Guess who comes bearing gifts of Rumbelle fanfiction! I HAD to write something after the Premiere. My feels were in tatters and this seemed like the only way to fix them.
Because this is from the premiere, it is chock full of spoilers. Don't read if you haven't watch the premiere in its entirety.
Warnings: Angst. LOTS of Angst. And Spoilers for 2x01: Broken. (Like my feels).

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"I thought you'd changed," Belle's voice trembled, eyes brimming with tears as she stared at Mr. Gold, no, Rumpelstiltskin.

"Oh, what for the hour you've known me."Even as the words left his mouth, Rumpelstiltskin knew he had made a mistake.

Belle's face crumpled, betrayal and pure hurt written all over it. She stormed past the Dark One, tears already making their way down her face.

"Belle, I'm sorry!" Rumpelstiltskin cried out desperately. "Belle, please, I'm- I'm sorry, Belle. I really am."

For one brief, shining moment, Rumpelstiltskin thought she'd come back. Turn away from the door of the shop and return to him. After seeing her face as she turned to look back at him, his newly-reawakened heart sank down to his toes. She shook her head, opened the door and left, the door slamming shut behind her.

What had he just done? He'd had her back for all of an hour and he'd already pushed her away from him. Again. He'd lost her once more, to his need for vengeance. To his power. After he had promised her that they would be together this time.

He laughed as he thought of the symmetry between the past and their present. He'd gotten to kiss those lips again, just once more before he sent her away from him. Would he ever be able to kiss her and not have her leave him because he decided to be an ass right after it?

He stumbled over to the glass counter, ignoring the tea that he had set out for them. His hands fumbled around blindly under the counter before closing around the chipped cup. Her chipped cup. He cradled it to his chest, thumb stroking the broken edge as tears began to make their way down his cheeks. Would this once again be all he had left of his darling Belle?

Keeping the chipped cup close to him, he made his way over to his unused spinning wheel, setting it down nearby. He sat at the wheel, and slowly turned the wheel. Once he had told her he liked to watch the wheel to forget. Oh how much he wanted to forget what had just happened. How he had just destroyed them once again. And oh, how he wanted to blame Regina for it, but, just like last time, the blame lie with him. He had twisted the words of his promise to Belle. He had done just what she had asked him not to. He had pushed his True Love away again, and perhaps this time she wouldn't return. Perhaps this time, he had lost her for good.

Once again, he was left with only a chipped cup and a few shining memories of having his Belle back in his life.