The Five Times Morgan Could Have Kissed Reid and the One Time He Did

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(6) Case Closed

The stab-happy case was finally formally over by day's end. Ben Foster was in custody, and after mountains and mountains of paperwork back in Quantico, everything was finally finished. The day had dragged on, and not many had said a word about it mainly because that wasn't the main problem. Morgan and Spencer were avoiding each other. Well…more like Spencer was avoiding him, and Morgan didn't want to draw attention to Spencer's ignorance of him. Morgan didn't really blame Spencer for dodging his attention after what had happened. They were so close to having a tender, fragile moment, only to have it ripped to shreds by a coworker stumbling upon something she had no business seeing.

Speaking of JJ, Morgan was getting rather odd looks from her. They weren't cruel or judging, just…misunderstood. These two aren't really skipping around the office holding hands, so the visage of the two of them together in such a way must have thrown her for a huge loop. Sadly, by the kindergarten style emails getting sent by the hour at the authorship of Garcia, JJ had been so shocked that she told her what she'd seen which Morgan did not appreciate. He glanced along the text of the most recent emails full of "oohs", "winked faces", and the lyrics to "Morgan and Reid Sitting in a Tree". Morgan did not appreciate her behavior in the slightest.

Earlier in the day, he sent back:


If you send me one more email, I'll cut up that friendship bracelet you made me two years ago and flush it down the toilet.


Chocolate Thunder

She had quickly responded:

My Mocha God of Caffeinated Love,

You're going to need better leverage than that, sweetheart! Remember, I have magical powers. What are the odds that there are cameras in police bathrooms…? Pretty high.


Goddess of Awesome

Mind you, that was at least a few hours ago. JJ's worried glances, Garcia's teasing emails, and two piles of case descriptions later, Spencer and Morgan were alone in the office for the first time since the Lila thing. Usually, Spencer books it out of the office if it gets down to the two of them, not wanting that moment to repeat itself. At least, that's what Morgan thought until this day. Spencer sat at his desk, lazily scribbling along an empty file with that adorably crooked handwriting of his.

Morgan looked down at his clear desk. If he was done, Spencer had to be. He stole another glance over at Spencer to see his brunette head inches from his paper as he was hard at work. Spencer's back was bowed a little over his desk, his arm squished underneath the weight of his fragile body as his pen worked with the power of a thousand suns until he popped his head up, wiping sweat off of his forehead with a tissue from the box beside his hand. Morgan watched as he missed a bead of the sweat in front of his ear. He kind of wants to lick it off. Is that weird?

Spencer glanced up and met Derek's eyes, smiling limply before clumping his papers together and separating them, "I'm done, finally."

Morgan grabbed his jacket and stood, "Wow, what a coincidence. So, am I!"

Spencer chuckled, "Oh, please. The marriage of Fiordiligi and Guglielmo was more of a coincidence!"

Morgan turned off the light on his desk and strode over to Spencer's, "The marriage of who?"

Spencer raised his pen to enthuse his point as Morgan got closer, "One of the major couples in Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutti. The main plot of the opera was the story of two men who believed their women would cheat on them if they left them alone for too long! So, they dressed up in costumes, pretended to be foreigners, and preyed on the other's girlfriend."

Morgan reached Spencer's desk and leaned over the divider, "That's kind of fucked up."

Spencer began to smile, poking the divider with the back of the pen, "Well, of course. Especially since the women decided to stick with the men they loved anyway, thus Fiordiligi and Guglielmo whom were my favorite couple in the story. I don't normally like romantics, but this one is very comical."

Morgan joked, "I'm almost interested. I would be fully interested, but since you ruined the ending..."

Spencer smirked, "The whole thing's in Italian and the playbill tells you anyway if it's showing in a country whose native tongue isn't it. But, if you choose to forget what I said entirely, the play has televised subtitles above the stage. 2011, you know."

Morgan nodded his head, "Okay. Maybe I'll consider it. Unlike the Indo-Russian battle hymns from the 1300's crap you usually spin, this actually sounds interesting."

Spencer replied, tapping the pen against his palm dismissively, "Well, it's playing in a theatre in Atlanta on Saturday if you're interested… I managed to get a ticket for myself, but they were a buy-one-get-one, and I had no one to go with so I was just going to sell it online. But, if you want to go, there's uh…there's this dress code and it's strictly formal wear. Even though, I'm not saying anything about the way you're dressed! You look nice. Really, it's just the rules, I can't change them." Spencer sighed and tapped the pen quicker against his palm, "Or…maybe this is too silly of me to ask! You don't like operas. Especially ones in Italian, I—"

Morgan paused and stood up straight, "Are you trying to ask me out?"

"Well, I…uh," Spencer stammered, the pen in his hand tapped faster and faster until it slipped out from between his fingers, "Oh, the pen…"

Morgan sighed, "Forget the pen."

Spencer looked back up to Morgan's face, "I'll try to."

Morgan took Spencer's hand in place of the pen. It was still just as soft and warm as he remembers it to be. Spencer's fingers threaded through his and Morgan held on, "I can't think of a better way to spend my Saturday night then watching a sexist Italian opera while strangled in a suit with you." Spencer met Morgan's eyes and he smiled a bit. The grip on his hand tightened a little. Spencer spoke, "You don't have to if you don't want to."

"I really, really want to," Morgan said seriously, eyes soft and earnest as he spoke, hoping that his words could mean anything Spencer wanted it to. Morgan really, really wants to do everything. He really, really wants to go out with Spencer. He really, really wants to be able to call Spencer his. And right now? Morgan really, really, really wants to kiss him. So, he lifted the hand that was tangled up in Spencer's and laid it on his warm, pale cheek. Spencer's eyes closed softly, his eyelashes fanning out toward his porcelain cheekbones as a small smile played on his full, pink lips. He was so beautiful. Oh, God. Morgan doesn't think he can do this. It's been a pipe dream for so long, that he's actually chickening out and freezing. This cannot be happening.

Spencer kept his eyes closed and hopeful as he asked, "Everything alright over there? I could have sworn you were going to kiss me."

Morgan fretted, "I was… I mean, I am! I just… I don't know. It's been a long time coming."

Spencer began to snicker lightly, "Seven years, five months, and fourteen days to be exact."

Morgan replied simply, "And I'm choking."

Spencer's face broke out in a grin as he laughed, "Please just do it already, the suspense is killing me."

"Fine! One… two… ready?" Morgan asked.

Spencer chuckled, "Are you seriously counting down?"

Morgan shrugged, "Seemed like a good idea in my head."

Spencer shook his head with a smile and, eyes still shut pulled Morgan a few inches closer. That must have given him all the confidence he needed, because at that moment, nothing else mattered except for finally kissing Dr. Spencer Reid. Their lips met softly at a hesitant touch. Spencer's lips were just as soft as he imagined they would be. He was perfect. Morgan pulled back to take a look at his face. His lips were upturned in a quiet smile as Spencer murmured, "That was cute."

Morgan began to laugh, "Yeah… it was."

Spencer teased, pulling him in closer with his fingers digging into the cloth on Morgan's waist, "What are you, fourteen? Come here." His hands left Spencer's face to reconnect with his hips as Spencer's traveled slowly up Morgan's chest to wrap his arms around his neck, pulling them even closer. As their bodies connected, Spencer took a breath against Morgan's lips and their mouths devoured each other. Years upon years of hunger and starvation for the other came into play and, somehow, Spencer ended up on his desk, legs wrapped around Morgan's as Morgan's hands were threaded in Spencer's hair, nearly yanking. Before long, Spencer pressed his hand against Morgan's chest, breaking the kiss, "Okay, okay! This is getting way less tactful as I imagined."

Morgan wiggled his eyebrows, "We're alone in the office making out on your desk. We threw tact out of the window a good five minutes ago."

Spencer narrowed his eyes at Morgan, "I blame you for being so attractive."

Morgan winked, "You should."

Spencer sighed, "I swear to God, I'm not a slut."

Morgan almost choked on the laughter he didn't see coming, "I never said you were a slut."

"I know. I did. It's just…" Spencer's fingers traveled along Morgan's chest since they were there and spoke after a good long minute, "I kind of want to ravish you. All over the floor. And the desk. And the chair. Oh, holy Schrodinger, the things I want to do to you on this chair…"

Morgan nodded, getting into it as he said honestly, "I will do anything you want. Seriously, man. Anything."

Spencer pounded a light fist on Morgan's chest as he argued weakly, "But, I'm not that kind of guy. I wish I was, but I'm… I'm sorry."

Morgan whimpered, "I'm sorry too."

Spencer offered, "Third date. Maybe."

Morgan flirted, leaning down to nip softly at Spencer's neck, "I know ways around sex. We barely have to do anything, and I can give you the best orgasm you've ever had."

Spencer groaned, "You son of a bitch…"

Morgan pressed a kiss under Spencer's jawline, "Wanna?"

Spencer held his guard, "I want to so very much, but I shall not give in to the desires of the flesh…tonight."

Morgan kissed the soft skin underneath Spencer's ear, "You tease."

Spencer laughed, "Says the guy sucking on my ear."

"Hmm?" Morgan said around Spencer's earlobe.

Spencer asked through a laugh, "What?"

Morgan pressed his nose against Spencer's with an understanding grin, "I'll wait as long as you want. I'll wait forever if I have to, surviving only on the menial one kiss every seven years."

Spencer chuckled, "Okay, that might be a bit much."

Morgan sighed out, "Oh, thank God."

Spencer held his hand out, "So, I understand that you're not Guglielmo, but… are you going to court me, or what?"

"Okay," Morgan replied, taking Spencer's hand in his and shaking, "You've got yourself a deal."


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