles, aren't you just precious," she cooed, hugging him tightly. "Can you help me think of a way to destroy Gideon and not leave behind any evidence?"

Waddles, of course, did not have an answer for her. Instead he stared up at her with his adorable jet black eyes.

"Wait a minute... you're a pig... and pigs can die... for food. What if I "accidentally" push Gideon into the oven, and cook him! Nothing will go wrong..."

The pig continued to stare at her. This girl has lost her mind, was what he was most likely thinking.

"Yes! it's just like the time I "accidentally" bumped into that cute boy at the Mystery shack and pushed him into the postcards! Or like the time I "accidentally" made out with a leafblower!"

Mabel had truly lost it. Surely she didn't know what she was thinking. She would probably return to normal if that spell wore off.

Maybe that was it. The spell.

"Of course! Gideon used the spell to make Dipper all boy-crazy, even more than usual! In order to reverse the spell, I have to find where it came from!"

Mabel knew what she had to do.

"I'm breaking in."

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