Chapter One: District Twelve

When I was a little kid I loved to play games with my friends. We would run through the cobblestone streets, past the squat, soot-smeared houses for hours. We played games like Tag and Hide-and-Seek, shouting and laughing. It never mattered who won or lost as long as we all had fun. As I got older though, I learned that not all games end with everybody winded and giggling. No, I learned that some games were literally life and death ordeals where no one finished with a smile on their face.

The sky was never blue in the Seam. I don't know if it was from all the coal dust in the air or if the sky was just reflecting the dismal houses and dispirited people who lived there. When I was a child I often imagined that the sky only shone a deep, crisp blue over the merchants' houses. I had only ever seen the merchants' homes from afar. Sometimes my friends and I would dare each other to see how close we could get to the clean, fancy brick dwellings, only to be chased away by Peacekeepers.

Twelve is the poorest district, the farthest from the Capitol and the one ruled with an iron fist, above all the others.

The Peacekeepers troll the grimy streets looking for anyone to punish, be it man, woman or child. The square where the Hall of Justice looms is decorated with a whipping post, a gallows and stocks; all of which are used regularly. The Capitol has been keeping this district firmly under its boot since the 74th Hunger Games- or so I'm told.

Poaching a death sentence, stealing is punishable by flogging, and selling items on the black market will send some poor soul to the stocks for a span of days. Groups of four or more people- other than families- are prohibited. Everyone in the Seam must show Peacekeepers and merchants the utmost respect- a rule that has people doing everything except bowing and scraping before them- when they are outside their homes.

Raids are a part of everyday life for the miners. Peacekeepers invite themselves into houses and 'search' for contraband items while destroying anything they can pick up and even steal from people who already have hardly enough as it is.

A smile is a rare thing in the Seam. Normally a cocky Peacekeeper will grin as he pulls the lever that sends you to a short drop and sudden stop or some simpering Capitol representative with show their bleached teeth as they get a guided tour of the Seam, most likely with their bellies full and a comfortable bed waiting for them back home.

District Twelve came under the Capitol's scrutiny, like I've said, during the year of the 74th Games. The two tributes from this district, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark defied the Capitol and made the President and the Head Gamemaker look like fools. Katniss and Peeta refused to kill one another once they were the only tributes left standing and as a result decided that if they would not be allowed to win, neither should the Capitol. Peeta and Katniss defied with just a handful of berries. They were announced the joint winners of the Games and then promptly made examples of. Their small act of rebellion caused a spark in the other districts and in a matter of weeks the Capitol was sending hundreds of Peacekeepers to squash the revolts. While on their Victory Tour, Katniss and Peeta were met with unfortunate 'accidents' which resulted in their untimely deaths. Peeta fell ill with food poisoning and succumbed within days. Katniss, perhaps in her grief over losing Peeta, jumped from one of the trains open windows and fell to her death as the locomotive was scaling the mountainous region that divides the Capitol from the outlying districts. After Katniss and Peeta's accidents, President Snow himself broadcasted a memorial for the two District Twelve tributes, made a speech, and promised that such a tragedy should never occur again. With their figureheads wiped out, the rebels quickly lost the fight and were either arrested or went into hiding. After his nationwide eulogy for Katniss and Peeta, President Snow traveled to District Twelve and informed all those in attendance that any mention of the winners of the 74th Hunger Games would be considered high treason. To put it another way, District Twelve was to forevermore remember Katniss and Peeta not as martyrs or saints, but as deviants who had tried to bring about the destruction of the Capitol and plunge the nation into a chaos not seen since the Dark Days.

Two years after the most humiliating Hunger Games in history President Snow died and his successor, Goneril Ever, took power. President Ever made sure the citizens of District Twelve were well aware of their status and kept in line, lest anyone try and rebel against the good and great Capitol again.

Author's Note:

1. Although this is a SPN/Hunger Games crossover, many of the original characters from the Hunger Games trilogy will not actually be in this fanfic- they may be mentioned but the main focus of the story is the SPN characters placed in the Hunger Games universe.

2. Fanfic title comes from a Kansas song.

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