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Chapter 8

"So where are you going to take me to, because I sure as hell am not going to sleep in a jail cell tonight, and if you think I am you have another thing coming for you," Max said.

"Where we are heading is classified information and until we get there you are to be kept under strict surveillance," said Romanoff, who had given Max her name while Max was unfortunately being cuffed. Apparently having near a million dollars in unpaid and unclaimed credit card debt was sufficient enough of a reason to get cuffed. Who would have known?

"That's just awesome," Max said with a frown.

While the agent led her into the plane Max tried to convince herself that the situation could have been worse. For one, she was allowed her one phone call to check on Iggy and Carie to make sure they were safe and explain to them she was being taken somewhere for having been a part of the earlier confrontation. Two, now Iggy knew she was being taken somewhere so hopefully he could discover a way to find her. And while not even knowing the country she was heading to might make this a bit of a challenge she had faith in him. He was smart enough to create a bomb out of jello, floss, and kitchen cleaner by the age of twelve. Hopefully that meant he's intelligent enough to do a bit of research and help her escape. Plus, three, Max was the queen of escape plans (self-proclaimed of course) she had been put under triple-security lock down more times than she cared to recall by the School and yet still she managed to break out. Nothing was impossible and if they thought being in a plane, in handcuffs, under their watch was going to hold her down then it's their own fault for not being more thorough with their research on her. She just needed to wait for the right opportunity.

One downside though was that the aircraft was much more crowded than Max cared for. Once inside, Romanoff had Max sit down on the same bench as Loki before heading up to the co-piloting seat. Trying to be as discreet as possible Max slid as far away towards the end of the bench as possible and then she scooted up to the edge of the seat. She took a deep breath, preparing herself for the nightmare which awaited. She tried to calm down by observing anything but the smirking pain in the ass on the bench beside her. The first thing she did was figure out the names of American guy and the not completely robot man who were involved in the fight with her earlier, Stark and Rogers. Second thing she noticed was that the Stark guy seemed to be curious about her, glancing back every now and then at where she was seated. As the trend continued Max became more and more annoyed before sending him her death glare.

"So what are you in for sunshine," he responded with a smile on his face. His laid back attitude to her signature glare only made her growing irritation worse.

"Killed a man for being a bothersome prick," Max muttered threateningly under her breath. From her side she heard a small laugh.

Tony let out a whistle before chuckling, not set back by the attitude. America boy however seemed alarmed by her answer.

"I was only trying to be polite, start some conversation, but I guess now I have to go through the effort of looking up your files myself."

A few minutes later and Max was thinking that the earlier conversation would have been the only entertainment she would receive for the trip, which definitely didn't help her take her mind off the fact she was currently in a poor excuse of a flying machine. Despite her attempts to hide her fear it showed clearly on her face.

"I recall you saying once to me that you wanted to be a bird," Loki whispered conspiratorially. "You probably forgot to take into consideration this ridiculous fear of heights you seem to have."

"Stop talking to me for God's sake, it looks like we're planning something," Max hissed back at him.

"We could conspire together if that is what you crave," Loki said before aiming a suggestive expression her way, not helping her keep her composure in the slightest.

Despite not hearing a word of the conversation, two pairs of eyes were now aimed directly at them, both showing various degrees of suspicion.

"Can you find a way to get him to shut up," Max said in attempt to show she did not want to be associated with him at the moment.

Stark and Rogers looked questioningly at the two before returning to their conversations. It took a while, but soon the atmosphere returned to a slightly more comfortable one, at least enough so that Stark could start teasing Rogers.

"Still, you're pretty spry for an old fellow," Tony said.

"What do you think of pilates," he continued. Only getting a confused expression and a single worded reply of "what" from Rogers.

"You know, kind of like calethstenics," insert a trademark confused expression from Rogers here. "You might of missed a couple things, you know, doing time as a capsicle."

Max rolled her eyes. Despite not getting it, that was obviously supposed to be a joke, and she could tell that Stark was genuinely amused by himself. Their conversation continued for a few minutes until thunder could be heard from outside.

"Oh my God," Max said aloud. "This is it, we're all going to die. If these are my last words I should really make them count. You all suck."

Surprisingly, Loki seemed to be distressed too.

"What's it matter, scared of a little lightning," Rogers said.

"I'm not overly fond of what follows," Loki said.

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