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Dean realized quickly that it was his own shivering that had woken him.

Purgatory, he had learned almost immediately, was cold and dark, as if walking through the woods at sunset. The wind, that wasn't even enough to ruffle his hair, sent shivers straight through the hunter, and the damp air only served to chill him further.

It was one of the very few times Dean found himself jealous of Castiel's angelic powers. The angel was a furnace, burning through the cold completely untouched by it's frosty bite. That barely there wind hit scorching skin and Cas didn't even flinch.

In extension, it was also one of the nearly infinite times that Dean was glad he still had Cas.

The shivers had wracked his body, muscles spasming in the attempt to stay warm. He opened his eyes, pupils blown wide as he looked around frantically. His cheeks were flushed, lips bright red in contrast to the rest of his pale face as the blood circled around his vital organs. He wrapped his arms around himself, painfully tight, and he clenched his eyes back shut. A slight whimper left his throat, one he didn't even realize he'd let loose until ten or so seconds after it had hit his ears.

And suddenly, there was warmth. A cloth being pulled over him and that familiar, earthy smell invading his nose. He let his eyes flit open again and he saw that tan coat pulled up over him. It helped his blood flow, melted a bit of the ice Dean swore was on his skin, but it wasn't enough. He still shivered, still was tempted to claw at his own skin for some futile attempt at warmth. But he wouldn't ask for more. He had no right ask anything of Cas, not in his mind at least.

And yet, a warm arm still curled around his waist. Slender, sinewy and warm. So, wonderfully warm. Dean let his limp body be tugged back against that slim, muscular chest, their legs tangling together as if by instinct. That heat seeped into the hunter's body, albeit slowly, and he let out a relieved sigh.

Neither spoke. Neither needed to. Castiel knew his human was grateful. Knew Dean needed, not only the warmth, but the reminder that he wasn't alone. And Dean knew his angel was going to do anything he could to comfort him, and it made his heart swell. He had never felt so young, not even as a child, and it didn't bother him like he might have thought.

And that's where they stayed. Angel and hunter, curled around each other on the ground, somewhere in the bowels of Purgatory. Cas coaxing Dean back to sleep by reassuring him that he was still there. And as the warmth fully took over, Dean slipped into the most restful sleep possible when in Purgatory with a smile on his face

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