Westley stared through the fog that blanketed the mountain pass. She turned the large steering wheel carefully, as she could not tell with certainty where the sides of the mountain were. Even the many children that sat behind her in the bus were eerily quiet, some staring out at the unnatural fog, others whispering quietly to each other.
Still, some managed to cause a ruckus. Two boys started fighting in the back. Their teacher tried to get them to quiet down, but his nose was bloodied by a surprisingly powerful left hook. A girl screamed, and suddenly everyone was panicking. Westley turned her head away from the road, only for a moment, to yell at everyone to calm down.
"Oh Sh!t!"
The front of the bus collided with the mountain side, sending it spinning around the narrow road. Westley desperatley tried to activate the emergency brake, but was whipped around in her seat as the bus tumbled down the lower part of the mountain. Luckily, her seatbelt kept her securely strapped down.

The children didn't have that luxury.

The bus flipped, over and over, and over again. Finally, it came to a stop. Westley hung upside down, swiftly losing conciousness. The last thing she remembered was hearing a loud scraping sound.

Slowly, Westley woke up. She felt a terrible pounding in her head as she realized that she was hanging upside down. Grunting, she scrambled to unbuckle her seatbelt, something that took several tries and moments of terror. Finally, she was able to free herself, only to hit the roof of the bus head first. moaning, she rolled over and picked herself up, only to her hands and knees. Westley brought her hand to her face, feeling several cuts and tender areas. Most were already scabbing over, and she could feel dried blood under her nose.
Remembering what had happened, the bus drivers head shot up in panic, searching for any trace of the schoolkids. Nothing, not even a speck of blood. Confused, Westley crawled out of an open window, just barely (or easily, depending on how you see her) managing to crawl through. She stood shakily, and scanned the area around her.
The bus was banged up, caught on two tall trees that prevented it from tumbling into the lake on Westley's right. " Just one more roll and I'd be dead," Westley spoke aloud. Clutching her aching side, Westley hobbled toward the lake, only to find that it was filled with trash and muck, and some things she didn't even want to think about. Westley made a disgusted sound.
The woman jumped when she heard a loud scraping. She searched the fog for the source, but couldn't find anything. The noise came closer, so she dove back through the window and into the bus, peering out.
Westley could hear the scraping getting louder, and the earth started to shake. First, she feared it was an earthquake, but soon realized that it was footsteps.
"What the Hell makes sounds like that?"
THUD. A heavy boot slammed down in front of the window. Westley dared not move. She could see some sort of long skirt that looked like it was made of leather before whatever it was kept walking. She caught sight of the tip of what looked like a massive knife before the sounds faded away.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Westley crawled out of the window once again. Just as she began to stand up, a hand grabbed her hair and pulled her several inches of the ground.

Westley scratched at the hand holding her in the air, kicking her legs and screaming curses at whoever was holding her up. She heard a loud clang, as if something had been dropped, as another hand grabbed her throat and turned her around. Her screams and struggling came to a halt; her jaw dropped open and her eyes flew wide at the monstorsity before her.

He had to be at least seven feet tall, not including the angular pyramid-shaped helmet that covered his face and rested on his skin was scarred and grayish, like an old corpse. Westley's eyes were drawn down to the odd skirt that was held around his waitst with an eclectic collection of belts. It looked like it was made of leather, but Westley would bet her bottom dollar that it sure as hell wasn't.

Westley's eyes were ripped back to the 'man's' 'face' as the hand on her throat tightened. Panicking, she kicked the bottom of the helmet, hurting her toes in the process. The 'man' groaned in pain, dropping the woman and grasping at the edges of his helmet. Westley, who had landed fimly on her butt,began to scramble away and into the wooded are by the lake. The man recovered and turned his head from side to side, searching for his prey. He growled when he couldn't find her, and picked up his knife to continue the pursuit.

Branches tore away at the woman's face as she sprinted towards a clearing, where she could see the plain outline of a child. She burst through the trees, though she could barely see the kid through the thick fog. "Hey! Are you okay? Where's everybody else?" Westley shouted. The figure twitched. Angrily, Westley stormed up to the creature, " You little brat, didn't you he-" she stopped in her tracks. Whatever the hell it was, it wasn't a kid. It was covered in gray skin, and had no arms. It turned to look at her, revealing a single bload shot eye and a gaping hole where its mouth should have been. It stood and moaned as it walked towards the terrified woman. Westley tripped and fell onto her back. Sitting up, she scrambled for something she could use as a weapon. Her hand met something cold and metal, and she swung it at the 'thing', knocking it down and leaving a large hole in the side of its head.

Westley scrambled up quickly and looked down, seeing that she had picked up an old, rusted baseball bat. Looking to her left, she saw a few bloodied baseballs. "What the hell are you?" she whispered, turning and leaving the corpse behind.

She walked through the forest for hours, finally reaching a place where the trees beganto thin. A siren blared, causing her to jump and nearly drop her ground and trees peeled into the air like ashes, leaving bloody trunks and brittle earth in their wake. A fierce roar drew Westley out of her wonderment, she whipped her head around to see something that looked like a house cat, except it was the size of a large dog, looked like its head had been twisted upside down and its eyes sown shut, and had a massive eyeball hanging out of its mouth, which stard rather creepily at her. The cat-thing pounced at Westley, who quickly batted it aside, only for it to recover and rear up to swipe at her with its claws. Westley turned and covered her neck. She screamed, sure this was the end.

She realized it wasn't when she heard what sounded like someone had been stabbed. She turned back to see the beast impaled on a spear, lone eye blank and dead. The spear was pulled out and the beast dropped, allowing Westley to see her rescuer. It was the same man from earlier. The ground was still peeling, and he seemed to be forming from some of the scraps that blended together into ribbons where the left side of his torso would be. A black tongue flicked out from underneath his helmet, licking the blood off that had spattered out of the cat. He cocked his helmet slightly away and to the side curiously. He tilted it downwards to look at her more directly; Westley saw metal grating on the side of his helemet-head-thing. They stared at each other for a long moment befor a slightly muffled scraping sound could be heard from Westley's left, his right.

The man from the lake trudged towards them, dragging his blade behind. The confused woman's head snapped back and forth between them, noting that her savior seemed skinnier and cleaner than -Pyramid-Head turned to face the other and planted his weapon firmly beside him. Once he was in reach, Lake-Pyramid-Head yanked Spear's head-helmet to his, so that the grating on the side were pressed together. The action caused Spear to stumble forward a bit, which caused their helmets to bang together slightly, eliciting groans of pain from both of them.

They stayed like that for a minute, when Westley's curiosity got the best of her and she inched closer. She could hear soft, low growls passing between them. Shivering slightly, she stepped a bit closer. Lake seemed to be growing increasingly agitated. He pulled Spear's head down a bit farther, giving them the appearance of deer locking antlers. Westley jumped back bit when both released their weapons and grasped the edges of the others' helmet. Spear pulled back slightly and rammed the edge of Lake's helmet. Lake returned the favor. They continued like that for several minutes. Each time, their headbutting seemed to get more violent, and the clanging thought about running, she was sure they were distracted enough not to notice her, but her curiosity locked her in place. Suddenly, Spear twisted Lake's head down so that the edge pointed away and at the ground and rammed him with the front edge of his helmet, letting go simultaneously.

Lake nearly fell to the ground, catching himself just in time. He grabbed his knife and stood, glaring at Westley before turning and stomping out of sight. Spear pulled his weapon out of the ground, and began to wander in another direction. "Wait," cried Westley. He stopped and turned to face her. "What was that all about? Why were you fighting?"

He seemed to stop breathing for a second, before replying, " He wanted to kill you. I told him that he couldn't while in MY forest. He didn't like that very much,"

"You can talk?" Westley was surprised,

"I can now,"

"What do you mean you 'can now'? You couldn't before?"

"You willed me to speak, and so I spoke,"

"What are you talking about? Where the hell are we? Who are you?!"

Spear tilted his head, seemingly deep in thought. Westley thought that he wouldn't answer, and jumped yet again when he did. "You ultimately have control over me, us, this place. More than any of the Lost have before."-"What the hell are the Lost?"-"Anyone that comes to this town and can see it as it truly is. You are now in Otherworld, created by a little dead girlto punish her murderers. I have had many names in the past, I am the Judge and Executioner. You, however, have named me Spear, so Spear I am,"

"So what now? What am I supposed to do?" Tears threatened to spill from Westley's eyes. She was terrifed that she would be stuck here forever.

"Now? You can either head into the town, take your chances with whatever's there and find your way out, or you can come with me. Your choice,"

Westley's choice would change her life forever.

AN: I've decided that keeping the first chapter normal would be good until I finished the reconstruction.