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Rachel asked Danny for a divorce several years later, claiming she couldn't handle the stress of being the wife of a police officer. Everyone suspected it had something to do with the fact that Danny was a shifter. When Rachel married Stan and they decided to move to Hawaii with Grace, Danny didn't think twice about following them. Danny packed up all his stuff, including his old Harley Nightster, Vicki's Seventy Two, and his new Camaro and moved back to Hawaii. He put in a transfer with the police departments and let the military know of his new residence. They provided him with a nice house on the base.

Six weeks after his move to Hawaii Danny was hit with a blast from his past. He was assigned to investigate the murder of one Detective John McGarrett. Danny tried to get reassigned, but his captain said that he needed his best detective on the case. Danny suspected that excuse to be a load of shit, but he kept his mouth shut. He went and secured the crime scene and did what he did best, investigated. A week into the case another shock from his past came back in the shape of one Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarrett.

When Steve came home for his dad's funeral he intended to investigate, find Victor Hesse, and then return to the SEALs. He had no intention of accepting the Governor's offer of running his own task force. Of course that was before he pulled his gun on one Detective Daniel Williams.



Steven smiled and approached his old friend, but instantly drew back when he saw Danny's eyes turn golden blue. He remembered that nothing good ever came about when that happened.

"Its good to see you man. How have you been," asked Steve still keeping his distance.

"I was doing wonderful until my wife divorced me and moved my daughter to this pineapple infested hellhole. And that upset me a bit, but its nothing compared to how I feel seeing you again," said Danny with a scowl.

Steve quickly schooled his features to hide his shock at Danny's barely concealed hostility.

"You have a lot of nerve acting like nothing happened."

"Danny you got to let me explain..."

"I don't have to do anything. This is my crime scene. You're trespassing."

"This is my house Danny. You're trespassing."

"Steve you have to leave. This is an active crime scene," growled Danny.

Steve pulled out his cell phone and called the Governor. He took the oath necessary to be the task force leader and then hung up.

"Now its my active crime scene," said Steve with a smug grin.

Danny just glared before turning around and leaving. Steve stared dumbfounded. The Danny he remembered would have ranted and raved not just left. Steve went after him, but Danny was already pulling out and on his way.

Steve sulked as he reentered his dad's house. He never dreamed that he would see any of the Williams' again. A few years ago he had investigated to find out if they still lived on base, only to find out that they had packed up and left years before. When he saw Danny he was hoping to catch up and find out how everyone was doing. Well, more specifically, how Vicki was doing. Steve opened his wallet and pulled out the picture he kept behind his long expired motorcycle license. It was a picture of Vicki and him sparring. Well, it was of Vicki sitting on top of him after she flipped him. They were both grinning at each other like fools. Steve smiled wistfully before he shook himself and put the picture back behind the license. That was years ago and he had screwed up whatever chances he had of being with her.

Steve went to the police station and picked up the file on his father's murder. After reading through it all he got was that Danny had put a wire tap on some guy. Steve knew he couldn't do this alone so he swallowed his pride and drove over to the base to see Danny. When he got there Danny, surprisingly, didn't slam the door in his face. Steve entered the house and immediately was drawn to the family pictures on the wall. There were a few family shots and Steve couldn't help but notice that Vicki was absent in many of the pictures. He was about to say something when a picture of a young girl caught his attention.

"Is this your daughter?"

"Yeah thats Grace. What do you want McGarrett?"

Steve cringed. Danny hadn't called him McGarrett since they had first met.

"I need your help."

Steve and Danny made an amazing team. And then they met up with Chin and Kono again and the team became unstoppable. They were all awkward at first, but eventually they all sat down and talked things through. Well, Chin, Kono, and Steve sat down and talked. Danny was still cautious around Steve.

"So Steve, what happened to you," asked Kono.

"Dad sent me and Mary away after Mom died. He said it wasn't safe."

"But you left without a word," said Chin.

"I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to say it. Dad wasn't giving me any info so how could I give anyone else answers," said Steve looking toward Danny's office where the blonde was working.

"How were they after I left," asked Steve.

Kono and Chin didn't have to ask who he was talking about.

"They took it pretty hard. We didn't really talk after you and Mary left," said Kono.

Steve whipped his head around and stared at them. They had all been very close friends with the Williams children.


"They retreated into their own little group. Vicki and Danny moved back east after they graduated and after Matt graduated the rest of the family moved back there as well."

Steve felt guilt wash over him. No one had to tell him that it was because of him that the shifters had retreated. He had betrayed Vicki in one of the worst ways you could betray a person.

"It wasn't your fault Steve," said Kono.

"Yes it was. I betrayed the trust Vicki had shown me."

"How," asked Chin confused.

"She had shifted for me and I told her I loved her. And then I left without a word," said Steve quietly.

Kono gasped and Chin looked shocked.

"How could you do that to her," asked Danny from behind Steve.

Steve ducked his head ashamed. He knew Danny could hear their conversation, but it was one thing knowing it and another thing for it to be acknowledged.

"My mother had just died and my father was sending me away. There was nothing I could do," said Steve.

"Not to stop you from leaving, no, but you could have written her a letter. Or called or something. Told someone. She kept every single letter you sent her when we were deployed. She carried the picture from one of your sparring sessions with her everywhere. You broke her heart and her trust," said Danny in a voice half angry and half sad.

"I know."

"She hasn't trusted anyone completely or loved anyone since you," said Danny which made Steve feel like an absolute cad.

Steve couldn't look at Danny as he asked his next question.

"What happened to her? I heard that Matt became a hedge fund manager and Liam became a firefighter. And what happened to Anna and your folks after they retired?"

"Anna got married to another shifter and is happily popping out baby shifters. Mom and dad help out training young shifters. And Vic stayed in the military. Joined the Navy actually."

Everyone gasped. Vicki had always talked about getting away from that life.

"Yeah, she surprised everyone when she decided to pursue it. Last we heard she was a Commander of a team of shifters."

"Last you heard," asked Kono confused.

"She is deployed on missions so often that its hard to keep in touch. Last I saw her was three years ago when Grace turned five," said Danny sadly.

The three Hawaiians couldn't imagine how hard it must be on Danny not to see his twin sister. They had always been close and to not see them together was unusual.

"We still write to each other. I told her I was working with you all in my last email actually," said Danny with a laugh.

"What did she have to say to that," asked Chin.

"I haven't gotten an email back yet. It could be a while depending where she is deployed right now."

"Well, let us know when you hear from her next. I would love to reconnect with her," said Kono.

"I will Kono."

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