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Normal P.O.V.

"YOUR THE NEW STUDENT?!" both second year-students shouted. Akara jumped a little and hid behind Tenma.

"You guys knew her already?" Nishiki asked. Shindou and Kirino explained everyone how they met Akara. Akara was still right behind Tenma. Tenma was feeling a little awkward when Akara is behind him.

"I see. That's how you guys met Hanaraki." Sangoku said. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bumped into you guys like that." Akara said stammered before she reveal herself with her head low.

"It's okay, Hanaraki. We're the one who should be sorry." Shindou said. Akara looked up to see Shindou. He wasn't actually mad about her. And so does Kirino.

"Shinodou was about to apologize to you, but you ran off." Kirino explained. "I see, well it's very nice to meet you two." Akara said. "It's also nice to meet you, too, Hanaraki." Kirino said.

After all of the introducing, everyone went out to the field to practice. Akara was watching them along with the managers.

"Akara, do you play soccer?" Aoi asked. "Hai, I do play soccer." Akara answered. "Can we see you play, Akara-san?" Akane said softly.

But before Akara was about to answer, Endou, Kidou, and Haruna appeared. The managers greeted them while Akara stood there, look confused.

"Endou-kantoku!" the team shouted Endou's name.

"Minna, we're sorry that were." Endou said and he turned his head, looking at Akara.

"What's your name?" Endou asked Akara. "My name is Hanaraki Akara. You must be the coach."

"Yes, I am the coach of the Raimon team. My name is Endou Mamoru." he introduced himself and the other person stood beside him. "And my name is Kidou Yuuto. It's very nice to meet you, Hanaraki." Kidou introduced himself.

"Endou-san? Kidou-san? One of the teammates of the Inazuma Japan?" Akara wondered.

All of the Raimon members' eyes widen. They don't know that Akara had already knew Inazuma Japan who won the FFI Internationals 10 years ago!

"How did you know that, Akara?!" Tenma exclaimed. The rest of the members also asking Akara a lot of questions. Akara sweatdropped due to their confusion of how she already knew all of the Inazuma Japan.

"Onii-san is a big fan of you two and the others of your team 10 years ago, including Raimon Eleven before you two coach them." Akara explained.

"I see, Does your brother play soccer?" Haruna asked.

Then, Akara hung her head low with a sad look. Some of the members noticed it and so does Endou and Kidou. Haruna noticed it too and took back what she said. "I'm sorry, Hanaraki. I didn't-" but she got cut off.

"I-It's okay. Let's just say that Onii-san had a lot of things in his mind." Akara said with a smile, but she was trembling a little. She look at her watch.

"I have to go." she said. "Already?" Aoi asked. Akara nodded. Everyone wants to get to know Akara more. "I wish I can stay longer, but I have things to do." she explained.

"Okay, we understand." Haruna said.

Akara was about to walk away, but Tenma shouted, "Akara-san! If you want to play soccer, you're always welcome here!"

Akara's P.O.V.

Akara smiled to herself. She had never feels so happy since she was little. But, when Haruna said about her older brother is playing soccer, it brings sad memories before he had a job.


After her parents had died, a 14 year-old boy kicks the soccer ball real high. He started to cry while a 2 year-old girl stood silently. She was injured to the accident, but luckily survived the accident.(A/N: This is what happens to the day where her's and her older brother's parents died on a car accident)

"IT'S MY FAULT!" He cried, "IF IT WASN'T FOR ME, THEY SHOULDN'T DIED! AKARA, IF YOU DIED IN THAT ACCIDENT, I HAVE NO ONE TO LOVE ME! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" he started to kick the ball a lot more harder. The young Akara started to cry, not letting to see her brother angry.

He thought that his fault that his and her parents died when her brother had a soccer game. He announced that he quits soccer and continued to his studies.

Flashback ended

Akara started to cry a little. It's true that her brother had a soccer game and she and their parents are about to arrived to the field, but their car had crashed to the another car. The ambulance and the police had arrived while the other people are watching. Her brother was worried. His teammates are trying to calm him down, but he wanted to see his family. One of the police officers carried her when she's conscious. Her brother ran to her asking the officers that it's she's alright. The officers said that she's fine. Just some injuries that she had, but their parents had died, making her brother blaming on himself.

When she arrived at her house, she changed to her casual clothes and look at the photo on the cabinet. It was a photo of her and her older brother's parents. It has a cross necklace around the photo. She prayed in front of the photo. (A/N: if want to know my OC's casual clothes, look at the introductions.)

"Okaa-san... Otou-san... I have met some wonderful people out there. Their in a soccer team known as Raimon Eleven. They look like they were having fun. I wish I can do the same thing for my dream." she prayed.

After she prayed, she started doing her homework. When she finished, she brings her purse with her money in it and locked the house. She started walking to the shops.

Raimon Eleven P.O.V.

The Raimon team are still practicing. Shindou wasn't really focusing on practice because he was wondering why is Akara feels sad when Haruna mentioned about her brother playing soccer.

"Captain!" Tenma shouted and kicked the ball towards Shindou, but the ball hits Shindou on the face and falls down.

Everyone ran towards their captain. The managers bring out a first-aid kit.

"Shindou, daijoubu?" Kirino asked worriedly. Aoi but some ice on Shindou's head. Tenma apologize about kicking the ball to his face.

"I'm alright," he said, "I'm just thinking about something."

"Are you thinking about Hanaraki?" Hikaru asked. Shindou didn't answered but with a little blush marks on his face.

"Don't tell me that you had a crush on her?" Nishiki said teasingly. Shindou blushed harder.

"N-no! We just met that's all!" he panicked. Everyone laughed, never seen their captain feels so nervous before.

"Shindou-senpai, you don't have to be worried about that." Kairya said making everyone looked at him with a confused look. Kairya looked at Kirino with a smirked.

"Beside, Kirino-senpai also had a crush on Hanaraki as well, nee Kirino-senpai?" he said curiously. Kirino blushed as well.

"KAIRYA!" He shouted making him and everyone else laugh.

"What are you guys doing?" a voice appeared. Everyone looked at the person who spoke up. It was Tsurugi Kyousuke. (A/N: He wasn't in the last chapter, just letting everyone to know.)

"Tsurugi, where were you?" Tenma asked. "I was visiting my older brother at the hospital." Tsurugi replied.

"Well, you just miss the new student." Shinsuke replied.

"New student?" Tsurugi asked. Everyone explained about the new student that they had. When one of them said "Hanaraki Akara," Tsusrugi eyes widen.

"Hanaraki?" Tsurugi said Akara's surname. "Tsurugi, do you heard that name before?" Nishiki asked the ex-SEED. Tsurugi shook his head "no."

"Well since we all here, how about we start practicing?" Tenma asked everyone. They all agreee and starting playing soccer.

Tsurugi's P.O.V.

After practice, Tsurugi is heading to the hospital were his brother is. He wondered how the new student is name Hanaraki.

After thinking about it, a person bumped into him on accident. He was angry about this, but he look at the person who bumped into him. It was a girl who dropped the flowers on the ground.

"Hey, are you alright?" he asked.

Akara's P.O.V. (before the meeting Tsurugi)

When Akara head to the flower shop, her brother wants to give some flowers to someone name Tsurugi Yuuchi who is unable to walk. She picks the the white zinnias. After she purchased them, she got and head to the hospital.

She close her eyes and starts humming "Don't Give Up" by Prism Stars. She keeps humming so beautifully when she her a voice.


She stops humming and bumped into someone. She felldown to her bottom and the flowers she got are on the ground.

"Hey, are you alright?" the person asked.

Normal P.O.V.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry I bumped you." Akara said. She got up and pick up the flowers that she dropped. "It's okay. I was just thinking about something." Tsurugi replied and walked away.

"Where are you going?" she asked. "To the hospital. Are you going there, too?" Tsurugi asked. "Yes, I am. I'm giving this flowers to someone." she said and showed the white zinnias to Tsurugi.

"Since that were going to the same place..." she paused. Tsurugi was wondering what shewas going to say.

"...can I walk with you?" she asked. Tsurugi said nothing and turned around facing his back to her face. "If you want to, I don't care." he said and walked away.

Akara smiled and catch up to him. They walked together until they arrived at the hospital.

As they walked to the room which is the same place where they were going. They looked at each other with a confused look.

"That's weird. If its either your following me or we're going to the same room." Akara said nervously. "I think that we're going to the same room." Tsurugi stated.

As soon as Tsurugi opens the door, they saw two people talking to each other. One was in the wheel chair and the other has garnet colored hair that is similar to Hiroto's when he was young and violet blue eyes. He is wearing a lab coat which is that he's a doctor.

"Onii-san/Nii-san." they both said at the same time. The two boys turned their heads facing their younger siblings. Akara and Tsurugi looked at each other with a confused look, again.

"Wait, how come-" they got cut off by their older brothers chuckle to each other.

"Guess that you two are confused about this, right Ako-kun?" Yuuchi asked Akara's older brother, Hanaraki Akoro.

"Yeah, I think that we need some explainations to our younger siblings." Akoro asnwered. The younger siblings look at them with a final confused look. The older siblings told their young siblings that this doctor is "Hanaraki Akoro" which shot Tsurugi up.

"So Hanaraki is the new student of Raimon, right?" Tsurugi asked. Akara nodded and said, "Hai, I just transferred since this morning." she replied.

"Oi Aka, do you forget something?" Akoro asked his sister.

Akara thought about it why she went to the hospital in the first place. She was supposed to give the flowers to Yuuchi. "Oh souka, umm Yuuchi-san, right? Umm these are for you." Akara said shyly and give the white zinnias to Yuuchi. Yuuchi smiled and takes the flowers. "Arigatou, Akara-chan." he thanked her with a smile. Akara blushed with the embarrassment.

As the siblings were talking, the radio played "Special Generation" by Prism Stars. (A/N: This song is from Berryz Koubou) Akara closed her eyes, listening to the radio. She hummed a little bit, not letting the guys hear her. Akoro heard her humming and smiled. He knew why her sister is humming.

"Aka," he said. Akara turned around facing his older brother. "Hai, Onii-san?" she asked. Akoro handed Akara some flowers. They're some white heather flowers and some blue violets put on a bouquet. "Ganbatte Akara." he said. Akara started to cry a little but put a smile on her face and accept the flowers. "Arigatou Onii-san." she said turn her head around facing Tsurugi and his brother and said, "it's very nice to meet you two."

She left the room. Yuuchi was wondering why Akoro gave some flowers to her sister. "Ako-kun..." he began but Akoro shook his head and turned to Tsurugi.

"Tsurugi-san, can you help my sister for a while?" Akoro asked. "Why do you asked?" Tsurugi wondered. Akoro said nothing but he was staring at the radio where the music has change it to "Dreams goes on" by Prism Stars. (A/N: Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream: Harune Aira's song)

"Have you two ever heard of a pop-idol group called "Prism Stars"? he asked the two brothers. Yuuchi knows it but Tsurugi doesn't know it.

"I do, their the most popular girls soccer team and idol group all over the world. Why?" Yuuchi wonders. Akoro didn't answer Yuuchi's question, but Tsurugi probably knew why.

"Your sister is a big fan of that group, right?" Tsurugi asked Akoro. Akoro put his head down and nod.

"Yes, I was wondering if you can help her at soccer. I knew that your in the Raimon Eleven so I thought I can asked one of the teammates in Raimon." Akoro said, "I wish I can help her, but she thought she will get in my way of my job. She wishes to joined the Prism Stars. That's why she loves soccer and also singing and dancing."

Tsurugi and Yuuchi look at each other. For a shy girl like Akara dreams to be in the Prism Stars. "Hono Aira, the captain of the group, she's a very huge fan of Aira. Whenever she saw Aira, she started to sing and dance when she's alone. She doesn't like people looking at her making her shy and run off." Akoro finished.

Hearing about Akara dreams to be in the Prism Stars reminds Tsurugi and Yuuchi about the time when their playing soccer pretending to be like Gouenji, however, Yuuchi got his legs injured.

"Kyousuke-kun, remeber the time when we were little playing soccer, pretending to be like Gouenji?" Yuuchi asked his younger brother. " Yeah, why was this has to do with Akara?" Tsurugi asked his older brother.

"Akara is a big fan of Aira. I think that you should help her make her dreams come true." Yuuchi answered, "Is that okay to you?" Tsurugi said nothing.

"Onegai, Kyousuke-kun. Do it for my little sister." Akoro pleaded.

"I..." Tsurugi began.

to be continued...

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Akara's character song: Don't Give Up from Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream by Kanon.

Also, did you know that white zinnias resemble goodness? White heathers resemble protection and wishes will come true? Or blue violets resemble watchfulness, faithfulness, and I'll always be true?

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