I should probably be writing If you're wondering, BUT this idea grabbed my ankle, and won't leave me alone, so… new story…? Yay?

First of all, let's all pretend Season 2 ends the second Stiles tells Scott he's scratched his Jeep, ok? Everything after that didn't happen here.

Also, you know the whole mate thing? Yeah, not quite so great in this.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Keep Walking

If you're going through hell

It's kind of a really crappy deal, as Derek explains it to them all once things are settling down – you get the bite, you survive the bite, eventually, you'll get a mate.

It's one of the very first things he explains to every single one of his wolves, before he even turns them. It's something he explains to Scott when he's heartbroken that Allison has left him: the certainty the she will come back to him, because she's his mate – he wouldn't be willing to forgive the girl if she wasn't. She's it for him just as much as he is it for her. That's probably why her own father can't keep them apart – why he doesn't try to.

The part where this turns into a crappy deal is that it doesn't exactly work like a fairy tale: you get a mate, they will love you back, and they won't be able to help it. No, that not it, that's absolutely not it, because then life would be easy and good, and that's not how things work. You get a mate, and you will never, ever, be able to even think of anyone else for you. You'll never want anyone else, even if you want to want them, you won't be able, to put it crudely, to get it up for anyone else.

And for the mate? Things are just as bad. Because if they think it's bad having a wolf as a mate, having a wolf as a rejected mate is a thousand times worse. They will hound them, and hunt them, and beg for them, unless there's something huge between them, but even then the simple thought of their mate with someone else is enough to drive the wolf in them mad – people have died for it. Not the mate, though, never their mate, but people close to them. The longer the wolf is rejected, the more violent and possessive it becomes.

Of course, it's all manageable – to a point. If the wolf is already in control of themselves when they find said mate at last. If the werewolf is a born wolf, who knows how to deal with the urge to claim and mark and have and own and protect.

If the wolf doesn't claim what's his, putting their mark on it.

It's all manageable – if all those requirements or at least most of them are met.

The thing about the mate is something that happens more than it should be common; after all, there are over six billion people on the planet. However, every wolf will find their mate eventually, be them a friend, an enemy, a passing acquaintance, a stranger they see in a coffee shop, someone they see in a line for a roller coaster in Disneyworld.

They will find them, and they'll want them, and that's it.

It's their destiny tied forever, or at least until the wolf dies – and after that, if long enough has passed, maybe through a form of Stockholm Syndrome or perhaps the knowledge that the wolf's love actually is that deep, the other one will find themselves unable to let go as well, for loving their wolf in return.

Sometimes they are even lucky enough, like Erica and Boyd, and their wolves will find their mates in a wolf too. Someone equal in partnership, who won't question the definiteness of the action of belonging to someone.

Most times, though, that doesn't happen.

Most times things are bad, because nobody likes to hear they belong to someone nowadays, not in the way that the wolf will want. People want freedom and liberty to do what they please, even if they're in a relationship, and their wolf will rarely allow that, and the more the mate fights it, the worse it gets.

It's bad. It's crappy. It's a part of who they are, it's something every single turned werewolf hears from their maker – or should hear, at least – before coming to a decision.

Well, when Jackson was turned it didn't work. When he was killed, Derek actually thought that was it, this was the end.

When he came back from the dead through Lydia Martin, turning into a proper wolf, at last, Derek thought she was it for him.

When he lunged at Stiles when the boy passed by the two of them, still embraced, and he let go of Lydia to pull Stiles close and bite his neck, though, that was when it all went to hell.

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