Paste your document he Ratchet stood in front of his chair
on the bridge on the phoenix. He was idolized as he was a symbol of war and as
captain. He stood with his hands behind his back and with his hyperflux armor
with his helmet off. After his arrival and rank restored by the G.P. and the Q
force. The G.P. went missing and as captain he took it upon himself to find the
G.P., Most of the phoenix's activity was search parties. Even though that activity
was quiet ratchet was always ready to go to war with the duel cobra's (upgrade
of the vipers) on his waist and a modified issue assault rifle on his back.
After saving the clock Ratchet was less reckless and more focused on his work. It
had been 8 days and still no signs of the G.P. Clank:
captain I am picking up a nearby ship but it is heavily damaged I think it's
the starship

"Gladiator…That was the ship that was transporting the
G.P. sergeant Grimes your with me we are going to set up a search party
hopefully the G.P. is alright "I
detect that life support is at 69% and decreasing slowly" "That's
means the attack most have happened maybe a hour ago, how long until it's at
zero "."Around 3 hours". "So we have 3 hours to search a 12 mile ship well
perfect" ratchet said with a sarcastic tone. "If we clear out the radiation
maybe we see the life signs but now I have nothing on scope" clank replied "Alright
get the Lt. on comes he clear it up while we are searching …now let's get a
move on No.1 (Clank) you have the bridge" Ratchet runs to a drop ship and 3
other rangers joined him they were able to get on the ship to start the
search."Alright grimes and I will take the west wing you 2 clear the east"."Yes
sir" the rangers gave Ratchet a salute and went on their way."We need to head
to the civic courters hopefully we will find the G.P"."Yes sir" As time went by
Ratchet and grimes searched every corridor until they found the civic deck.
'Sir I am reading 20 life forms on this deck" They entered a room and there was
19 civilians and the G.P."Grimes get the civvies here I will get the
G.P."."Yes, Sir" Ratchet ran to the G.P.'s side and tried to help him he was
injured in the arm and in his right leg. "You ok sir?"."(Chough) what? Ratchet""Yes
sir I need to get you back to the ship here let me help you up". Ratchet got
the G.P. and started to head back to the ship."Grimes let's go! This is break
time". "One sec sir got one more alright phoenix transport civic to med deck,
Alright ready sir" As Ratchet and Grimes including the G.P. would soon find out
there not alone. Wow,
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