Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. It belongs to Tite Kubo.

Title: Box of Chocolates

Pairing: One sided Ichigo/Orihime, some Ichi/Ruki

Inspiration: Heartbreak

She was right all along. He never loved her.

At first, she wanted to cry. She wanted to run into the nearest bathroom and cry her heart out. She didn't care if she'd miss lunch.

Then she wouldn't have to see them.

But she walked to the B building, took the elevator to the rooftop café, and bought her lunch. Sure, she was in aftershock, but she couldn't let her emotions show.

Or else she would break down.

Orihime forced herself to sit with her friends and eat her plain lunch of a bowl of ramen noodles. She wasn't in any mood to eat. Her heart felt like it had been ripped from her. She had given her heart to him and in return, Orihime felt like he had put her heart through a document shredder.

She was ripped in two.

"Orihime?" A voice shook her out from her mind.

"Yes?" She replied, but her heart wasn't up for conversing.

She looked up, her gray eyes peeking out from under her dark auburn hair. Her eyes caught warm brown eyes.

It was him.

"Let's go for a walk." Ichigo asked her. She was surprised that he had the nerve to even talk to her.

She stood up, brushing the breadcrumbs from her short uniform skirt and her tight, curve-hugging sweater.

"Fine." She simply said. She didn't take his hand when he offered it to her.

He led the way to the lower fields, where the freshmen were having their gym class. They were in their baseball unit.

Ichigo sat down, and shook his head slightly to get his golden blond hair out of his eyes. Orihime tried not to melt into a puddle.

"So, I wanted to ask you if you could…" He started, as he looked up into Orihime's gray eyes.

"If I could?" She asked back. She wished with all her heart that somehow he would change his mind and take her to Homecoming instead.

"If you help me out with Rukia and Homecoming." He finished.

And the knife in her heart dug in deeper.

Kind of a filler... brain dead... SO MAYBE SOME IDEAS FOR THE NEXT CHAPTERS?