The things life throws at you

A/N: So this is my first NCIS fanfic so be nice! Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. This story is AU and may not follow much from the story just so you know. But anyway on to the story, I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I wish I did but sadly I do not own these amazing characters. But if I did I would have continued the show, had Tony and Gibbs together and everything my way. This story was actually inspired by another abandoned story on NCIS fan fiction archive it was about Tony and Gibbs and the entire cast of NCIS. It is set during high school. The only parts I have are that they are in high school and Tony and Gibbs are together oh an a small surprise to come later. Oh and in my universe there is no homophobia and men can have babies.

Jethro could only think it was his final year of high school marking the change in his life. No more being big man on campus because of football, going back to being at the bottom of the totem pole until he could prove him self on the field and worst of all no more seeing Tony any time he wanted.

Tony and he had been together, secretly of course just till the end of the foot ball season, since his sophomore year and Tony's freshman year. They were codependent on each other and inseparable. Everyone just thought they were best friends but they were so much more than that.

They do everything together. Like play football, where they met, go see movies , get coffee down at the little café, hang out after school and on the weekends. When you saw one you automatically thought 'where's the other one at?'

They got into all kinds of trouble together. They drove a neighbor's tractor into the pond by accident once; they had to work all summer just to make enough money to pay for a new one. Another time they were "rough housing" in the woods at their usual spot and thought they heard a noise so they tried to jump up causing them to fall down a slight hill. About 10 seconds later they saw a tiny deer crossing. They started laughing so hard it took a little longer for Tony to realize the pain. Jethro had to carry him the whole way back to his father's store. It turned out he broke his leg in two places and had to sit out for the beginning of football season. One of Jethro's other bright ideas was to go to a spot in the woods he wanted to show Tony but left too late. It began to get dark and started to rain which led to them getting lost. They finally stumbled into Jackson's store around one in the morning. Jack was sitting at the table startling both of them. They tried to apologize profusely but Jack wouldn't hear of it telling them to get some sleep so Tony spent the night that night in Jethro's bed. Little did they know in the morning Jackson stuck his head in and saw Tony's head on Jethro's chest snuggled in close and Jethro's arm a little too low on Tony's back. Tony had been stuck in bed for a week and a half, the only good part was having Jethro wait hand and foot on him.

Jethro's home was more like Tony's home than Tony's had ever been. He spent so much time there that he was even "forced" to work at Jackson's store. Jack was the father figure Tony desperately needed.

He was driving his Jeep over to pick Tony up. He had their day all planned out of what they were going to do. He already had the movie planned out, reservations at Tony's favorite restaurant, a walk in park where they first met and the little black box burning a hole in the console. It was going to be the most perfect day in both of their lives. He would tell Tony how serious he was and would ask him to move away with him. They would figure everything out later.

Pulling up to the gate Jethro pressed the call button, having done it countless times. Finally a maid answered over the intercom "it's open."

No matter how many times he came to Tony's "house" he always felt intimidated. Walking up to the double front door hand liked Jethro pressed the door bell and waited. John finally came to the door and opened it. Everyone here knew and liked Jethro. He could take Tony away from the mostly empty house and have real experiences.

"Hello Mr. Gibbs, may I take your coat? Master Tony is upstairs in his room if you want to go get him," John spoke in his British accent. Which was so clichéd for a butler.

Walking up the winding set of stairs to the huge hallway he would have been nervous if he hadn't been here before and know which room belonged to Tony. Knocking on the door he knew was Tony's he waited for a reply. He usually walked right in even when Tony was changing it wasn't like he hadn't seen, touched and tasted every part of him but it usually led to more and made them late. Today was not the day to be late and get sidetracked no matter how amazing the sidetrack was.

Finally growing tired of waiting he entered the room. There on the gigantic king sized bed, which he loved so much, he could see a blob lying under the covers with only short brown strands of hair showing. Laughing quietly to him self he made his way over to the bed and sat down on the side closest to Tony. He started combing his fingers through the soft tuffs of hair in an action he knew Tony loved.

"Wake up sleeping beauty. Come on babe show me those gorgeous eyes of yours. Tone you need to wake up." The only reply was some grumbling noises and Tony turning over with his back to Jethro.

"Oh that's how you want to play? Well two can play at this game," was Jethro's remark followed by him getting into position to tickle Tony awake. But he was stopped short when he heard Tony moaning.

"Hey Tone. Babe are you okay?" a worried Jethro began to ask.

An unintelligible noise came from the blob on the bed. Jethro slowly lifted the blankets and saw Tony looking like he was in serious pain.

Scared Jethro lay in bed with Tony and pulled his head against his chest. Tony grabbed onto Jethro's shirt with all his might holding to it like a life support.

"What's the matter babe?" Jethro asked again.

"It hurts Jet… it hurts really… bad," was Tony's whimpered answer. "My stomach… I think… something is… wrong," Tony managed to ground out between pain filled gasps..

Jethro having no idea what to do gingerly picked Tony up and carried him out side. Gently Jethro laid Tony down on the back seat of his Jeep and put his varsity jacket down to cover him to keep him warm.

"It's okay Tone. I'll get you to the hospital and they'll fix you right up. I promise it is all going to be okay," Jethro tried to reassure a shaking Tony.

Stepping on the gas, Jethro was lucky the gate was open or he would have crashed, he headed to the hospital. Reaching his destination in record time by driving at a break neck speed, Jethro threw his car into park and opened the back door. Pulling Tony into his arms, which was easy to do because Tony had always been smaller, Jethro began to make his way to the front door with Tony burrowing his face into Jethro's chest.

"Help! I need a doctor here," Jethro bellowed.

Whether from how scared he looked or how bad Tony looked a nurse rushed a gurney over and swept Tony past swooshing doors.

He wanted nothing more but to follow Tony but he knew he wouldn't be able to so he made his way to sit down in an uncomfortable hospital chair. A nurse walked over and started to ask questions like 'what is the patient's name and age?' 'Who his guardian or parent is?' and 'how to get a hold of them?'

"His name is Anthony Dylan DiNozzo. He is emancipated and 17. His mother lives in California and I think his dad lives in Italy, but I don't know and I've never asked. So I don't know how to get a hold of them but he does have a regular doctor who knows his whole medical history. If you want his number I could give it to you?" Jethro answered as nicely as he could muster giver the situation.

"That would be helpful thank you." She answered in a sickly sweet voice. After getting the number she rose and walked back behind the counter.

Deciding he couldn't take waiting by himself, he called the only person he could think of, "Hey dad, Can you come to the hospital?... No it's Tony… I think its serious dad."

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